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7 Ways to Earn Extra Money Working From Home Based on Your Personality

Plus, learn how four women made it work for themselves!


Dream of joining the 1 in 4 Americans working from the comfort of home and making their own hours? It all starts with pinpointing the best work from home jobs that fit your personality. Here’s how!

Taking the leap from traveling every day to a traditional job to working from home can be a dramatic change. But, the benefits are plentiful. “You have the flexibility to work around your schedule and don’t need to spend hours commuting every week,” points out R.J. Weiss, Certified Financial Planner and founder of No wonder 70% of home-based workers cite a better work-life balance as the reason they chose their career path. And the perks don’t end there: “You also get to select the kind of work you want to do and can often get started right away.”

With a wide variety of work-from-home options available, figuring out which would be the best fit can feel daunting. Fortunately, you can find out quickly by simply answering a few easy questions. Your answers will reveal which work from home job matches what you’d enjoy doing most.

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1. Best work from home jobs if you like to have fun

You can turn favorite pastimes into money-makers that you do around your own schedule. Getting started is easy:

Like seeing the sights?

You can earn $25 to $100 per hour as a local guide taking visitors on scenic tours in person or via live streaming video on your smartphone. Sign up at Airbnb or Tours By Locals.

Enjoy shopping?

Retailers, restaurants and cinemas pay undercover “mystery shoppers” $7 to $25 per hour to evaluate their service in person and over the phone. Apply at Bare International or Secret Shoppers.

Big on books?

Get paid $5 to $60 for every review you write of mysteries, romances and other titles, which helps avid readers find their next great book to dive into. Find out more at

It worked for me! “I get paid $150 a month to write book reviews.”

best work from home jobs: Norah Piehl

When Norah Piehl, 49, learned she could get paid to read and review — without leaving her house — she jumped at the opportunity. Heres how:

“I’ve always enjoyed reading, so when I learned I could get paid to write book reviews, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash.”

“I got started when I met an editor who introduced me to someone hiring book-review writers. The great thing about this work, though, is that you don’t have to know someone. Many review sites only ask for samples of your work, and writing reviews on Amazon or is a good way to sharpen your review-writing skills and build samples.” and are two sites that pay for reviews. I write for Publishers Weekly,, BookPage and The Horn Book. When an editor contacts me with a new opportunity, I get a list of new book titles and select my top choices. Then they send me the books and a deadline. I take notes as I read, then submit the review, which is between 250 and 750 words. The pay varies, but I can make $25 to $100 per review. The money I make — about $150 a month — pays for new clothes and shoes!”— as told to Julie Revelant

2. Best work from home jobs if you’re crafty

Like to make new things?

You can turn handmade potpourri, soap or other crafts into a stream of income. All it takes is setting up a storefront to sell your wares at online marketplaces, such as, and Simply take a few photos, write a description and set your price. You can start with one product, then build inventory as you go. Once you make enough handicrafts to fill a table, you can rent a booth at farmers’ markets, vendor shows and pop-up events to sell in person.

Tip: Make more money by including more details in online product descriptions, such as “organic lavender potpourri cotton sachet” rather than just “lavender sachet.” Shoppers who are ready to buy type more specific searches, so your item will come up in their top results.

It worked for me! “I earn $500 a month selling homemade soap.”

best work from home jobs: Holley Steller

When Holley Steller, 48,  realized she could earn money putting her abundant
supply of goat milk to good use, she started raking in the cash. 

After 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom, the idea of doing something good for the environment and healthy for people and using my environmental engineering education appealed to me. I had also just purchased four Nigerian Dwarf goats after learning about them on a family trip to Switzerland.

“Initially, I used the goats’ milk for drinking and for making cheese, but soon we had more milk than we needed, and inspiration struck: I decided to use it to make soap. I watched YouTube videos, read soap-making books and did online research.”

“Some people use tea-infused water or beer or scented oils to mix with lye to make soap, but after experimenting with fresh, raw goats’ milk (which makes soap bubbly and creamy), I had beautifully colorful, moisturizing soaps. My family and I loved them, so I decided to open my own Etsy shop, Ocean Bluff Farm Goat Milk Soap, and sell them for around $7 a bar.

“In my first year, I made a little over $6,500 and about the same in the second year. I use the money to help pay for my goats’ care, which includes veterinary visits and high-end alfalfa hay. Currently, I have eight does and three bucks with more kids on the way! I’m exploring making lotion bars and other goat-milk products in the future. It’s been very rewarding, since the business provides me the opportunity to work from home and on my own time.” – as told to Alexandra Kay.

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3. Best work from home jobs if you have a special skill

best work from home jobs: Modern work remotely. Cheerful african american woman tutor explains rules of english

Like to teach others?

“There’s someone online willing to pay you to teach it to them,” insists Jen Ruiz, author of 25 Ways to Work From Home. From baking and photography to sewing and bookkeeping, you can earn hundreds of dollars every month by sharing your know-how on eLearning platforms, such as,, and

Don’t think you have anything to teach?

“If you like children, are patient and are engaging enough to hold their attention, you can teach English online,” notes Ruiz. Language tutoring websites, such as and, pay about $10 to $25 per hour and don’t require teaching certifications or experience.

Tip: Make more money by cashing in on incentive bonuses that are frequently offered, such as being on-time for live classes and recruiting friends to be online teachers.

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4. Best work from home jobs if you’re organized

Are you a whiz at keeping others on track?

“Consider being a virtual assistant,” recommends Ruiz. “If you’re organized and able to manage multiple tasks at once, then this is the gig for you.” You’ll be paid $9 to $15 per hour by businesses and entrepreneurs who need administrative support, such as answering phone calls, replying to emails, scheduling appointments and performing data entry. Start getting assignments by signing up to virtual assistant websites, such as and Or apply to job posts from companies looking for help by searching for “virtual assistant” at

Tip: Make more money by telling clients about unique qualifications you have, such as Excel spreadsheet expertise or fluency in Spanish. This helps you beat out competition and command a higher rate.

It worked for me!  “I bring home $1,200 a month as a virtual assistant.”

best work from home jobs: Beth Beutler
Fisheye Studio.

Once Beth Beutler, 57, learned she could put her organization skills to use, she got to work. Here’s how:

“My husband and I had recently become empty nesters when I started working as a virtual assistant — a professional who helps business owners with various tasks like managing email and setting appointments.” 

“How I got started: I had been working for a large church, and when my job ended, a parishioner I knew asked me to help him and his law firm as a virtual assistant. Since I was looking to start a new chapter, I knew it would be the perfect gig. Then I won a ticket to a conference for entrepreneurs, where I learned more about the field and met a few people who became my clients. After that, word of mouth grew my business, but many virtual assistants find clients on job sites like and 

“I do everything from research to ­handling social media to editing blog posts for my clients. One executive who travels a lot hires me to help him with tasks for his personal life: I get quotes to repair windows, make his haircut appointments, manage his calendar, book flights and set up hotel reservations. I work between 10 and 15 hours a week and I make about $30 an hour, which nets me $1,000 to $1,200 a month. 

“I’m happy to say that my business is growing­ — I even subcontract some tasks to other virtual assistants. I love that I have control over my life and my schedule. The money I make pays the bills and allows my husband and me to enjoy eating out, going bowling and even taking a cruise to the Bahamas!”- as told to Julie Revelant

5. Best work from home jobs if you have a car

Enjoy driving around?

You can earn $7 to $20 per hour while behind the wheel. Ridesharing (such as Lyft and Uber) is one way, but there are plenty of driving jobs that don’t involve picking up passengers. For example, you can run errands for folks who need groceries, pet food or other supplies by signing up at, and You can deliver take-out food for, or Or you can help Amazon deliver packages by signing up at

Tip: Make more money by picking jobs whose peak demand coincides with the hours you’re available to work. For example, more folks place Instacart grocery orders on weekend mornings and UberEats deliveries spike at lunch at dinner.

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6. Best work from home jobs for extroverts

Are you a people person?

If you’re happiest around others, you’d be a good fit as a direct sales rep. Companies that sell their own line of products, such as Mary Kay cosmetics, doTerra essential oils and Tupperware storage containers, are looking for folks who enjoy hosting parties in person and online to introduce customers to their products. “While many think you need sales experience, you don’t,” assures direct sales coach Becky Launder. “You have the flexibility to make your own hours, plus unlimited earning potential.” Not only do you reap 15% to 30% commission on what you sell, you can invite others to join your sales team and earn additional commission based on their performance.

Tip: Make more money by demonstrating how a product solves a problem since customers are more likely to buy something that offers a fix. For example, do a live Facebook video showing how a Mary Kay charcoal mask cleans clogged pores.

It worked for me!  “I make up to $500 a month selling essential oils.”

best work from home jobs: Kate Fitzpatrick
Kristen Jensen

When Kate Fitzpatrick, 42, learned she could turn her own personal experiences with essential oils into way to make money, she did. Here’s how:

“I run a social-media company, but I really wanted to do something more meaningful­. So I was thrilled when one of my clients told me about an opportunity to become a wellness advocate for doTERRA, a company that educates people about how to use essential oils. I was already using the oils to quell my anxiety and boost my kids’ immune systems and help them sleep better. So when I learned I could help others achieve wellness through essential oils, and I could make money doing it, I knew it was perfect for me.” 

“Getting started was simple. I signed up for a membership, which costs $35 a year, and also makes you eligible for discounts on products. Plus, doTERRA provides free virtual training and they gave me a marketing resource kit, fact sheets and a guide to the various oils that I bring to my classes. I even had a mentor who helped me teach my first few classes so I would feel prepared to go out on my own.”

“I generally host classes in someone else’s home or at a local tea shop or wellness center. I find most of my clients through word of mouth or when I post on Facebook about how I use essential oils, and I make money when my clients place orders. And if people choose to become wellness advocates themselves, I make a percentage of their sales as well.”

“I spend between three and six hours a week on this work and I earn $200 to $300 a month, but I have made up to $500 a month!”

“I love that I get to empower people, particularly moms, to use essential oils to help their kids feel better and take control of their health. I also love the money I make—extra cash that goes toward bills or the occasional coffee or lunch out.” —as told to Julie Revelant

7. Best work from home jobs if you like helping others

Post offers to do tasks on more than one type of work-for-hire website or app.

Love animals?

Let pet owners know you’re available to walk dogs and feed cats at

Are you a natural at creative projects?

Let entrepreneurs know you can do voiceovers, logo designs or background music at

Handy with home or yard tools?

Let homeowners know you can assemble a bookshelf or create a garden at

Have expert skills?

Let companies know you’re available to edit a manuscript or translate an interview at You’ll end up doing a little bit of everything so you’re never bored.

Tip: Make more money by including more details or a short video about yourself in your profile. Research from Fiverr shows that job orders increase more than 200% when customers get to know you.

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