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Eating This Popular Treat Before a Workout Could Give You a Much-Needed Energy Boost


We all have our own pre-workout routines, including what we like to eat before we break a sweat. But recently, a new internet trend says that Rice Krispies Treats are the best pre-fitness snack for a variety of reasons, and here’s a surprise: Some of these claims actually hold up!

After several TikTokers posted about having great workouts once they munched on the popular snack, users on the platform took notice and the phenomenon started going viral. They said that because they’re high in simple carbs and sugar, the Rice Krispies provide a small energy bump that enters the bloodstream quicker and energizes you in the moment. That feeling won’t last forever, but it could be enough for an hour-long sweat session.

What do health experts think of the idea? If you haven’t eaten anything in the few hours before a workout, a Rice Krispie Treat actually isn’t the worst snack you could grab. “The combination of toasted rice cereal and sugar provides a small amount of easily digestible carbs that can give you the extra boost of energy you need right before a tough workout,” Chrissy Carroll, MPH, RD, a registered dietician and USAT Level I triathlon coach, explained to Verywell Health. Carroll added that because Rice Krispies are also low in fiber, they won’t upset your stomach in the process. Additionally, having a square or two won’t cancel out any ongoing weight loss efforts.

That said, because the treat is so high in sugar, it may not be the best snack for people with diabetes or similar blood-sugar disorders. Moreover, just because it’s not a terrible option doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to have before working out, like Medjool dates and hummus.

While you don’t necessarily want to chow down on tons of Rice Krispies Treats before heading to the gym or turn them into your habitual pre-workout snack, it’s great to know that they’re an option if you need an energy bump!

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