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5 Ways to Save Money on Health Care in 2024 — Prescription Discounts, Eyeglasses + More

Save big with $99 OTC hearing aids and 80% discounts on Rx's

As the cost of health care in America continues to rise, you may think that saving money seems impossible. But we’re here to say it isn’t. In fact, it’s surprisingly simple with new programs and initiatives where you can slash medical bills by over $1,000. Keep reading to discover 5 smart ways you can save money on health care this year!.

1. Prescriptions discount cards save money on health care

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Tired of the price of prescription drugs going up? If you’re a senior who receives Medicare, there’s good news. Thanks to this year’s Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare recipients will have lower out-of-pocket costs for dozens of medicines. Insulin has also been capped at $35 for a one-month supply.

Younger than 65 and don’t have insurance to cover your medications? Using a prescription discount card (like FamilyWize and SingleCare) can cut up to 80% off your drug price. And now Walgreens makes it easy to figure out which card will save you the most. Type the medicine’s name into the Finder at and you’ll get a list of prescription discount cards and their savings. This way, you can find the lowest price when filling your Rx at Walgreens.

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2. Telemedicine prescriptions for non-emergencies

You might need frequent healthcare services for nonemergency issues (like colds, flu, rash and UTI). Or you can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care provider, and don’t have insurance and can’t pay the $100 or more a visit requires. If so, try telemedicine subscriptions. By paying a small monthly or annual fee, you get low-cost or free access to 24/7 virtual visits with MDs who treat a wide array of health issues.

For example, has subscriptions starting at $29.95 a month, which includes two virtual healthcare visits a month. GoodRx Gold members who pay $9.99 a month can get a virtual healthcare visit for just $19.99, which is a savings of $30. And Amazon Prime members can subscribe to One Medical ( for access to virtual healthcare for just $9 a month.

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3. Shop online for eyeglasses

If your insurance doesn’t cover vision, you’re likely paying $200 to $300 per pair of prescription glasses. One way to save? Shop at an online eyeglass retailer (like and since a pair of frames with prescription lenses costs about $111, on average.

Prefer to shop in person so you can try on frames with the help of an eyewear professional? Visit a brick-and-mortar eyeglass store’s website or call their customer service desk to ask about new promotional offers. In-person retailers are facing intense competition from virtual eyeglass stores, so they’re offering major discounts.

One example: At LensCrafters, AARP members get 50% off lenses with the purchase of frames, and all in-store shoppers get 50% off a second set of prescription eyeglasses that includes lenses and frames. (Click through to learn how switching from contacts to glasses helps get rid of a stye.)

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4. Buy OTC hearing aids

Over 44 million American adults suffer hearing loss, but their health insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids. And before last year, the only way to get them was with a prescription, costing about $1,000 to $3,500 for each hearing aid. Thankfully, the FDA approved over-the-counter versions for mild to moderate hearing loss. Now, major retailers (like CVS and Walmart) carry them for a fraction of the cost.

A review of OTC hearing aids by Consumer Reports reveals the best ones for your money. Two of the top choices for “preset” hearing aids are Audien’s Hearing Atom, which offers basic volume control, for just $99 a pair. And Lucid Engage, which offers four audio ­configurations, for $550 a pair.

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5. Save money on health care with dental membership plans

Many private dental practices offer “membership plans,” which include free services (like X-rays). There are also discounts on others for one low fee paid once a month or year. Now, major dental chains are offering them too. One example: Aspen Dental’s Savings Plan includes free exams and X-rays, 30% off cleanings and up to 25% off other services. And it’s just $39 a year! Call dental practices near you to see if they have a membership that can help you save. 

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