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Want To Look and Feel Fresher? Include These 5 Healthy Foods in Your Spring Detox

Set yourself up for a good season.


Spring is the time to wake up. Flowers bloom, trees regrow their green leaves, and animals come out of hibernation. So, too, must we. The cold, long days of winter can make us feel sleepy and sluggish by the time spring arrives. But the good news: You can easily feel as fresh as a daisy with a little spring detox. Check out these research-backed ways to cleanse your body of toxins and begin to feel like spring has sprung, inside and out.

Broccoli boosts your body’s natural detox process.

Your liver contains enzymes that convert trapped waste, environmental pollutants, and hormones into water-soluble molecules that can be easily flushed out by your kidneys. And compounds found naturally in broccoli, called glucosinolates, may aid your liver in the detox process. Bonus: Its vitamins and minerals give you energy and make you feel your best. Enjoy a heaping cup of broccoli daily for max benefits.

Tomatoes flush out toxins for skin repair.

Working a cup of raw tomatoes into your daily diet may fast-track the healing of winter-weary skin — smoothing fine lines, erasing dry, flaky patches, and restoring last summer’s healthy glow, suggests a study in the journal Antioxidants. Credit goes to lycopene, a tomato pigment that protects skin from UV damage, as well as improves skin elasticity and texture.

Eggs clear brain fog.

Cooking up two eggs daily may help you think clearly and become more focused and coordinated — possibly within just two hours of the first tasty bite, reveals research in the journal Scientific Reports. That’s because eggs boast rich stores of two essential nutrients (choline and vitamin B-12) that activate brain-cleaning enzymes, plus help neurons communicate with each other more quickly and effectively. Choline intake has also been shown to improve memory and and overall cognitive function, says a study published in Behavioural Neurology.

Avocados help with weight loss.

Go ahead — nosh on guacamole or pile avocado slices on your burger. A study published in Nutrition Journal suggests eating a small avocado daily may help you maintain a healthy weight, plus reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome, which could lead to weight gain associated with cardiovascular disease. How? Compounds in avocados detoxify the body and energize fat-burning cellular mitochondria.

Pineapples detox on a cellular level.

Pineapple is at its peak of sweetness right now. And this tropical treat contains a compound (beta-cryptoxanthin) that can help the lymphatic system flush out cellular waste and pain-triggering inflammation. In fact, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that nibbling on pineapple may cut your risk of spring stiffness and achiness in half.

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A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, First for Women.

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