First for Women - Sitemap - 2016 - September - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 September - Page 1

  1. Crossing Guard Has a Strange Feeling About 8-Year-Old's 'Mom.' Then, She Hears Little Girl Scream
  2. 13 Funny Photos That Perfectly Explain What It's Like to Shop With Kids
  3. When Autistic Boy's Favorite Blanket Is Reduced to Shreds, His Mother Made a Desperate Online Plea
  4. 11 Family Optical Illusions That Will Make You Do a Double Take
  5. See All the Photos from the Royal Family's Visit to a Children's Party in Canada
  6. Mini Caramel Apples Meet Cake Pops In This New Addition to Your Fall Desserts Lineup
  7. Princess Charlotte Talks Up a Storm and Gets a Giggle Fit Over Balloons at a Children's Party
  8. Homeowners Update Kitchen Cabinets for Just $60, But They Look Like a Million Bucks
  9. What This Daughter Did to Her Parents' House for Halloween Will Blow You Away
  10. 12 Photos of Stunning Recycled Wedding Dresses That Prove You CAN Wear it Again
  11. Watch Prince William and Kate Middleton Pull Dangerous Train Stunt in Canada
  12. The 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' Video Is the Magically Bizarre Internet Craze You Must Watch Now
  13. Mom Tells Her Baby 'I Love You,' Genius 3 Month Old Actually Says It Right Back
  14. 12 Mind-Blowing Photos of Famous Child Chefs With Their Impressive Plates of Food
  15. After Cancer Claims a Police Officer, Bakery Honors Him with Heartwarming Gesture That's Taking Over the Internet
  16. Young Girl Tells Her Basketball Coach 'I Thought We Were in Love,' But Her Dad Overhears
  17. Homeowner Updates Bathroom for Just $200, But It Looks Like a Million Bucks
  18. 12 Hilarious Photos of Kids Next to Their Look-Alike Dolls
  19. 12 Times Celebrities Were Unexpected Wedding Guests
  20. See All 13 of Donald Trump's Children and Grandchildren
  21. 12 Celebrities Who Look TOTALLY Different After Losing Weight on Jenny Craig
  22. See Grace Kelly's 14 Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren Today!
  23. Tim McGraw Shares Sultry Throwback Photo of Wife on Her Birthday
  24. Homeowner Updates Kitchen for Just $100, But It Looks Like a Million Bucks
  25. They've Arrived! See the Royal Family on the Kids' First Trip to Canada
  26. See Queen Elizabeth II's 13 Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren Then and Now
  27. Brutally Honest Teacher Thinks Kids Today Are Spoiled and Has Three Hard Truths for Parents
  28. House Hasn't Been Updated In Decades, But Gutsy Realtor Puts It On The Market 'As Is'
  29. Find Out What Frank Sinatra's Under-the-Radar Grandchildren Are Doing Today
  30. 12 Funny Photos of Kids Who Learned it From Watching Dad
  31. Dad Spots Strange Answer on Son's School Project, Makes Plea That's Gone Viral
  32. Mia Farrow Says Goodbye to Beloved Son
  33. 12 Halloween Makeup Ideas So Striking That They Border On Sorcery
  34. 15 Brides Wearing Beautiful Rainbow Wedding Dresses
  35. 13 Kids Who Should Get An A+ for Sass on Their Homework
  36. 12 Healthy Halloween Snacks That Keep Your Little Monsters Fueled and Focused
  37. Marion Cotillard Shuts Down Rumors She Had an Affair with Brad Pitt with Bombshell Announcement
  38. 12 Times Prince William Was Caught Admiring Kate Middleton
  39. 12 DIY Halloween Costumes You're Going to Want to Start This Weekend
  40. 20 Animals That Completely Stole the Spotlight from the Bride
  41. 14 Halloween Party Ideas That Will Make You Scream In Delight
  42. 12 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Scary-Easy to Make
  43. 12 Times Kids Hilariously Dressed Themselves for Picture Day
  44. 10 Celebs Who Have Slimmed Down Thanks to Gastric Bypass Surgery
  45. When Her 3-Year-Old Unbuckled Her Seatbelt, This Brazen Mom Did Something EXTREME in Response
  46. 8 Weeks Pregnant, Ashley Williams Felt Blood at the Supermarket. Now, She's Opening Up About the Heartbreaking Lesson
  47. Jilted Woman Complains to Customer Service About Her Ex. Then, They Send a Mysterious Gift to HIS House
  48. She Had a Pregnancy Announcement Planned, But Then Her Sister Had Even Crazier News
  49. 16 Funny Pics of Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair Before Picture Day
  50. Woman Complains About Traffic That Cop's Death Causes, Then Brother in Blue Responds Epically
  51. Girls Glam Up Golden Retriever During Sleepover, Take Telltale 'After' Picture
  52. 13 Mannequins That Got Shoppers' Attention for the Wrong Reasons
  53. See Kate Middleton's Most Impressive Hats and Fascinators
  54. Keith Urban Spots Eye-Popping Sign in Crowd, Stops His Concert Cold
  55. This Dad Forces His Daughter to Chant Every Single Morning, But It's the Words That Will Really Get Your Attention
  56. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Can't Stop Shaking in Sadness Over Her Major Family Loss During Emmy Acceptance Speech
  57. A Week After Welcoming Triplets, This Mom Got News No One Thought Was Possible
  58. 14 Times Actors Lost or Gained MAJOR Weight for a Role
  59. Prince William Was Talking with Dignitaries When He Spotted Something So Distressing, He Ran to Help
  60. Dad Risked Everything with Bold Move to Stop Hospital from Letting Son Die
  61. 62-Year-Old Mom of Two Is Pregnant Again--20 Years After Starting Menopause
  62. Mornings Will Never Be the Same with This Fall Version of Earthquake Cake That's OK to Eat for Breakfast
  63. Sick of Her Teen’s Moodiness, Mom Posts Ultimate 'For-Sale' Ad on Facebook, Gets Earful from Other Mothers
  64. 12 Times We Knew EXACTLY What Princess Diana Was Saying to Young Prince Harry
  65. A VERY Pregnant Olivia Wilde Couldn't Get a Seat on the Train, Now Her Response Has Everyone Gasping
  66. Married Couple Can't Afford Dream Wedding Ring. But a Fellow Famous Shopper Couldn't Keep His Mouth Shut
  67. Sneaky Mom Tells Her Straight-A Student-Daughter She’s Disappointed in Her Behavior Before Big Reveal
  68. Bride Tries to Hitchhike to Her Wedding After Limo Breaks Down, But Drivers Wouldn't Let Her In
  69. Wife Complains That Husband Works Too Much. What He Does Next Makes Her Immediately Regret Her Words
  70. 12 DIY Disney Costumes Fit for Your Own Personal Fairy Tale
  71. Chemo Couldn't Cure Our Daughter's Relapsed Cancer. Our Only Hope: a Risky, Experimental Therapy
  72. I Thought Our Only Child Beat Leukemia When She Was a Toddler. Then, It Came Back
  73. 12 Celebrity Kids Who Chose Wildly Different Careers Than Their Parents
  74. Blake Shelton Donates $600,000 to Oklahoma Kids' Cancer Center After His Young Relative Went There
  75. 12 Hilarious Things Kids Have Been Caught Saying
  76. 12 Wedding Dresses Hiding Beautiful Secrets
  77. 12 Funny Photos of Women Trying to Catch the Bouquet at Weddings
  78. Elderly Ice Cream Man Comes Out of Retirement to Fund Wife's Medical Bills
  79. 15 Little Kids' Self-Portraits That Are More Comedy Than Artistry
  80. Public Safety Officer Asked a Planet Fitness Associate If He Could Exercise Fully Suited Up for Jaw-Dropping 9/11 Tribute
  81. 12 Funny Photos of Bridesmaids Stealing the Spotlight From the Bride
  82. Tim Gunn Calls Out Fashion 'Disgrace,' and It Has Women Everywhere Applauding
  83. Strangers Pointed When Her Autistic Daughter Melted Down in a Checkout Aisle. Then, Her Online Venting Got the Supermarket's Attention
  84. Bride and Groom Had No Idea Someone Was Watching Them During Their Legendary Wedding Photos
  85. Youngest Daughter Doesn't Realize All Her Clothes Are Hand-Me-Downs Because of Mom's Genius Plan
  86. Mom Was Devastated When Her Cop Husband Was Killed. Then, Doctors Confirmed Her Daughters' Bizarre Suspicion
  87. Keith Urban Spots Mysterious Message from Stage, and Then Stops His Concert Cold
  88. 45 Burger Recipes So Delicious They're Worth Flipping For
  89. Rico Rodriguez Talks About the Joys of Reading on International Literacy Day
  90. Mom Feels Contractions on Labor Day Weekend, Gives Birth to One-in-48-Million Baby
  91. New $47 Test Could Tell You If You'll Get a Cancer Diagnosis in 10 Years
  92. 12 Hilarious Notes Written By the SASSIEST Kids
  93. Oh My Adorable! The Rock Posted a New Photo of His Baby Girl, and Her Facial Expression Is Making Everyone Go "Aww"
  94. Pregnant Mother Was Flying Alone When Her Infant Son Started Fussing. Then a Man Grabbed Her Baby
  95. 10 Surprisingly Funny Things the Royal Family Has Said
  96. She Wanted to Sell Avon at Age 17, and It Led Her Down a Path She Never Expected
  97. She Thought Her 9-Pound Baby Boy Was Large, Then She Gave Birth to His Sister
  98. 13 Stunning MakeUNDERS That Prove Less Can Truly Be More
  99. Mom Arrives Late to Child's School With Brutally Honest Explanation
  100. Kindergartener Late for School Stops in His Tracks Outside School Doors to Put Hand on His Heart
  101. Little Girl Was Fiddling with Her Sandal Straps When Her Teacher Issued a Mortifying Order
  102. Mom Posts Most Effective Guilt-Trip Ever to Get AWOL College Son to Call
  103. 12 Adorable Photos of Pets Being Treated Like Newborn Babies
  104. 13 Funny Pics of Parents Having Serious Lazy Moments
  105. Single Mom Learns It's Donuts with Dad Day at School, Immediately Turns Car Around
  106. Mom Catches Teenagers Taking Selfies in T.J.Maxx, Flawlessly Sums Up How We All Feel
  107. Everyone's Gasping Over This Photo of Kate Middleton, and It's All Because of Brazen Construction Worker
  108. Mom Immortalizes Daughter's Worst Hangover with Unforgettable 18th Birthday Cake
  109. Cop Stopped This Mom for Broken Lights, But When He Opened the Back Door, He Changed His Mind About the Ticket
  110. Dad Uses a Vacuum Cleaner to Give His Daughter a Picture-Perfect Ponytail in a Flash
  111. 29 Best Cookie Recipes for Chocoholics
  112. 30 Best Cupcake Recipes for Chocoholics That Take Your Love of Cocoa to a Whole New Level
  113. Her Home Was So Small, Her Sons' Wheelchair and Walker Couldn't Fit. Then, She Read a Newspaper Story
  114. 12 Hilarious Photos of Kids Stealing All the Attention at Weddings
  115. This Tiny Preschooler Is Getting Water, But It's The Crazy Thing She's Standing On That Really Has People in Awe
  116. 26 Labor Day Recipes from Pinterest That Will Earn You the Cookout Hosting Crown
  117. 37 Kabob Recipes from Pinterest That Will Make You Want to Grill Every Single Night This Summer
  118. Doctors Told Me I'd Never Walk Again, But My Faith and My Kids Told a Different Story
  119. I Was Alone with My 4 Young Kids When My Left Side Went Numb
  120. 11 Funny Celebrity Confessions About Aging
  121. Hugh Jackman Writes Moving Tribute After Losing Beloved Family Member
  122. 10 Things to Know If Breast Cancer Runs in Your Family
  123. House Hasn't Been Touched in Decades, so Real Estate Agent Boldly Decides to Sell 'As Is'
  124. Little Girl Goes to Rescue Center to Adopt New Cat, Gets Against-All-Odds Surprise
  125. 12 Inspiring Slim Downs That Prove It Doesn't Matter How Long It Takes to Lose the Weight
  126. Uplifting Note in Doctor's Office Gives Struggling Patients the Wisdom They Didn't Know They Needed
  127. Little Girl's First-Day-at-School Before and After Photos Has Internet in Stitches