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Your Horoscope: What’s in Store for You September 4, – September 10, 2022?

What's in store for your star sign this week?


Looking to start your week off on a great note? Well, it starts with planning and having an idea of what’s to come — which horoscopes can be useful for. Here’s what’s happening for your zodiac sign this week with your Woman’s World horoscope for September 4, to September 10, 2022.

VIRGO Aug. 23–Sept. 22

From the 5th on, you’ll be drawn to activities that bring you pleasure and let you tap into your creativity. Let your heart lead the way! And come the 9th, go back to the drawing board to perfect moneymaking projects.

Your lucky days: September 5, 6, 10

Your lucky numbers: 2, 6, 7

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22–Dec. 21

On the 6th, get out of your comfort zone and have an eye-opening experience, ideally with a loved one. Embracing the unknown is thrilling now. Come the 10th, having a heart-to-heart with a relative paves the way for healing.

Your lucky days: September 4, 7, 8

Your lucky numbers: 4, 11, 18

PISCES Feb. 19–Mar. 20

From the 7th on, pairing up with a friend is the key to making your aspirations a reality. But around the 9th, you could be feeling sensitive. Be sure to tend to your emotional needs first, as it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup.

Your lucky days: September 6, 9, 10

Your lucky numbers: 1, 2, 7

GEMINI May 21–June 20

From the 7th on, carve out extra time for bonding with loved ones. You’ll adore simple, heartfelt moments! And from the 8th on, slow down and tune into your creative impulses, as they could lead to satisfying results.

Your lucky days: September 7, 8, 10

Your lucky numbers: 4, 5, 14

LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22

Carve out time for self-care on the 4th. A break from your highenergy social life allows you to recharge. Then, adopt a healthy habit on the 9th. Anything that fits into your routine can bring a bolstered sense of balance.

Your lucky days: September 4, 7, 8

Your lucky numbers: 5, 6, 12

CAPRICORN Dec. 22–Jan. 19

From the 5th on, shake up your routine by prioritizing experiences with loved ones. Soaking up knowledge together makes for memories! Then, revising a pitch or long-term goal can set you up for success on the 9th. Go for it!

Your lucky days: September 5, 6, 10

Your lucky numbers: 3, 9, 10

ARIES Mar. 21–Apr. 19

You’ll enjoy more social time from the 5th on! Even quick check-ins with friends leave you feeling supported. And on the 6th, you’ll find that meditating or journaling is the way to work through emotions.

Your lucky days: September 4, 7, 8

Your lucky numbers: 1, 6, 12

CANCER June 21–July 22

Opportunities to connect with your social circle on an intellectual level are intriguing on the 6th. Take an online class or check out a museum together. And come the 9th, revisiting family tradition boosts joy!

Your lucky days: September 8, 9, 10

Your lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9

SCORPIO Oct. 23–Nov. 21

Around the 7th, spending more time with friends and neighbors brings a great deal of joy! You may even want to dive into a collaborative effort. And around the 8th, letting go of a plan and embracing spontaneity boosts bliss!

Your lucky days: September 8, 9, 10

Your lucky numbers: 5, 9, 11

AQUARIUS Jan. 20–Feb. 18

You can be more emotionally vulnerable with loved ones on the 8th. Sharing what’s in your heart bolsters bonds. And on the 10th, you may have an epiphany related to money, which allows you to move with even more confidence.

Your lucky days: September 4, 7, 8

Your lucky numbers: 2, 8, 11

TAURUS Apr. 20–May 20

Revise your wellness routine from the 9th on. Consider rethinking your walking route or reimagining your daily meditations. Then, on the 10th, you’ll be reaching the end of a group project. Celebrate before plowing ahead.

Your lucky days: September 5, 6, 10

Your lucky numbers: 6, 11, 15

LEO July 23–Aug. 22

From the 5th on, trading notes with friends on your ideas could lead to money-making opportunities. And on the 10th, you may need to have a challenging talk with a loved one. What you discuss could increase understanding.

Your lucky days: September 4, 7, 10

Your lucky numbers: 2, 7, 8

Happy Birthday! Year-ahead forecast for those born this week.

Virgo, it’s your time to shine! In late September, go-getter Mars in your public image zone will form a positive angle to Saturn in your daily routine zone, and pairing up with a coworker to hit a shared goal could nudge you both into the spotlight. You’ll earn a round of well-deserved applause. In October, the confident sun, followed by beauty-loving Venus and Mercury — all in your money zone — form harmonizing angles to serious Saturn, leading to a burst of self-assured energy that fuels your ability to stir up new cash flow. And in early November, when messenger Mercury in your communication zone squares off against Saturn, you might find that learning new skills is the key to feeling even more effective on the job.

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