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4 Easy Ways to Prep Your Yard for Spring — And They Save You Money Too!

Here's where to get a landscaping staple for free!

While we all love a picturesque garden once the flowers start to bloom, keeping up with your yard can be both time consuming and expensive. That’s why we turned to the landscaping pros to get their best advice for making your outdoor even more inviting without breaking the bank — or your back. Keep reading for the top four budget-friendly tips to prep your yard for less!

1. Save $100 by setting your sprinklers for this time

“Over-watering is one of the leading causes of disease, fungal growth and soil compaction, which can all result in unhealthy grass,” says Lisa Shiroff, team member at Leafy Green Landscape.

rbkomar/Getty Images

“A smarter bet for lush grass and a lower water bill? Water between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. just 3 times a week instead of every day at midday, when water evaporates quickly — or late at night, which can lead to fungal growth. If you usually pay $300 watering daily you could potentially reduce it to just over $100!” (Click through for more on how to water grass so it stays lush and green.)

2. Save $40 with low-cost weed killer

“Kill weeds with a cheaper and more natural alternative, that’s also safe for humans and pets using products you already have on hand. Mix 1 gallon vinegar with 1 cup salt and 1/4 cup dawn dish soap — the salt will ensure nothing grows back,” explains Gabriela Harris, lifestyle influencer @gabriela.atty on TikTok.

“Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray directly on weeds, being sure to saturate the roots. Do it on a day where it’s really sunny with no wind and no rain. It truly kills everything. Plus, you’ll save money — the same amount of weed killer can cost up to $45 per bottle!”

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3. Save $100 with free mulch

“To spruce up your yard for less, consider affordable mulching options like shredded leaves, grass clippings, straw or even newspaper,” says Evan Torchio, founder of

Gardener using mulch
SbytovaMN/Getty Images

“These options add nutrients, suppress weed growth and retain moisture — reducing how often you need to water — as they decompose and don’t cost up to $10 per bag. This all means less effort and expense in maintaining your garden. What’s more, you can often find free wood mulch from your local Parks and Recreation department.”

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4. Save $70 by ordering new plants this way

“When you’re purchasing new plants, pursue mail order companies,” urges Janet Loughrey, garden expert at Garden Design.

“The reason: These nurseries often have large stocks of plants that they need to move, which leads to big sales. Sign up for their email lists to be alerted when deals pop up. Also consider online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair for great plant prices.”

She continues, “For example, the Growers Choice Plant Set on Amazon is just $25 — though you won’t know in advance what you’ll get — the plants end up costing $3.50 each, but retail for $6 to $15 each at the local garden center.”

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