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These Yummy Gummies Helped Me Finally Get the Best Night’s Sleep I’ve Had in Years

Seriously, they're like magic.


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I love sleeping. I would put it pretty high up on a list of my top five favorite things to do. Unfortunately, like many people on the planet, sleep hasn’t always loved me. 

I’ve tried countless methods, from supplements and even prescriptions to finally put an end to my struggle with snoozing. I still ended up tossing and turning every time. That is, until my friend gifted me with sleep gummies that I can only describe as a magical cure that actually helped me get a good night’s rest for the first time in years: Winged CBD Sleepy Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies ($34.99, The Vitamin Shoppe

Here’s how a usual night of attempting to fall asleep would go for me: Lay down, close my eyes, switch to laying down on my other side after a few minutes, go back to my original side shortly after that, open my eyes and stare at the darkness in my room, turn around again and fuss with my comforter. My mind just refused to stop churning with anxiety and endless thoughts about all the things I have to get done the next day. This would then repeat for hours until I finally check the time and realize it is somewhere around 3 a.m.

Now, here’s what happened when I first popped one of these gummies in my mouth before climbing into bed: Lay down, close my eyes, fall asleep.

Seriously, it was that easy! I didn’t look at a clock, but I’m pretty sure I passed out before 30 minutes even went by. I also didn’t wake up once or twice in the middle of the night like I have with other sleep aids. In fact, I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and totally non-groggy. 

But that could have been a fluke, right? Well, I continued testing them for the rest of the week and continued to have, no exaggeration, the best sleep of my life. This was all happening while I stayed on my friend’s couch pull-out bed and getting woken up by her (precious, but loud) baby son each morning, so that’s really saying something. 

Obviously, I wanted to know what made this sleep aid any different from the ones I’ve tried before. According to the company’s website, on top of the full spectrum CBD hemp extract, the gummies also contain evening primrose oil, which has been shown to help with hormonal balance. There’s some 5-HTP and GABA in there, too, which studies have found help to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for people to fall asleep, increase the time spent asleep, and improve the quality of that sleep. Check, check, and check! There’s also a dash of melatonin, which is widely known for its sleep benefits, and L-theanine, which studies have shown promotes a state of relaxation (no matter how many cups of coffee you had at work earlier in the day). The ingredients are all gluten-free and non-GMO, too.

Yup, getting a good night’s rest with that mixture makes a lot of sense to me. That said, the company could claim their product is made from unicorn kisses and fairy dust, and I would still be singing its praises for finally, finally helping me to sleep better. 

Everyone is different, of course, so you might not have quite the same life-changing experience I did. But if you have similar issues with snoozing, I think it’s definitely worth giving Winged CBD Sleepy Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies a try.

Where to buy: $34.99, The Vitamin Shoppe

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