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Jennifer Aniston’s ‘One Key Tip’ For Beating Insomnia

"Heal thyself!"


Dealing with insomnia is difficult for anyone, but we can only imagine it’s even more frustrating if you making a living standing in front of cameras all day long. Luckily for Jennifer Aniston, she was able to find a way to finally get some shut eye after battling sleeplessness — and shared her simple methods with the rest of us.

The talented actress (who just turned 51) discussed her sleep troubles with Ariana Huffington back in 2016. Huffington started by summarizing a previous interview Aniston had with Dr. Oz. “I love how you put it, that your brain is ‘the committee in my head,’ and that ‘if I wake up at three in the morning, I start having conversations and they won’t shut up and then I can’t get back to sleep.’” We can definitely relate to that type of endless chatter going on in our heads and keeping us up at night. 

So how did the Friends star mute those late-night mental convos? According to her, the “one key tip” for catching zzz’s is sleeping with her phone “at least five feet away” from her bed. “That’s helped me tremendously,” Aniston claimed. She’s also a fan of doing some yoga and meditation before tucking in, even if just for five minutes. But banishing technology is what she really relies on. That means shutting down every electronic ideally an hour before she turns the lights off.

Huffington also brought up the soothing benefits of a nice warm bath, but Aniston joked that she’s “not one of those girls that loves a bath.” She does find hot showers calming, though — when she remembers. “What’s funny is that as much as I like showers to relax me, it’s something I always forget,” she said. “It’s usually when you’re trying to help someone else with their issues that you remember all of the tricks and secrets. But then when it’s yourself that you need to help, somehow you forget. It’s really [like being a] physician, heal thyself!”

Keeping technology away from your bed and remembering to focus on your own needs as well as others — sounds like some pretty solid advice for a good night’s rest to us!

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