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Whipped Cottage Cheese: An Ultra-Creamy + Delicious Protein Superfood — 3 Meal Ideas

Nutrition pros love this cheese for adding a healthy and creamy touch to any dish!


The cottage cheese craze is stronger than ever — and the dairy superfood is even better when it’s whipped. Blending cottage cheese incorporates air into it, creating a fluffy spread to smear on bread or use in sweet or savory dishes. Nutrition experts also swear by this type of cottage cottage for adding more protein into your diet with fewer calories. The best part: You can buy it at the dairy aisle or make it yourself in 2 minutes using normal cottage cheese and a blender. Here’s the scoop on the benefits of whipped cottage cheese and three ways to eat it throughout the day.

What is cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is a soft cheese that’s made by pouring an acidic ingredient, like vinegar or a bacteria culture, into milk. This causes the milk’s solids to separate from a liquid protein called whey. You can find cottage cheese in small or large curd varieties. But, it’s worth checking out another option: whipped cottage cheese.

How whipped cottage cheese is different than regular

Unlike regular cottage cheese, the whipped variety is completely smooth and airy. This makes it more spreadable and easier to mix into dishes. While you can buy it already whipped in the dairy aisle, all it takes is blending regular cottage cheese for about 1 to 2 minutes before it’s thick and lump-free. Along with its ultra-creamy consistency, whipped cottage cheese’s nutrition perks make it a clear winner for adding to your daily diet!

The health benefits of whipped cottage cheese

A ½ cup serving of low-fat whipped cottage cheese contains about 90 calories and 16 grams of protein. This is great news as protein is a key nutrient that most adults don’t get enough of. “Not only is cottage cheese high in protein, it’s also a complete protein which means it contains all 9 essential amino acids,” integrative nutritionist Cara Clark, CN, IHP, of Cara Clark Nutrition, explains. “Amino acids help muscle recovery, immune system, energy production and more!”

Clark adds that eating this cheese has gut-friendly benefits. “Cottage cheese contains probiotics, which help to manage our gut health and microbiome and can also improve the way we digest food,” she says. (Also, read to learn how eating cottage cheese can help speed weight loss, how the protein in cottage cheese helps block tiredness from Ozempic and how healthy fare like cottage cheese reverses your biological age.)

Cooking with this whipped soft cheese

Whipped cottage cheese is just as versatile as the regular variety. When kept cold, it can be turned into a hearty dip with herbs, a creamy spread for toast or a refreshing base to top with berries and honey. It’s also fine to incorporate this cheese into hot dishes like sauces and soups. Plus, baking with whipped cottage cheese gives your favorite treat a protein boost. Ultimately, using up an entire tub of whipped cottage cheese is nothing short of a breeze.

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3 creative ways to enjoy whipped cottage cheese

This type of cottage cheese is fine to substitute in a 1:1 ratio as the normal variety. Avoid overwhipping it by skipping any step in a recipe that involves blending cottage cheese to break up the curds. Below, we share three ways to add this light and delicious dairy into everyday dishes.

1. Turn it into a creamy pasta sauce base.

Pasta Alfredo made with whipped cottage cheese

For a lightened up version of pasta Alfredo, substitute butter and cream for cottage cheese. This tweak creates a velvety sauce with less fat and calories. (Click through for a simple Cottage Cheese Alfredo Sauce recipe that cooks in just 15 minutes.)

2. Make chocolate mousse with it.

Whipped cottage cheese chocolate mousse

This Cottage Cheese Chocolate Pudding recipe from AE Dairy relies on the cheese’s whipped texture to create a luscious treat. Its rich and decadent flavor is equally impressive as the recipe calls for 4 main ingredients.

3. Bake a loaf of protein-packed bread.

A loaf of white bread as part of a guide on using whipped cottage cheese

Making bread using whipped cottage allows you to get your carb fix while sticking to your health goals. Slice the homemade bread to use for toast, sandwiches or even bread pudding. (Read this story for more on the perks of Cottage Cheese Bread and an easy recipe.)

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