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These Signs Are So Funny, Confusing and/or Just Plain Weird, You Can’t Help But Laugh

Some people can be so indecisive!

If you’ve ever driven somewhere, saw a funny sign along the way and thought, Man, I wish I got a photo of that! no need to veer off the highway — we’ve got you! Check out our collection of the funniest signs we’ve ever seen. Typos, innuendo and irony abound in these signs that will make any weary traveler get a second wind!

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We see what you did there, you clever little bookworms!

Funny Signs: Library parking only: Violators will be booked
Joshua Hrehovcik/Getty Images

Talk about a mixed message

Funny signs: Lots of conflicting signs in one place, including stop, dead end, detour, 2 street names
J. Carroll Images/Getty Images

Hey, it will look less silly than falling on your butt!

Funny Road Signs: Caution, Icy, Walk Like a Penguin with picture of cartoon penguin
Stefania Pelfini/La Waziya Photography/Getty Images

Oh boy, someone’s gettin’ fired

Funny signs: Stop spelled wrong as sotp
Yuri Arcurs/Getty Images

Odd combination…but who doesn’t love a sale?

Funny signs: Sale: Xmas ornaments & kids 75% off
Brenda R. Wei, MI

Hmm…not really selling it as a must-see locale

Funny signs: Boring, this way
Charles Gullung/Getty Images

Blondie said, er, sang, it best: One way or another

Funny signs: Two one-way signs on a pole pointing in different directions.
LordRunar/Getty Images

Anyone else feeling hungry all of a sudden?

Funny signs: 2 intersecting street signs for Hot Dog St. and Sausages Ave.
Phyllis Keating, Canada

Every painter needs a model!

Funny signs: Cows crossing the street in a line behind a cow crossing sign
Eric Raptosh Photography/Getty Images

Now, here’s a business with longevity!

Funny signs: How mad is she? flower shop sign
Samantha Bilodeau, CA


Funny signs: Caution, slow men at work
Brett Davies/Photosightfaces/Getty Images

To be fair, it is a little hard to make out!

Funny signs: No target shooting sign riddled with bullet holes
Lea Scaddan/Getty Images

“But, officer, I was only going 14 and a quarter!”

Funny signs: Speed limit: 14 1/2
Mary Jo Burgher, Las Vegas

So much for shortcuts!

Funny signs: Road closed sign in the middle of the woods with no roads
Wendi Hiller, GA

They’re everywhere!

Funny signs: People looking at their phones, not paying attention, "Beware of the smartphone zombies"
Instagram: @funnysigns

We couldn’t agree more!

Funny signs: Men's bathroom to the left because Women are always right!
Instagram: @funnysigns

Freedom? There are prisons with fewer rules!

Funny signs: Welcome to Freedom Park sign with a whole list of rules that don't imply "freedom"
Bradford Mandell

Oh the irony…stay in school, kids!

Funny signs: School misspelled as shcool
Elzbieta Kocjan, MA

“Surely, they didn’t mean me…right?”

Funny signs: Dog off leash standing next to a sign that says "Leash law in effect"
Maribeth Doran, NJ

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