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Thinking About Detoxing? Here’s How to Figure Out the Best Detox Cleanse for Your Body

This checklist will help you decide which detox is best for you.


Every plan in this story is proven to heal and rejuvenate — but which one will best address your unique health needs? The checklists below will quickly guide you to the best detox cleanse for your body that promises your most transformative results!

Detoxes, or “cleanses,” have been around since the beginning of recorded history, prescribed by both traditional healers and religious leaders to help purify our body after periods of illness or overindulgence. There’s even a version described in the Bible, a plants-and-water-only regimen used by the prophet Daniel to renew his body and spirit. When curious University of Memphis scientists put this ancient detox to the test in modern labs, they were quickly impressed. “We saw weight loss as well as notable decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, blood sugar — all in just a few weeks,” reveals lead researcher Richard Bloomer, Ph.D., who notes it’s proof even simple detoxes can have extraordinary benefits. Of course, as times have changed, detoxes have changed along with them. And with good reason…

Why we need detoxes more than ever.

Today’s modern world bombards us with junk food, chemicals, stress and more around the clock. While the body has amazing natural detoxification mechanisms, these often become overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion and benefit greatly from a little help. How do we do that? For starters, all detox plans work in part by eliminating unhealthy foods that put extra pressure on an already-struggling system. Here’s why customization is key: “The impact of a toxic world hits each of us in different ways, influenced by our habits, age, environment and even our genes,” says Radical Longevity author and women’s health guru Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. “Some are hit hardest in the gut, with lots of bloat and digestive issues. Others notice their thyroid slows or are told by doctors they have a fatty liver.” That’s why each detox increases intake of certain nutrients proven to support and heal a specific part of the body that really needs a boost. Luckily, finding the best detox cleanse for your body is easier than you might think.

Discover your personal feel-great secret and the best detox cleanse for your body.

Most of us decide to detox because we’re feeling run-down and have gained weight. So where do we go from there? “Once you start looking, you may be surprised by how many clues your body is sending you,” says Gittleman. The checklists below are designed to help you tune into those signs and find the best detox cleanse for your body. You can mix and match strategies to create a customized plan. And you can even use different plans at different times, based on what your body is telling you. Your body is your guide, and radiant good health is your goal. So no matter what, detox your way! Read on to find the best detox cleanse for your body.

Signs You Need a Liver Detox

Like a processing plant in the center of your body, the liver constantly filters blood and handles every- thing it extracts — nutrients, medication, toxins, used hormones and much more. When it gets backed up, we feel lousy fast. Check all of the following that apply to you. Have more checks here than in any other section? Then any strategies proven to “unclog” your liver will be the best detox cleanse for your body and may prove life-changing!

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Low energy and sluggishness
  • Frequent hunger
  • Mental fuzziness and poor memory
  • High stress levels
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Take at least one Rx medication
  • High intake of sugar, starch and processed foods Drink more than 6 alcoholic beverages a week
  • Allover weight gain
  • Discomfort in upper-right abdomen after meals
  • Blood sugar over 100 mg/dL, triglycerides over 150 mg/dL, blood pressure over 130/80 and a waist measuring more than 35″
  • Family history of liver problems
  • Frequent exposure to smoke or chemical cleaners

To completely revitalize your liver, try this liver detox. If you feel so run-down that you need the easiest fix possible, there’s an incredible tea-based strategy to try. We’re also sharing a liver-healing superfood solution proven to get dramatic benefits in just 10 days. Plagued by cravings, anxiety, mood swings and poor sleep? A plan designed by Ian Smith, M.D., will help your liver rebalance your hormones, slim your waist and restore health in 20 days!

When to see a doctor: Always discuss symptoms with your healthcare provider, particularly if you have signs of serious liver disease, like yellow skin or eyes, abdominal pain/swelling, fatigue and/or dark urine.

Signs You Need a Thyroid Detox

Known as the “metabolism gland,” the thyroid determines how many calories we burn and also regulates many other functions, impacting everything from hair growth to brain function. So when it falters, we feel it. Check all of the following that apply to you. Have more checks in this section than in any other? A thyroid detox could help you transform!

  • Little weight loss while sticking to traditional diets
  • Constant and often extreme tiredness
  • Poor-quality sleep
  • Thinning hair
  • Weak, brittle nails or dry, itchy skin
  • Constipation or gassiness
  • Anxiety and blue moods Sensitivity to cold
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • History of irregular periods, heavy periods or severe menopausal symptoms
  • Low libido
  • Low salt intake
  • High intake of sugar, wheat or processed food
  • Unexplained dizziness
  • History of mononucleosis or Epstein-Barr virus

If you checked more symptoms in this section than in any other, you’re a great candidate for the thyroid detoxes like this one. Do you avoid salt or skimp on veggies? Dr. Oz’s thyroid-nourishing plan can have you feeling better in one week. If you’re experiencing signs of a slow thyroid plus constipation, a top nutritionist’s bile-boosting approach could be exactly what you need. And the revolutionary antiviral approach from the Medical Medium has women raving that it works metabolism magic in 30 days.

When to see a doctor: Regardless of the detox you use, if you have more than two of the above symptoms, have your thyroid checked. Prescription meds may be necessary to protect your health

Signs You Need a Pancreas Detox

Tucked behind your stomach, your pancreas moni- tors what you eat and produces insulin to keep blood sugar at healthy levels. If you have type 2 diabetes, prediabetes or other symptoms that your sugar is too high, there’s a good chance your pan- creas could use a boost. Check all of the following that apply to you. Have more checks in this section than in any other? Then you’re highly likely to benefit from a pancreas detox.

  • Blood work that shows blood sugar near or higher than 100 mg/dL
  • Waist circumference larger than 35″
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Tendency to gain belly fat
  • Brain fog after meals
  • Fatigue after meals
  • High intake of sugar, starch or processed foods
  • Often insatiable hunger
  • Cravings for sugary and starchy food
  • Feelings of nausea after meals, especially high-fat meals
  • Dark patches on the neck
  • Skin tags
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Low levels of vitamin D or low-intake of D-rich foods, such as fortified milk and mushrooms
  • History of antibiotic use

You’ll find a few great pancreas-cleansing detox options here. For results in 72 hours, try the inventive, science-backed vinegar strategy that went viral on social media. There’s also an amazing 10-day, plant-powered detox based on breakthrough Yale research. Want the most drastic health transformation possible? A top Cleveland Clinic doc’s three-week plan is easier than you’d expect — and the payoff is huge!

When to see a doctor: As with any health concerns, it’s key to talk to your provider if you have the symptoms above or if you experience increased thirst, hunger, urination and/or blurred vision. Medication to help regulate blood sugar may be necessary.

Signs You Need a GI System Detox

The gastrointestinal system does the heavy lifting when we eat, breaking food down into components that other body systems use to keep us fueled and nourished. So when it’s not working well, problems extend well beyond an upset tummy. Check all of the following that apply to you. Have more checks in this section than in any other? Then a GI detox may be the fastest way to feel great!

  • Upper-belly fat (hard fat that collects above your belly button)
  • Feeling gassy or bloated after meals Heartburn and indigestion
  • Bad breath
  • Constipation or frequent loose stools Belly fat that’s fairly firm to the touch Skin that bruises easily
  • Blue moods
  • Cravings, especially for sweet and salty foods
  • Tendency to get colds, flu and infections
  • Regular use of artificial sweeteners
  • High intake of junk food and fast food
  • Low intake of raw veggies
  • Drink more than two cups of coffee a day
  • Nutrient deficiencies, like low B-12 or anemia
  • High cholesterol
  • Any autoimmune condition, such as eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Crohn’s, IBS, type 1 diabetes, lupus or MS

You can find a special detox that pampers your GI tract here. Women are raving about an easy pH- balancing plan proven to heal and slim in one week. If bloat is a particular issue for you, consider a top nutrition pro’s easy-does-it smoothie cleanse. And for those who have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, we’ve got a super-nutrient approach that reverses
a sneaky yeast overgrowth in three weeks.

When to see a doctor: Acid reflux and other GI symptoms can be a sign of respiratory or heart issues. Always be sure to discuss them with your healthcare provider, particularly if they begin to worsen.

Signs You Need a Lymph System Detox

Your lymph system is basically the body’s drainage system, keeping the fluid inside you filtered and flowing in a healthy way. Like any drainage system, it’s prone to clogs that leave us feeling bloated and blah. Check all of the following that apply to you. Have more checks in this section than in any other? Then a lymph detox is the best detox cleanse for your body and may be the perfect way to flush away fatigue, bloat, and other health woes.

  • Ankles and legs prone to swelling
  • Lingering marks on skin after you take off socks
  • Bags and puffiness under eyes
  • Large amounts of cellulite or worsening cellulite
  • Soft belly fat
  • Frequent tummy aches, bloat and/or IBS
  • Brain fog
  • High levels of stress or anxiety
  • Age-related loss of muscle strength
  • Mostly sedentary lifestyle
  • High cholesterol and/or blocked blood arteries
  • High intake of cheese and dairy products
  • High intake of foods made with wheat
  • High intake of processed foods
  • Frequent exposure to pollution or smoke
  • Drink mostly dehydrating caffeinated beverages and little water
  • Catch every cold and virus

Discover the very best detoxes to reboot and rejuvenate your lymph system here. If you eat a lot of flour and struggle with tummy issues and bloat, we got a top detox guru to share his special soup-based plan — one that slims and invigorates in just four days. Or if you tend to retain fluid throughout your body and just feel blah a lot of the time, experts share a multi-prong lymph-thinning approach. You’ll see and feel noticeable results in a single week!

When to see a doctor: Seek emergency medical treatment if you experience leg swelling plus chest pain, difficulty breathing or fainting/dizziness, as this can indicate a blood clot in your lungs or a serious heart condition.

Signs You Need a Full Body Detox

We hear the word “inflammation” a lot these days, and with good reason: There’s an epidemic of chronic inflammation impacting millions. Since it interferes with the function of each and every cell, it triggers a long list of health woes. Check all of the following that apply to you. Have more checks in this section than in any other? There’s a good chance an anti-inflammatory regimen will be the best detox cleanse for your body and your ticket to feeling radiantly healthy from head to toe!

  • Acid reflux/heartburn
  • Joint pain
  • Blood sugar over 90 mg/dL
  • High intake of sugar, starch and sweets
  • Any autoimmune condition, such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Crohn’s, celiac disease, IBS or type 1 diabetes
  • Puffiness or light fluid retention all over the body
  • Belly fat
  • Chronic allergies or sinus problems
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Frequent headaches and migraines
  • Frequent anxiety or feeling overwhelmed
  • Frequent wake-ups during the night
  • Trouble concentrating
  • High susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Excessively wrinkled or sagging skin
  • Gain weight more easily than family members

We’ve reviewed one of the most powerful whole-body detoxes here. To trigger a remarkable difference in mere days, check out Joel Fuhrman, M.D.’s mega-micronutrient detox strategy. Or to gently heal and turn back the clock on aging, check out a unique “protein cycling” approach proven to rejuvenate inflamed cells in just 15 days. We’ve also got everything you need to know about the wildly popular Whole30 diet, which guides you to create a personalized anti-inflammatory regimen perfect for your body.

When to see a doctor: Chronic inflammation puts you at risk for many serious conditions, so be sure to discuss any symptoms you have with your provider.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Detox Your Way (Buy on Amazon, $12.99).  

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