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Dermatologists Reveal the Best Natural Ways to Slim a Double Chin — Fast!

The natural oil wrap that will erase that jowl-y look in under an hour

While there are easy ways to mask the things that we don’t love about our bodies like using strategic clothing placement or “sucking things in” with shapewear, short of wearing a turtleneck during all seasons, there aren’t many ways to actually hide a double chin. And once we’ve hit the age of 50 it seems like that extra 5 pounds is here to stay. The good news? There are ways to actually reduce the size of a double chin, no need to overhaul your diet or undergo surgery to do it either. Here, we detail the simple solutions for how to get rid of double chin so you can put your best neck forward.

What causes a double chin?

Beyond actually carrying a few extra pounds that deposit themselves in the area, women over 50 deal with double chins for two reasons. One, is due to a combination of weakened neck muscles and lax skin, which leads to sagging which creates the illusion of a double chin — no matter how thin you may be, says Miami-based dermatologist Anna Chacon, M.D. 

The second reason is thanks to a sluggish lymphatic system which can allow fluids to build up in the area causing facial bloating that makes the chin look heavier. No matter the cause, having a double chin can sap our confidence. (Click through for more information on unblocking your lymph system to flush bloat and false belly fat.)

How to get rid of double chin naturally

Thankfully there are many easy remedies that help firm up the lax skin or flush out the excess fluids (some do both!) to get rid of a double chin in 30 days or less.

Woman with a towel wrapped around her head, touching her thin neck
B-D-S Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock

Apply a grapeseed oil chin wrap

“Grapeseed oil’s linoleic acid promotes the production of elastin to tone skin,” says New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD. And the manual compression from wrapping the face in a bandage helps free up trapped fluids so they can be flushed through the lymph nodes to reduce swelling for a firmer-looking jawline.

To do: Massage 2 drops of grapeseed oil, like Aura Cacia Grapeseed Skin Care oil (Buy from, $14.61) onto your neck and chin. Next, wrap an elastic ACE bandage around your face, starting at the chin and pulling up around the top of the head so it is comfortably secure. (Take care not to wrap too tightly.) Leave the wrap on for 45 minutes to see an instant reduction in puffiness. Repeat once a day — you’ll begin to notice more long-term benefits after seven days. Tip: For a store-bought option that delivers similar results, try The Face Wrap Kit (Buy from

Try *this* chin-firming facial exercise

Rest your chin on your fist while applying slight upward pressure, then open your mouth against the pressure of your fist and close it again. Repeat 10 times daily to see results within 30 days. This move may strengthen the platysma muscle under the chin to tighten lax skin.

Medical illustration showing the platymus muscle that undergirds the throat and chin
The muscle group highlighted in blue is the platysma musclesciencepics/Shutterstock

For more double chin-nixing moves, watch the below YouTube tutorial from facial yoga expert Danielle Collins.

Sip on a glass of celery juice

Glass of celery juice

Green juice made from celery isn’t just great for your overall health, it also has anti-aging benefits. Mineral salts in celery stimulate the lymphatic system to flush toxins and fluids that can accumulate under the jaw, emphasizing a double chin. Plus, celery’s silica boosts moisture and elasticity to keep skin looking youthful and supple.

To do: To reap the most benefits, according Medical Medium, Anthony William, who originated the celery juice craze, juice one bunch of celery in a juicer and drink it first thing on an empty stomach. When ingested once a day, you can begin to see results within 30 days.

Up your collagen intake

Research shows that taking a collagen supplement may encourage your body to produce more collagen of its own. And an increase of this skin-firming protein in the body can help your skin look more taut to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Looking for a supplement to try? We like Now Foods BioCell Collagen (Buy from iHerb, $24.34). Take daily to see results within one month.

Click through to learn more ways to firm up your neck.

How to get rid of a double chin overnight

A smart strategy that diminishes chin bloat and firms up saggy skin is to apply a natural oil that works its anti-aging magic while you get some shuteye.

Massage on wheat germ oil before bed

Wheat germ oil
Antonova Ganna/Shutterstock

“Since the skin in this area is delicate, keeping it moisturized is key to rebuilding skin-firming collagen,” says New York City dermatologist Julia Tzu, M.D. Emollient-rich wheat germ oil hydrates, plus delivers vitamin E (which encourages cell regeneration), vitamin A (which increases skin elasticity), magnesium (which helps flush bloat) and phytosterols (which boost collagen production). And applying it at night allows time for it to penetrate the many of layers of skin while capitalizing on skin’s natural sleep-time repair mode for a tauter, slimmer appearance by morning.

To do: Simply massage a nickel-size amount of wheat germ oil, like Velona Wheat Germ Oil (Buy from, $8.49) with your thumbs from the bottom of the neck up to the chin (this helps increase circulation to flush excess fluids). 

How to conceal a double chin in seconds

In need of a fast fix that chisels your jawline? Discover the viral trick that is sure to leave you looking 10 pounds slimmer in a jiffy!

Contour your jaw with self-tanner

The smart spin on contouring that’s all over TikTok? Swapping in self-tanner for bronzer to sculpt and slim the face. “The sun-kissed color creates a more natural-looking slimming shadow that helps a double chin to instantly recede,” says celebrity makeup artist Amy Zdunowski-Roeder. “And it lasts for seven to 10 days!”

To do: Add one pump of a self-tanning mousse, like St. Moriz Professional Instant Fast Tanning Mousse (Buy from Target, $9.49) onto a paper plate, dip a makeup brush into the tanner, then gently buff onto the areas of the face where you would normally place bronzer, like the hollows of the cheeks, along the perimeter of the face (such as the jawline and hairline) and down the neck. Blend with a makeup sponge to nix any harsh lines; let sit 1 hour before washing the face.

To see this trick in action check out the how-to video below from TikToker @amber_rodriguez_sbeauty.


Have you ever tried TANTOURING?! ☀️ It’s basically using a self tanner to contour! This is nice because it tans the places where you would normally be darker or have shadows to give you that definition vs tanning your whole face which can sometimes be blotchy or too dark in areas! If you like to go makeup free some days or use a light makeup application like a tinted moisturizer then you will love this trick! 💕 Simply place your self tanner (I used Bondi Sands mousse with bronzer) where you would normally contour (forehead, cheekbones, jawline,etc) and then rinse off after 8+ hours. It will blend in with your skin better after you wash it off so dont worry about it looking perfecr at first. This will last for up to 3 days then you can reapply. 🙌🏼 Comment if you have tantoured before ⬇️ #tantour #selftanner #bronzer #contouring #glow #naturallook #matureskin #busymoms #makeuptrick

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