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10 Work From Home Sales Jobs You Can Start Right Now — No Experience Required

10 opportunities that aren't scams + 4 women who cashed in being their own boss on their own time!


Have you ever wanted a job where you sell a product you believe in and maybe even use yourself, while at the same time you get to work from home, make your own hours and be your own boss? If so, it sounds like you’d enjoy working as an independent sales representative for a direct sales company. These are jobs where you partner with a company that sells a certain type of product (such as kitchenware or jewelry) and earn a percentage of the sales you make as commission. But instead of working inside a store for set hours, you’d set up your business at home and make your own schedule. Sound right for you? Read on to learn how you can reap the financial rewards of work from home sales jobs.

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Work from home sales jobs: Where do I start?

There are many direct sales companies that are eager for home-based independent sales representatives to join their team right now, such as Tupperware, Mary Kay and doTERRA. And they make it easy to get started to launch your work from home sales jobs: For a small fee, they provide you with ample coaching, sales materials and in some cases customer samples. Then you go out on your own and host in-person, virtual or hybrid parties, manage a sales website (that’s provided by the company for a small fee) or use your own social media accounts to connect with your customers. Not only do you earn an income, but you also frequently get discounts on products you want to buy for yourself! On top of all of that, many companies offer network marketing opportunities, where you can build a sales team and earn additional commissions from your team’s sales.

Do I need experience for work from home sales jobs?

In many professions, certain personality traits or skills are required to be successful, for example, athletes need to be competitive and accountants need a head for numbers. But that’s not the case with a direct sales career. “I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all for those who thrive,” asserts Katy Ursta, a direct sales consultant at ChicInfluencer and author of Direct Sales Done Right. “The beauty of the industry is that no skillset is required. However, there has to be a willingness to be coachable,” she says. That’s because these companies have been selling their products for many years, so they’ve honed the best practices for sharing information about what they sell. And they want to make sure you know them, too!

Do I need experience to try a work from home sales job?

Although past sales experience can help you start your business, truth is, you can learn as you do it. “Like any business, with time and consistency, we become better at our skillset,” says Ursta. “We can’t expect to become an expert overnight. Even though some people do make it look easy, trust me, it took them time to learn, too!” she assures.

How can I start my own work from home sales job?

The first step to take is to decide on a product to sell. So, think of products you already buy and match them with companies looking for direct sales reps. For example, if you’re a wine fan, you’d probably enjoy selling wines for Traveling Vineyard. Or if you’re a home cook, you’d likely enjoy selling kitchen tools for Pampered Chef. And, of course, if you already buy products from a direct sales company, selling them as a direct sales rep would be a natural fit.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of products you can sell for direct sales companies for your work from home sales job, so you have your pick. Even better, these 10 companies will help you set up your own business by providing coaching, catalogs and product samples all for less than $100! And because they’re recognized brands that have been around for decades, you can rest assured that you’re joining a company you can put your trust in.

How do I avoid being scammed?

While there are many legitimate direct sales companies that you can trust, unfortunately, some of these work from home sales jobs are scams disguised as genuine direct sales businesses. Luckily, there are ways to spot these unscrupulous companies so you can avoid them. For example, rather than focusing on selling products, fraudulent companies pressure you to recruit more and more salespeople. Genuine companies want you to focus on selling their products since their reputation is based on their merchandise. Other red flags to watch for include making exaggerated promises of how much money you’ll earn, being unclear about what your exact commission will be, not providing training and support, and not having a physical address or phone number where they can be reached.  

7 work from home sales jobs you can cash in with

1. Work from home sales job: Help folks organize their kitchen with Tupperware

Tupperware sales work from home job
Orlando Sentinel / Contributor/ Getty Images

Pride yourself on always having airtight containers on hand for leftovers and baking ingredients? Love the way they make your kitchen tidy and organized? You’d be a shoo-in as a Tupperware Representative! You’d be joining an iconic brand that was launched way back in 1946 when chemist Earl Tupper created his famous innovative non-breakable plastic containers that have been a kitchen staple for generations.

Get started: Tupperware’s Starter Kit ($49) comes with more than $150 worth of products including the Classic Silicone Spatula, Measuring Mates Set, Thatsa Jr. Bowl, SuperSonic Chopper Compact, 10 printed catalogs and a 3-month free Pro my.tupperware subscription featuring a personal selling website.

How much you’ll earn: 25% commission on product sales with the potential to earn up to 35% for meeting a certain number of sales for each month.

What you’ll sell: Food storage containers, baking tools and cookware.

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2. Help women get a ‘glow-up’ with Mary Kay cosmetics

Mary Kay cosmetics to sell from home
memoriesarecaptured/Getty Images

If you enjoy trying new shades of lipstick and beautifying with a skincare regimen, you’d enjoy being a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Launched by Mary Kay Ash, this well-known company has been selling high-quality cosmetics and skincare products since 1963.

Get started: Mary Kay’s eStart Plus ($45) comes with Mary Kay product samples (such as TimeWise Miracle Set, Clear Proof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask and Mary Kay Supreme Hydrating Lipstick) and selling resources (that includes a pack of 50 sales tickets, 30 beauty profile cards and 10 The Look catalogs).

How much you’ll earn: Up to 50% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Makeup, makeup tools, skincare and moisturizers.

Success story: “I make $500 a month sharing Mary Kay products!”

Belinda Fraley Huesman
Belinda Fraley Huesman

“My mother always instilled in me the importance of a good skincare routine. So when I was invited to a Mary Kay party in 1995, I eagerly accepted. I was going through a divorce, and the positivity of the women and quality of the products uplifted me,” says Belinda Fraley Huesman

“It was such a good experience that I decided to become a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant myself. You can sign up online or in person then connect with another consultant in your area to purchase the starter kit. The company sets you up with tools and training for success, including the option to create a website so customers can order directly from you.”

“I purchase inventory at a 50% discount every three months to remain an active consultant, and then sell those products at a retail price suggested by Mary Kay. As a songwriter who frequently travels to and from Nashville, I spend anywhere from 2 to 10 hours a month on my Mary Kay business, which earns about $500 a month. I used to hold events, but these days I usually sell with face-to-face purchases. I also share my website with my customers for added convenience.”

“I love meeting new women, hearing their stories and seeing how Mary Kay has changed their skin and lifestyle. It’s easy for me because I truly believe in their products and use them daily. When I look in the mirror, I see my mom looking back at me proud that I heeded her advice!”  — as told to Hannah Chenoweth

3. Work from home sales job: Teach aromatherapy benefits with doTERRA essential oils

Work from home sales jobs: Smiling young female in bathrobe holding dropper and smelling aromatic essential oil while enjoying skincare session at home
Sergey Mironov/Getty

Millions of people turn to essential oils to relax, get better sleep or boost energy. If you’re among them, then you’d be a natural fit as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA . Since 2008, doTERRA (a Latin derivative, meaning “gift of the earth”) has been creating high-quality essential oils in a wide variety of aromas.

Get started: doTERRA offers a custom-built starter kit where you pay $35 for a membership, then buy products at wholesale prices.

How much you’ll earn: 25% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Essential oils, diffusers, bath and body products and wellness products.

Success story: “I make up to $500 a month selling essential oils.”

Kate Fitzpatrick
Kate Fitzpatrick

“I run a social-media company, but I really wanted to do something more meaningful. So I was thrilled when one of my clients told me about an opportunity to become a wellness advocate for doTERRA (, a company that educates people about how to use essential oils,” says Kate Fitzpatrick. “I was already using the oils to quell my anxiety and boost my kids’ immune systems and help them sleep better. So when I learned I could help others achieve wellness through essential oils, and I could make money doing it, I knew it was perfect for me.”

“Getting started was simple. I signed up for a membership, which costs $35 a year, and also makes you eligible for discounts on products. Plus, doTERRA provides free virtual training and they gave me a marketing resource kit, fact sheets, and a guide to the various oils that I bring to my classes. I even had a mentor who helped me teach my first few classes so I would feel prepared to go out on my own,” she explains.

“I generally host classes in someone else’s home or at a local tea shop or wellness center. I find most of my clients through word of mouth or when I post on Facebook about how I use essential oils, and I make money when my clients place orders. And if people choose to become wellness advocates themselves, I make a percentage of their sales as well.”

“I spend between three and six hours a week on this work and I earn $200 to $300 a month, but I have made up to $500 a month,” attests Fitzpatrick.

“I love that I get to empower people, particularly moms, to use essential oils to help their kids feel better and take control of their health. I also love the money I make — extra cash that goes toward bills or the occasional coffee or lunch out.” — as told to Julie Revelant

4. Share your love of reds, whites and rosés with Traveling Vineyard wines

Work from home sales jobs : Young woman pouring white wine in glass by happy female friend during weekend party
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

All you need is a love of wine to become a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard. They’ll teach you the rest, such as how to host in-home tastings and pair wines with food. Then you can go on to sell Traveling Vineyard’s collection of high-quality, affordable, award-winning wines to other wine lovers like you.

Get started: The Essentials Kit ($99) gives you $225 worth of products to get you started with your first two tastings and beyond and includes 10 bottles of wine, the Magic Decanter Aerator, a Stainless Steel Waiter’s Style Corkscrew and more.

How much you’ll earn: Up to 35% commission on wine tastings, REWINED subscriptions and online shopping cart orders.

What you’ll sell: A curated collection of wines that include cabernet sauvignons, pinot noirs and zinfandels.

Success story: “I make 6 figures a year on wine tastings!”

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen

“I was a stay-at-home mom with two young kids, but I was looking for a way to make money to cover my car payment,” says Debbie Allen. “So when another mom told me I could earn money offering wine tastings for a direct sales company called Traveling Vineyard, and that I didn’t need any experience, I was excited.”

“I purchased the starter kit, took the free online training courses the company offered and within three weeks, I held my first tasting,” she explains. “Before each event, I set up an invitation for the host, and with her input, I select five wines to offer. I also send food pairing ideas so she can have some hors d’oeuvres for guests to snack on. “

“The presentation and tasting last 45 minutes to an hour, then the guests order wine and wine accessories — about three hours in total. At first, I hosted one tasting a week and earned about $100 per event. But after a few years, when my kids got older and I had more free time, I grew my business, mostly through referrals. I built a team of wine guides and helped mentor them and grow their businesses.”

“Today I have more than 1,200 team members nationwide. I still host tastings, but I also earn a percentage of my team members’ sales — and that provides me with a six-figure salary that supports my family and has given me the freedom take vacations to Disney World and the Caribbean with my family and Portugal and Spain with my husband. “

“I’ve always craved freedom, and working for Traveling Vineyard has allowed me to work from home, schedule my work around my life, raise my children and have fun — all while making money. The friendships I’ve made over the years are just icing on the cake!” — as told to Julie Revelant

5. Equip aspiring home cooks and bakers with Pampered Chef kitchen products

Count cooking or baking among your favorite hobbies? You can join other recipe-making enthusiasts as a Pampered Chef Consultant selling high-quality kitchen tools that make it easier to whip up favorite meals and desserts.

Get started: TheStart-Up Kit ($25) is a $95 value that includes a Consultant Apron, Mini Mix ‘N Scraper, Season’s Best and more.

How much you’ll earn: 20% to 25% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, small appliances, barware and serveware.

Success story: “I make 6 figures selling cookware!”

Stacy Itzel
Stacy Itzel

“When I was a child, my parents struggled financially, but mealtimes were always a sacred time for our family,” says Stacy Itzel. “College wasn’t an option for me, and I got married and had children at a young age. It was important for me to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool my kids, but in 2005 my husband and I were struggling on one income and had nearly $5,000 worth of credit card debt. When I thought about ways I could bring in money, Pampered Chef came to mind. I had hosted and attended several parties, and becoming a consultant seemed like a flexible and fun way to supplement our income,” Itzel says.

“A friend who was a consultant helped me get started. At that time, I paid $90 for the initial start-up kit. I hosted a launch party and invited my family so I could practice selling stoneware, pots and pans, cutting boards and knives and other tools.”

“At the parties, we make a dish, have a drink and shop. I also run online parties where we play games and I share recipes and videos of product demonstrations. 

 “Eventually, I started helping other people bring on more consultants and build teams. It took me 12 years, but I now have 1,000 people on my team. Today I host six to eight in-person­ parties a month and a few online parties a week. 

“I love making cooking and entertaining easier for people and helping other consultants grow. I make a six-figure income, which has allowed me to take family vacations, pay for college and even adopt another child!” — as told to Julie Revelant

6. Work from home sales jobs: Outfit shoppers with Thirty-One bags & accessories

Love how the right tote or handbag can help you carry all your items while also making you look more fashionable? You’d be perfect as a Consultant for Thirty-One. Offering a wide selection of beautiful and practical bags and accessories since 2003, Thirty-One makes it easy to take everything you need on the go.

Get started: The Starter Kit ($50) is a $177 value that includes 5 styles of bags.

How much you’ll earn: 25% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Backpacks, coolers, lunch bags, totes, travel bags and wallets.

7. Help folks manage their busy lives with Tula Xii customized planners

[10:32 AM] Carissa Mosness Work from home sales jobs Woman taking notes in her diary - stock photo
[10:32 AM] Carissa Mosness Johner Images/Getty

If you swear by the ability of the right planner to keep you organized, you’d be a great match as a Tula Xii Brand Ambassador. In this role, you’d be helping clients customize a stylish and functional organizer, including choosing covers, inserts, magnetic clips and more.

Get started: The Sign-On Kit ($49) includes 1 XL Grotto Pro Cover, 3 XL sized inserts, 1 jump band, 1 month of your website ( and more.

How much you’ll earn: 25% to 35% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Planner covers, inserts and accessories, wall calendar boards and more.

8. Inspire delicious meals with Tastefully Simple seasonings

[10:33 AM] Carissa Mosness Work from home sales jobs: Pesto sauce, guacomole, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce in bowls. On dark rustic background
[10:33 AM] Carissa Mosness Olesia Shadrina/Getty

Enjoy home-cooked meals that are quick enough to make so they fit into any hectic schedule? That would make you an ideal Tastefully Simple Consultant. You’d be helping your customers who want to make delicious meals in only 30 minutes with mixes, seasonings and sauces that contain no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or flavors and are USA-made.

Get started: The Starter Business Blast Off Kit ($49) is for someone looking to run primarily an online virtual business and includes over $100 worth of products that can help you with your first online party. The Business Blast Off Kit ($99) is for someone looking to offer a variety of party options and includes over $180 worth of products that can be used for in-person tastings, online parties, catalog parties, expo events and more.

How much you’ll earn: Up to 40% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Meal prep kits, mixes, sauces and seasonings.

9. Introduce parents and grandparents to fun kids’ games from Discovery Toys

Work from home sales jobs: Two little sisters playing a board game with their grandma and grandpa.

If you look forward to spending hours playing fun, educational games with the little ones in your family, you’d be the right type of person to become a Discovery Toys Play Advisor. For more than 45 years, Discovery Toys has offered a wide range of toys, books and games for every stage of early development from infancy through grade school.

Get started: The Online Starter Option ($20) is for sales reps who want to primarily sell online and comes with three months of your own personal Discovery Toys storefront website for free. The Join My Team Option ($79) is for sales reps who want to sell online and in person and allows you to pick $140 in Discovery Toys products and/or business tools plus one month of your own storefront website for free.

How much you’ll earn: Up to 34% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: A wide selection of products for infants through grade schoolers, including puzzles, card games and construction kits.

10. Work from home sales jobs: Share ways to sparkle with Park Lane Jewelry

Work from home sales jobs: Beautiful woman and her earrings
Jose Luis Raota/Getty

If you’re a fan of stylish, handmade jewelry, you’d be a natural fit as a Fashion Stylist for Park Lane Jewelry. Since 1955, Park Lane has been showcasing unique, fashionable, handcrafted creations that make their customers shine.

Get started: The Basic Kit ($99) gives you $500 in the jewelry pieces of your choice, Park Lane logo boxes, 5 adjustable ring sizers and more.

How much you’ll earn: 30% to 32% commission on product sales.

What you’ll sell: Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.

What tools do I need for work from home sales jobs?

“A phone, a computer and Wi-Fi are the tools needed to get started,” notes Ursta. Also smart to have: Social media accounts. “In this day and age, we benefit from having a social media ‘storefront’,” Ursta notes. “Even if you’re running a business through vendor events, in-person shopping or at-home parties, social media is a way for people to feel connected to you. Social media (whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or TikTok) will help you build brand awareness. It’s like allowing people to window shop what you do, what you sell and how you uniquely serve (I call this your unique sharing proposition). I also recommend The Direct Sales Done Right 52-Week Social Media Game Plan (Buy from Amazon, $18.71) to help you set your business goals with your marketing goals.”

What is a challenge I might face with work from home sales jobs?

“When I work with my direct sales clients, we first establish how much time they have to allot to their business,” says Ursta. “Often, when we start a business, we don’t realize how long certain tasks are going to take so we’re left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because we don’t have enough time. One of the greatest perks of direct sales is that it’s a business designed for many women who can make a part-time commitment (I started as a teacher!). So the first thing that we want to do is ask ourselves, ‘How much time am I to work on my business daily?’ Once that is established, we create a list of income-producing activities that fit into the time we have allotted to work. Typical actions for those getting started include creating social media content, sending invites, engaging with our clients, answering messages and emails, following up and asking for referrals. I also encourage women to set aside time each day for business development and personal development to help sharpen their skills.”

How can I improve my chances of success?

“Approach direct sales with a business mindset as opposed to just a hobby,” advises Ursta. “No matter if you have 5 hours a week or 40 hours a week to commit to your business, you have to approach it like a business. This means having a vision for what you want to achieve with your business, setting goals for your business, creating an action plan for your business and taking the action that will bring you one step closer to the outcome you want to achieve.”

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