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Tired and Blah? Here Are 6 Easy Study-Proven Tricks to Boost Energy Fast

These on-the-spot fatigue fighters will restore your spark

Ever feel like your energy levels are in a constant battle with your to-do list? You’re not alone! Whether you’re juggling work, family or personal passions, finding that spark to tackle it all can feel like an uphill climb. That’s why we went looking for science-backed solutions to help put a quick pep in your step when you need it most — and without having to rely on endless cups of coffee. Keep reading for the easy ways to boost energy fast.

1. Reset your body clock by waking up with the birds

Even after a full night’s sleep, sometimes we wake up feeling sluggish and blah. The study-backed fix: Simply open your curtains or bland to watch the birds flitting around outside. Research conducted at Rush University found that it will help you feel more alert and energetic in two minutes, plus it can prevent energy slumps if you enjoy this cheery view within an hour of waking each morning. How does it work? Combining morning sunlight with an uplifting nature scene instantly resets your body clock, prompting it to release an energizing hormone, orexin, which helps keep you alert and full of pep all day long.

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2. Restore stamina with a cheery shirt

colorful shirts hanging
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Donning the right outfit gave Wonder Woman all-day confidence and energy — and it can work for you, too! Canadian scientists say starting a busy day by choosing clothing that makes you feel happy and at ease (such as a cheery, colorful shirt and your comfiest pair of pants) can chase away sluggishness and increase your stamina, muscle strength and coordination, often in as little as five minutes. That’s because wearing clothing that makes you feel great activates a key brain region called the frontal cortex that keeps your heart, muscles and nerve cells energized.

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3. Boost lymph flow by swinging your arms

woman power walking
Adam Hester / Getty

The frustrating fact is many of us feel worn out and ready for bed long before the sun has set and we’re actually done having fun. If your brain wants to keep going, but your body is slowing down, try this: Go for a quick stroll around your house or yard, but do it with your shoulders pulled back and your arms swinging. This whole-body motion instantly boosts lymphatic flow to flush fatigue-triggering wastes and toxins out of tissues. And research out of Pennsylvania’s DeSales University suggests that it can erase the need-to-nap feeling in as little as two minutes.

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4. Boost blood flow with a hair brush

woman brushing hair; boost energy
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If the only thing standing between you and a super-productive (or super-fun!) day is a massive dose of brain fog, your hair brush can help. Chinese research suggests gently brushing your hair and scalp can sharpen focus, concentration and short-term memory in less than five minutes. The key? Remember to work along your hairline and behind your ears, as well. The study authors say every hair follicle has its own sensory nerve, and when those nerves are stimulated, they send out electrical signals that relax and open arteries, boosting the flow of energizing, oxygen-rich blood to your brain.

5. Maximize brain waves with brighter light bulb

bright table lamp; boost energy
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Researchers have long recommended stepping outside midday to soak up the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays and chase away fatigue. But that doesn’t help much when the sky is cloudy, gloomy or rainy. The dreary day fix when your energy level is lagging? Skip the pretty mood lighting and switch on your strongest, brightest indoor lights. Scientists reporting in the journal Frontiers in Physiology say a blast of bright indoor lighting switches on your brain’s production of focus-sharpening beta waves, and it can prevent energy slumps completely if you keep your home well-lit on gloomy days.

6. End anxiety with a frankincense sniff

frankincense oil; boost energy
Madeleine_Steinbach / Getty

Chronic exposure to the stress hormone cortisol can make you feel tense and anxious, plus it can triple your risk of all-day fatigue. The reason? In large doses, cortisol makes your central nervous system sluggish, plus it blocks your brain’s release of energizing neurotransmitters. Thankfully, you can help prevent cortisol spikes, and feel calmer, more focused and more energized all day long, just by breathing in the rich, woodsy aroma of frankincense oil whenever you start feeling rattled. That’s according to British researchers, who found that aromatic compounds in this essential oil called limonene and α-pinene soothe cortisol-producing adrenal glands.

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