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6 Easy Summer Beauty Hacks To Smooth Jiggly Arms, Cellulite, and Belly Bloat


Ready for a day of fun in the sun? If you’re like us, the last thing you want to do is catch a glimpse of jiggly arms, cellulite, or belly bloat on your way out the door. Good news! We found the simple and speedy solutions that will make your biggest body bothers disappear, so you can lounge, swim, and stroll with confidence! Read on for the summer beauty hacks that will leave you flawless in a flash.

Caffeine body drops perks up the backside.

To reverse the sagging effect that aging and gravity have on the rear, slather on caffeine-filled drops, like Frank Body Booty Drops Firming Oil (Buy from Ulta Beauty, $17.95). The drops contain a mix of caffeine-rich coffee seed oil and guarana extract, diuretics that draw excess water out of cells, so skin appears firmer and less droopy in an instant, says medical aesthetician Holly Cutler.

Even better? They’re also packed with jojoba oil, which hydrates skin, helping the bottom look even more plump and perky.

To do: Rub 3 drops onto clean, dry skin along the bottom. Let absorb for two minutes before getting dressed.

A green tea mask tones arms.

Wave goodbye to arm jiggles in minutes by applying a sheet mask that’s infused with green tea extract, like Freeman Beauty Pretty Arms Toning + Smoothing Sheet Mask ( “Green tea’s tannins have an astringent effect that tightens looser skin along the arms immediately,” says Cutler. Plus, caffeic acid in the tea has diuretic properties that absorb into skin and help flush excess fluids and toxins that build up in the upper-arm area, so arms appear trimmer and more toned faster.

To do: Place one sheet along the tricep area of each arm (this is where arms tend to be the flabbiest) and let sit for 15 minutes; remove and rub residue into skin.

A sunscreen oil blurs crepiness.

Aah! The sun’s warmth on our chest sure feels nice, but too much time spent exposed to its damaging UV rays causes delicate skin in the area to take on an aging crepe paper–like look. What can help: Applying a sunscreen in oil form, like Supergoop! Glow Oil Body Sunscreen SPF 50 (Buy from Sephora, $38).

The formula leaves skin with a healthy sheen that ref lects sunlight onto the chest and optically blurs the appearance of creases — without a greasy residue! Adds medical aesthetician Holly Cutler, “The formula is made with fatty acid-rich grapeseed and coconut oils, which penetrate into skin, plumping and hydrating the area, so the décolletage appears even more youthful, stat.”

To do: Ten minutes before going outside, apply a palmful of the oil onto the chest and any other exposed skin. Reapply every 80 minutes while out to stay protected and glowing!

An orange oil lotion smooths skin.

The fruity fix that helps diminish dimply skin in a jiffy? Applying a cream made with orange oil, like Truly Beauty Anti-Cellulite Mask (Buy from, $28). The oil sinks deep into skin’s many layers and increases circulation and lymphatic flow to flush fat-packing toxins that make cellulite more prominent, says holistic beauty expert Hope Gillerman, author of Essential Oils Every Day.

An added perk: The mask is also loaded with mango seed butter (which moisturizes skin and “fills in” dimples so they’re even less noticeable) and retinol (which promotes skin-firming collagen and elastin production) to leave skin looking less dimply now and later.

To do: Apply a nickel-size amount of the lotion onto areas with cellulite; let absorb before getting dressed.

Instant self-tanner erases purple clusters.

If the thought of showcasing legs dotted with the pesky web-like veins makes you anxious, a tinted self-tanner, like L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer (Buy from Walmart, on-sale for $9.47), can help make them disappear!

“The lotion’s warm bronze hue provides an instant wash of sun-kissed color that neutralizes the cool tones in the blue or purplish veins, so they’re less noticeable,” says makeup artist Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, who’s worked with Kristen Wiig and Malin Akerman.

The color will continue to develop into a deeper tan over one to two hours for more lasting golden tones. Bonus: The lotion’s castor oil, which is rich in ricinoleic acid, absorbs into skin and promotes healthy blood flow to prevent blood from pooling, so the vein clusters will fade over time.

To do: Rub an even amount of lotion onto clean, dry skin along the legs and the rest of the body (wash hands afterward to keep palms from tanning). Let dry for five minutes before getting dressed.

A minty massage flattens the belly.

Summer’s hot temperatures can be a recipe for water retention, as it slows the lymphatic system, causing fluids to accumulate and swell the stomach. To swiftly de-bloat the belly, holistic beauty expert Hope Gillerman recommends rubbing peppermint oil onto the area, “When used topically, the menthol in peppermint oil stimulates the lymph system to push out stagnant fluids and trapped toxins for a flatter-looking tummy in minutes.”

And the motions of massaging the oil onto skin enhances circulation to speed the stomach-slimming results.

To do: Combine 3 drops of peppermint essential oil like Aura Cacia Peppermint Essential Oil (Buy from, $8.89) with 1⁄2 tablespoon of olive oil (it moisturizes skin and prevents irritation). Rub the blend on the abdomen in clockwise, circular motions for two minutes. Let sit for five minutes; rinse.

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