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The Original ‘Charmed’ Cast Then & Now: Revisit the Magical Drama of the Halliwell Sisters

Learn about the drama that ensued on and off-screen


Over the course of eight seasons from 1998 to 2006, the Charmed cast captivated viewers with the story of the three Halliwell sisters, modern-day good witches who discover their “Power of Three” after tragically losing their mother and must balance their supernatural abilities with maintaining a normal everyday life.

The fantasy-drama series was a major hit, and remains a nostalgic cult favorite over 20 years after it debuted, thanks to its charismatic cast and unique depiction of magic and sisterhood.

However, things weren’t quite so magical behind the scenes. Rumors of feuds between members of the Charmed cast started to circulate when Shannen Doherty abruptly left the show after season three.

Charmed Cast
Left to right: Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs in ‘Charmed’ (1998) Television

An alleged rift between Doherty and Alyssa Milano caused drama on set in the early seasons and rumors around the show’s stars recently came back into the spotlight via Doherty’s podcast, Let’s Be Clear.

While both stars have publicly discussed the rift, it’s unclear whether the drama has been fully resolved — but it all just goes to show that years later, Charmed still gets people talking.

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Here’s a look at the Charmed cast and what the witches and their associates have been up to over the years.

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Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell: Charmed cast

Holly Marie Combs
Left: 1998; Right: Television; Amanda Edwards/Getty

As one of the Halliwell sisters, Piper, Holly Marie Combs was one of the longest-standing members of the Charmed cast.

After the series ended in 2006, Combs had roles in a few TV movies, including Point of Entry (2007) and Mistresses (2009).

In 2010, Combs booked the role of Ella Montgomery, the mom of Lucy Hale’s character, Aria, on Pretty Little Liars, where she played. The actress was a series regular for the first three seasons, appearing in every episode. By season four, Combs’ appearances became scarce as the show’s main characters started to grow up and move on.

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Three girls standing together
Left to right: Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano in ‘Charmed’ (2003) Television

Combs spoke about starring on two majorly successful series that appealed to two different generations. “People will be watching Charmed and little kids will go, ‘That’s Ella!’ and the older person will go, ‘No — that’s Piper,’” she explained. “They argue about which character they associate me with more, which is great. That means I did my job correctly!”

While starring on Pretty Little Liars, the Charmed alum appeared in the movies Tenement (2010) and Love’s Complicated (2016).

Now 50, Combs divorced her second husband, Charmed key grip David Donoho, whom she shares three sons with, in 2011. The actress got remarried in 2019 to restauranteur Mike Ryan.

Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell

Shannen Doherty
Left: 1998; Right: 2023 Television; @theshando/Instagram

Best known for playing Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210, Shannen Doherty is a ’90s icon. Doherty then snagged the role of Prue on Charmed, another Aaron Spelling-produced series, in 1998. Though the actress was one of the main stars, she left the series after three seasons due to the supposed drama between her and her onscreen sister, Alyssa Milano.

After Doherty left the Charmed cast, she starred in the TV movies Another Day (2001), The Rendering (2002) and Kiss Me Deadly (2008). In 2008, she appeared in the 90210 reboot, reprising her role as Brenda Walsh. Later, she starred in the movies All I Want for Christmas (2014) and Back in the Day (2016) and came back for another 90210 reboot, BH90210, in 2019.

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Two girls smiling
Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ in the ’

Unfortunately, Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and after going into remission, it returned in 2019. As of 2024, she is still battling the disease.

Now 53, Doherty’s most recent projects include the movies List of a Lifetime (2021), Dying to Belong (2021) and Darkness of Man (2024). She also hosts her own podcast, Let’s Be Clear, where she speaks with past costars and other public figures.

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell: Charmed cast

Alyssa Milano
Left: 1998; Right: 2024 Television; Dia Dipasupil/ Getty

As the youngest Halliwell sister, Phoebe, Alyssa Milano starred in the series for its entire run.

With almost 100 credits to her name, Milano has worked prolifically since the show ended, with roles in shows like My Name Is Earl (2007 — 2008), Romantically Challenged (2010 — 2011), Mistresses (2013 — 2014) and Insatiable (2018 — 2019).

Milano has also appeared in movies like The Blue Hour (2007), Pathology (2008), Sundays at Tiffany’s (2010) and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (2011), Little Italy (2018), Brazen (2022), Give Me an A (2022) and Who Are You People (2023).

Now 51, Milano married her second husband, talent agent David Bugliari, in 2009. The couple has a daughter and a son. She has also been a prominent activist for political and feminist causes in recent years.

Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews

Rose McGowan Charmed Cast
Left: 1998; Right: 2024 Television; Erika Goldring/Getty

Rose McGowan joined the Charmed cast in season four after Doherty’s untimely departure. She played Paige Matthews, the half-sister of the Halliwells. She too has discussed the toxic work environment while working on Charmed, but remained on the series for the rest of its run.

After the show ended, McGowan starred in Death Proof (2007) and Planet Terror (2007) and appeared in five episodes of Nip/Tuck (2009). She later appeared in episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2011), Chosen (2014) and Once Upon a Time (2014). McGowan hasn’t acted since 2018.

Sadly, McGowan was one of the alleged victims of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, which she spoke out about during the #MeToo movement. The actress believes she was blacklisted after being preyed upon by Weinstein, causing her movie career to decline.

Now 50, she has two films, which she’s also directing, in pre-production.

Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt: Charmed cast

Brian Krause Charmed Cast
Left: 2002; Right: 2022 Television; Mireya Acierto/Getty

Brian Krause came onto Charmed as Leo Wyatt, the sisters’ magical guardian who eventually marries Piper, in season one. He became a series regular in season three.

Since the end of Charmed, the actor has worked consistently, and he has over 100 total credits. He’s starred in movies like Devil’s Diary (2007), Triloquist (2008), Nowhere to Hide (2009), Ashes (2010) and Absolute Killers (2011).

Later, Krause had roles in Miracle Maker (2015), Ribbons (2016), House of Purgatory (2016) and Underdog (2019). Most recently, he starred in Basement (2022), Breakout (2023) and Deadly Justice (2024).

Now 55, Krause currently has seven different projects in production.

Dorian Gregory as Darryl Morris

Dorian Gregory Charmed Cast
Left: 1997; Right: 2023 Albert Ortega/Getty; Emily Assiran/Getty

Dorian Gregory, who played Darryl Morris, a police officer and ally to the Charmed Ones, was cut from the show due to budget reasons after season seven.

After Charmed, Gregory made appearances on shows like Las Vegas (2008), Without a Trace (2009) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2016). He also appeared in the movies Getting Played (2005), Deceitful (2013) and When It Comes Around (2018).

Most recently, Gregory, now 53, appeared on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (2023) and three episodes of As Luck Would Have It (2023). He has an upcoming role in the TV movie Fatal Fixer Upper.

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Julian McMahon as Cole Turner: Charmed cast

Julian McMahon Charmed Cast
Left: 1998; Right: 2019 Frank Trapper/Getty; Nicholas Hunt/Getty

Julian McMahon joined Charmed in season three, playing Cole Turner, a demonic assassin who falls in love with Phoebe.

While McMahon was a part of the Charmed cast, he also starred on Nip/Tuck from 2003 to 2010. In 2005, he appeared in the superhero movie Fantastic Four, as well as the sequel in 2007.

McMahon later starred in the movies RED (2010), Bait (2012), Paranoia (2013) and You’re Not You (2014). He then had a role in the show Runaways from 2017 to 2018.

Now 55, he joined the FBI universe in 2019, starring as Special Agent Jess LaCroix in FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International and FBI.

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