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19 Church Signs That Will Make You Laugh So Loud, You’ll Be Ushered to the Back Pew

More proof God has a great sense of humor!

You don’t need to be in the front pew every Sunday to know that God definitely has a sense of humor. And these funny church signs are living proof that pastors and other people of God are pretty funny too! Whether you’re religious about going to church (see what we did there?) or you’re more of a twice-a-year kind of Christian (no judgment here — we leave that up to the Big Guy!), you’re sure to get a kick out of these funny church signs!

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Funny church signs: A joke about Adam and Eve
Twitter: @Mercierjustus3

Short and to the point

Funny Church Signs:  a joke about bad Jesus

That’s why it’s called Sunday night football

A funny church sign saying god likes games
Andrea Glazer, NYC

Prayers answered — and then some

Funny church signs: one covered with snow
White Wolf, Fairmount, IN

Not all superheroes wear capes

A funny church signs about how dogs see the best version of ourselves
Andrea G., Woodside, NY

Let go and let God

Funny church signs: A quote from god
Twitter: @mwalkersms

Keep your friends close and your enemies, well…

Funny church signs: Forgive your enemies like Jesus says
Twitter: @johnrevans


Funny church signs about the rain

Seriously, what gives?

Funny church signs about how much we all hate mosquitoes
Twitter: @AbigealHibbar1

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Funny church signs about how kidney stones pass
Instagram: crowder

No dieting necessary!

Funny church signs about creamation
Twitter: @Triercompany

But it rolls off the tongue so easily!

A funny church sign about how gods last name isn't damn
Twitter: @TerryAONeal

Anyone else craving a burger?

Jesus on a ketchup bottle (funny church signs)
Twitter: @haychbee_

A little something for the kids

A funny church signs about sleepwalking
Facebook: Catholic Humor

Bumper to bumper, baby!

Funny church signs about rush hour
Instagram: church.signs

We suspect this one was done by a mom of a teenager!

Funny Church signs about texting and driving
Twitter: @BSEreneb


Funny church signs about how jesus knows slag
Instagram: @ChurchyChurchSigns

Whose fleece was white as snow?

Funny church signs about Mother Mary
Instagram: @ChurchyChurchSigns

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