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Horoscope: What’s in Store for You April 1 — April 7, 2024?

Here's what's in store for your star sign this week

Having a game plan for the week ahead allows you to tackle important tasks with ease. The good news: Horoscopes predict future life events (big and small). That way you’re prepared to navigate challenges and reap any rewards that the next several days could bring. Here’s what’s happening for your zodiac sign this week, April 1 to April 7, 2024.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20–Feb. 18 

Aquarius sign

Miscommunication and technology glitches may plague you from the 1st on, but it’s a good time to pick up a conversation that you’d put on hold. On the 6th, opening up to a friend about emotions has you feeling truly heard. (Click through for more on Aquarius.)

Your lucky days: April 3, 4, 5

Your lucky numbers: 3, 11, 12

PISCES Feb. 19–Mar. 20

Pisces sign

Review and revise financial plans from the 1st on. Your current point of view makes it possible to take your approach to the next level. On the 3rd, express yourself through an artistic endeavor close to your heart. (Click through for more on Pisces.)

Your lucky days: April 3, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 1, 2, 3

ARIES Mar. 21–Apr. 19

Aries sign

From the 1st on, it feels tougher than usual to get the ball rolling on new passion projects. Tending to business that’s already in motion serves you best. From the 5th on, your creativity soars. Tap into your artistic impulses. (Click through for more on Aries.)

Your lucky days: April 4, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 1, 6, 15

TAURUS Apr. 20–May 20

Taurus sign

From the 1st on, you crave more downtime. Taking a step back from your routine can amplify your vitality! On the 3rd, your imagination runs wild. Now’s the time to meditate on or journal about long-term wishes. (Click through for more on Taurus.)

Your lucky days: April 1, 2, 3

Your lucky numbers: 2, 11, 12

GEMINI May 21–June 20

Gemini sign

On the 1st, go back to the drawing board on a group project that was put on hold. Your renewed perspective sets you up for a win. From the 5th on, spending quality time with friends brings heartfelt energy to your social life! (Click through for more on Gemini.)

Your lucky days: April 3, 4, 5

Your lucky numbers: 3, 7, 11

CANCER June 21–July 22

Cancer sign

Research a big-picture proposal from the 1st on. You’ll set the stage for recognition from higher-ups! On the 3rd, shake up your routine by enjoying a creative pastime (like crafting or baking), ideally alongside loved ones. (Click through for more on Cancer.)

Your lucky days: April 3, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 9, 10, 18

LEO July 23–Aug. 22

Leo sign

Around the 1st, revisit a learning opportunity that you’d put on the back burner. Brushing up your skill set brings joy. Enlist loved ones to join you for eye-opening experiences (like a museum visit or nature walks) from the 5th on. (Click through for more on Leo.)

Your lucky days: March 31, April 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 1, 7, 9

VIRGO Aug. 23–Sept. 22

Virgo sign

Find ways to work through an emotional issue with a loved one from the 1st on. Connecting in
this way bolsters healing. From the 5th on, pair up with a loved one to tackle a moneymaking endeavor. You’ll soar! (Click through for more on Virgo.)

Your lucky days: April 1, 2, 3

Your lucky numbers: 6, 8, 17

LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22

Libra sign

You may cross wires with a dear friend from the 1st on — revisiting traditions together boosts your bond. On the 6th, share your deepest emotions with a loved one. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can get you more in sync. (Click through for more on Libra.)

Your lucky days: April 3, 4, 5

Your lucky numbers: 5, 7, 16

SCORPIO Oct. 23–Nov. 21

Scorpio sign

Refresh your wellness routine from the 1st on. Allowing yourself to experiment has you feeling centered. From the 5th on, ask loved ones or friends to join you in tackling everyday to-do’s. You’ll feel connected and productive! (Click through for more on Scorpio.)

Your lucky days: April 2, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 6, 9, 15

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22–Dec. 21

Sagittarius sign

Return to a fun-loving activity on the 1st that you haven’t enjoyed in some time — and bring friends along. On the 3rd, take an imaginative time-out with loved ones (think seeing a film or doing an art project). (Click here for more on Sagittarius.)

Your lucky days: April 3, 4, 5

Your lucky numbers: 4, 5, 14

CAPRICORN Dec. 22–Jan. 19

Capricorn sign

On the 2nd, you’ll have a light bulb moment related to a creative undertaking. Go with your gut! From the 5th on, you’ll feel like sticking close to home. Family activities like cooking or storytelling bring you even closer. (Click through for more on Capricorn.)

Your lucky days: April 1, 2, 3

Your lucky numbers: 2, 4, 10

Happy Birthday! Year-ahead forecast for those born this week.

Aries, success is on the horizon! From now until mid-April, the sun moves through your sign, amplifying your confidence and making it possible to take steps toward achieving an aspiration close to your heart. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings, as others are sure to respond to your passion now! From mid-April to mid-May, the vitality-bringing sun will be in your money zone, inspiring you to pursue new avenues of cash flow. You’ll be fired up to go to bat for what you believe in. Just be sure it aligns with your values. From mid-May to mid-June, the self-image-oriented sun moves through your communication zone, and your social life could be especially busy. You’ll have your choice of thrilling get-togethers, lively brainstorms and learning opportunities!

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