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Avocado Pit Removal: Use This Brilliant Hack to Avoid Cutting Yourself


I make avocado toast for lunch every single day, and I run into the same problem no matter how many times I go through the motions: I don’t know how to remove the avocado pit without almost totally slicing my hand open in the process.

I’ve tried a few different smaller hacks over the years, including using spoons and a variety of knives, but nothing has really ever done the trick as easily as just stabbing that pit with a knife blade, twisting it, and hoping for the best. Given my constant avocado pit struggles, I knew I immediately needed to try this removal hack from kitchen supplies retailer Seed & Sprout.

The process is incredibly straightforward: Instead of cutting your avocado vertically from top to bottom, Seed & Sprout recommends cutting it horizontally around the center of the avocado and then twisting it like you would a bottle cap.

I immediately sprung into action trying this one out with my daily avocado toast ritual, using a knife to cut through the center of my fruit and twisting it until the top half came off. The pit was already starting to give way when I opened the avocado, and with just a little push from a spoon on the side, it immediately popped out. I cut little cubes in the flesh as I normally would for removing it, and all of them came out with ease. The result was the same: delicious avocado toast!

Another bonus for folks who only use half of an avocado at a time: Because this cut is horizontal, you actually expose less of the fruit’s surface area to the air, meaning less of it will go brown over time than if you were to slice through the entire avocado vertically. And if you don’t want to waste that perfectly good avocado pit, this simple broth is the perfect way to still incorporate it into your diet!

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