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Eating More of This Popular Food Will Make Your Skin Extra Smooth and Supple


When it comes to protecting your skin, you’re probably doing all of the right things by moisturizing daily and wearing sunscreen no matter what. On top of those important steps though, what you eat can make a big difference when it comes to how your skin ages. So, if you want to treat your face a little better, look no further than eating eggs to get a much-needed collagen boost.

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD recently posted a video on TikTok talking about foods that boost collagen production. Why collagen? The protein has become increasingly popular in beauty circles in recent years due to the fact that it serves as a major building block for our skin. It makes it smooth and supple, allowing it to keep its shape over time. However, our collagen production naturally decreases as we get older, making it harder to maintain its structure. This slow breakdown is what eventually gives way to wrinkles.

Making some tweaks to your diet to include more collagen-rich foods is one way to fight against this slow process of aging. In her video. Dr. Bowe recommends several foods, but one to take a particular look at are eggs, specifically egg whites. “[They] contain glycine and proline, the amino acids that make up collagen,” she notes.

On top of those skin-strengthening benefits, glycine is also known for its anti-inflammatory and cognition-strengthening properties, while proline has gotten additional attention for its usefulness in maintaining a healthy gut. Not only will have have glowing skin from those eggs and the collagen in them, but the rest of your body will thank you too.

While there are other ways to get collagen, it’s nice to know that a regular egg white omelet or a plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning can make a long-lasting difference for your skin!

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