First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - November - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 November - Page 1

  1. Domino's Cheesy Baby Registry Is for Every 'Hangry' Mom-to-Be
  2. Fly to Europe for Less Than $150 on New Level Airlines
  3. Fire Department Warns to Not Plug Space Heaters Into Power Strips
  4. Now That Harry's Engaged, William Wants Him to Stop Stealing His Food
  5. Everything You Need to Copy Meghan Markle’s Engagement Shoot Style – At Half the Price!
  6. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Quick Engagement Is for His Family
  7. 5 Beautiful Sights That Will Light Up the Night Sky This Season
  8. Hungry and on the Go? Melissa Joan Hart Says to Reach for Peanut Butter (Really)
  9. In-Laws Give the Worst Gifts, Says Study — But We Aren't Buying It
  10. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Body Language Tells Us a Lot About Their Relationship, Expert Says
  11. Married People Are Less Likely to Develop Dementia, Study Finds
  12. Meghan Markle Needs to Be Baptized and Become a UK Citizen Before Marrying Prince Harry
  13. See Stunning Photos of the Royal Family's Wedding Rings
  14. How to Make Sure Your Christmas Tree Doesn't Have Bugs
  15. Travel Hacks That’ll Ensure Your Suitcase Comes Out First
  16. 5 Photos That Prove Meghan Markle and Pippa Middleton Could Be Style Twins
  17. FDA Warns Owners Not to Give Dogs Bone Treats After 15 Dogs Die
  18. Self-Care Lessons We Can All Learn From Meghan Markle
  19. Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Break the Mold (But Not the Bank)
  20. Online Calculator Measures How Much Your Stress Weighs in Pounds
  21. Don't Miss the Year's Only Visible Supermoon on December 4
  22. Queen Elizabeth Can't Attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding
  23. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace
  24. Why Harry’s Big News Has Us Thinking Back to Princess Diana and Prince Charles' Engagement
  25. 5 Times Meghan Markle Channeled Kate Middleton's Style
  26. Meghan Markle's White Engagement Coat Sells Out, Causes Website to Crash
  27. Why Diana Will Always Be Our Favorite Royal Bride
  28. Are Meghan and Harry Stealing Kate's Baby Thunder With Their Ill-Timed Engagement?
  29. The Internet Already Wants a Royal Baby From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  30. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Shared Their Romantic Proposal Story in First Interview
  31. The Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals for Around the House
  32. Kate Middleton Makes Her Bumpiest Outing to Date
  33. Older Adults Who Leave the House Every Day Live Longer, Study Finds
  34. Martha Stewart's First Ever Holiday Cookie Baking Kit With Marley Spoon
  35. It’s Official: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged
  36. Want to Work for the Royals? Apply to Be the Keeper of the Queen's Stamps
  37. David Beckham and His Boys Might Be the Cutest Father and Sons in Hollywood
  38. 7 Things Relatives Say at Thanksgiving vs. What They Actually Mean
  39. 19 Best Amazon Black Friday Deals You Can Indulge in Right Now
  40. 4 Reasons Why I Have Totally Given Up on Black Friday, and You Should Too
  41. How to Survive Christmas 'Revertigo' and Have a Merry Time With Your Family
  42. Hummus Is the Ultimate Guilt-Free Dessert
  43. 21 Best Black Friday Target Deals You Can Shop From Home
  44. 8 Black Friday Walmart Deals You Don't Want to Miss This Year
  45. 4 Yummy Store-Bought Mashed Potatoes That Will Totally Fool Your Guests
  46. Even Martha Stewart Has a Disastrous Thanksgiving Hostess Story
  47. Beautiful Swiss Town Will Pay People to Move There
  48. Stay Calm This Season by Practicing Saying 'No'
  49. Christoper Reeve’s Son Will Is Spitting Image of His Late Father
  50. David Cassidy Has Died at Age 67: 'He's Free From the Pain That Had Gripped Him for So Long'
  51. 5 Ways to Keep Family Strains From Ruining Your Holiday
  52. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Are Expecting Baby No. 2
  53. 3 Unexpected Seasonings That Elevate Your Thanksgiving Meal
  54. How to Keep Pumpkin Pie From Cracking
  55. Practicing Gratitude on Thanksgiving Can Add Years to Your Life, Experts Say
  56. The 10 Best Christmas Projectors With White Lights
  57. Hundreds of Popular Websites Have Been Tracking Users’ Every Keystroke, Researchers Find
  58. Quick Tricks to Make Your Thanksgiving Sides at Least a Little Better for You
  59. 8 Rookie Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your First Time Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner
  60. The Queen and Prince Philip Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary at Windsor Castle
  61. Pickle Candy Canes Exist Because the World Is a Weird, Amazing Place
  62. 4 Edible Centerpieces to Liven Up Your Thanksgiving Decor
  63. 5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers That Go Beyond a Handprint Turkey
  64. John Stamos Mourns the Death of a Dear Friend and Fan
  65. Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Serve up a Romantic Wedding
  66. Confession: I Hate Thanksgiving Food (Be Honest, So Do You)
  67. Chances Are Your Doctor Skips a Step While Taking Your Blood Pressure
  68. 'Nashville' Is Ending After Season 6
  69. I Stopped Using Soap on My Face 2 Years Ago, and I Haven't Looked Back
  70. Sorry Vegetarians — Eating Meat Is Good for You, Study Suggests
  71. Thanksgiving Cocktails So Good, They Might Overshadow the Meal
  72. Dog Mommas Have Longer Life Expectancy, New Study Finds
  73. Hoda Kotb Is Writing Her First Children's Book!
  74. Hypothyroidism and Other Non-Diet Related Causes of Weight Gain
  75. Butterfinger Brownies Are the Delicious Brainchild of Hostess and Nestlé
  76. Carrie Underwood Undergoes Surgery on Broken Wrist After Scary Fall
  77. Taking Acid Reflux Meds Linked to Higher Risk of Stomach Cancer
  78. 6 Simple Ways to Save Money at Starbucks
  79. Old Navy’s Winter Version of the $1 Flip-Flop Is $1 Cute Socks
  80. 5 Simple Things Successful People Do Everyday
  81. Prince William Channels Princess Diana as He Comforts Cyberbullying Victims
  82. How to Avoid the Worst Thanksgiving Traffic, According to Google
  83. Why Are We So Fascinated by True Crime Dramas?
  84. John Stamos Hopes to Have Kids With Fiancée Caitlin McHugh
  85. Coffee-Pouring Puzzle Ignites Hilarious Caffeinated Debate
  86. Don't Miss the Leonid Meteor Shower Lighting Up Skies Friday
  87. Middle-Child Syndrome Is a Myth, Researchers Say
  88. Your Favorite Chefs Are United Against Sweet Potato Casseroles
  89. Parents Upset Over Assignment That Asks About 'Trophy Wives' and 'Boy Toys'
  90. Just Say No to Sad Desk Lunches With a Cute Adult Lunchbox
  91. Kate Middleton Glows as She Bonds with Fellow Pregnant Moms
  92. A Doctor’s Story: How Women Can Lose Weight
  93. Should We Be Giving Infants Peanuts to Reduce Allergy Risk?
  94. As If We Needed an Excuse to Sip Wine and Watch Hallmark Movies, Now There's a Game
  95. 4 Best Foods for Getting Younger, Firmer Skin Naturally
  96. Royals, They're Just Like Us: Prince William Is a Sleep-Deprived Parent
  97. The 'Next Generation' Target Store Is Both Exciting and Confusing
  98. What It's Really Like Having a Child With Narcolepsy
  99. Severe Storms May Put a Dent in Thanksgiving Travel
  100. Updated Health Guidelines May Mean You Have High Blood Pressure
  101. Kate Middleton Is a Hair Chameleon, Rocks a New Faux Bob at Royal Event
  102. Funny Holiday Hacks to Fix Any Turkey Day Disaster — If You Think Outside the Box
  103. Fabulous News: You and Your Dog Can Wear Matching Pajamas
  104. Keep Your House Smelling Fresh With This Cotton Ball Life Hack
  105. Widow Gets to See Her Late Husband's Face Once Again
  106. The Worst Things to Order at a Restaurant, According to Chefs
  107. Grandmother Will Be Daughter's Surrogate for a Second Time
  108. I Participated in a Clinical Trial That Saved My Life
  109. Nearly 11,000 Pounds of Chicken Recalled for Possible Metal Contamination
  110. Don't Fall Victim to New Scarily Realistic Jury Duty Scam
  111. My Menopause Treatment Caused Me to Grow a Tiny Penis
  112. Target Is Reportedly Closing 12 Stores in 8 Different States
  113. At 50, Faith Hill No Longer Pays Attention to Aging
  114. Three Funky and Fun Turkey Ideas
  115. After a Busy Day, the 'Quietest Place on Earth' Is the Ultimate Escape
  116. Elizabeth Smart on How Parents Can Protect Kids From Abduction
  117. 10 Brilliant Uses for Petroleum Jelly
  118. Saturday's Meteor Shower Will Have Slow-Motion Shooting Stars
  119. Handy New Container Keeps Guacamole Fresh for Days
  120. Don't Miss Target's Weekend Sale on Toys and TVs
  121. Starbucks Added Two Brand-New Holiday Drinks and *Spoiler* They're Delicious
  122. Amazon Scam Email Is Convincing Customers to Give Out Their Bank Account Information
  123. Weekend Weather Could Bring Record Lows, Forecasters Say
  124. How I Overcame My Fear of Being Alone After My Divorce
  125. Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Has Expert Advice You Need This Holiday (EXCLUSIVE)
  126. Don't Fall Prey to Convincing Aldi Coupon Scam
  127. Sara Evans Opens Up About the Pressure Women Face to 'Make Everyone Happy'
  128. 5 of the Healthiest Cheeses You Can Eat
  129. Reese Witherspoon's Comment About 'Mommy Bloggers' Completely Misses the Mark
  130. IKEA Has a Huge Celebratory Sale Starting Today
  131. Chrissy Teigen Leaves Outback Steakhouse Waitress a Huge Tip
  132. Mom Warns Others After Her Washing Machine Explodes
  133. New App Warns Users If a McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Is Broken
  134. 13 Weird, Wonderful Jobs We Never Knew Existed but Totally Wish We Had
  135. Google Can Now Tell You How Long the Wait Is at a Restaurant
  136. Ben Affleck Admits That His Daughter Violet Thinks He’s Embarrassing
  137. Sweden's Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Say 'It's Tougher With Two' Kids
  138. 3 Things We Eat All the Time That Are Banned in Other Countries
  139. Apparently You Actually Can Sneeze With Your Eyes Open, Says a Doctor
  140. Your Strong Feelings About Cilantro Might Be Genetic, Expert Says
  141. Tuesday Is No Longer the Cheapest Day to Buy Plane Tickets
  142. How to Survive Empty Nest Syndrome as a Single Parent
  143. Nicole Kidman Says Her Marriage Works Because Each Person Has a Role
  144. Be on the Lookout for This Dangerous Ladybug
  145. Thanksgiving Table Decor You're Going to Love
  146. 600 University Courses Are Now Available for Free
  147. 5 Baby Names That Are Banned in Other Countries
  148. Blake Shelton Won't Marry Gwen Stefani Until He's Over Miranda Lambert
  149. The Best Food to Eat on an Airplane, According to an Airline's Culinary Director
  150. TJ Maxx's Parent Company Still Pays Employees at Closed Stores in Puerto Rico
  151. Chocolate Could Soothe Your Pesky Cough, Study Finds
  152. Alexa Ray Joel Has Inherited Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel's Many Talents
  153. 9 Supposedly Unhealthy Foods That Aren't Actually Incompatible With Your Diet
  154. See Every Starbucks Holiday Cup Ever in This Christmassy Roundup
  155. How to Deal With Ambivalent Grandparents
  156. 3 Comforting Reminders to Calm Yourself Down on a Plane
  157. Ever Wanted to Share a Water Bottle With Your Dog?
  158. Would You Want to Find Out You're Pregnant From Your Smartwatch?
  159. Kate Middleton Follows Strange Royal Etiquette When It Comes to Nail Polish
  160. If Pineapple Pizza Gets Your Feathers in a Bunch, Then This Pizza Topping Might Put You Over the Edge
  161. A Florida Restaurant Has Banned Kids and People Are Having Mixed Responses
  162. Mila Kunis' 3-Year-Old Daughter Thinks She Gets Hair and Makeup Done for a Living
  163. People Are Using Oolong Tea to Shed Pounds
  164. Man Diagnosed With Condition That Causes Uncontrolled Laughter
  165. Why Posting Pictures of Your Children Online Is Selfish and Damaging
  166. The Best Airports for Not Getting Flight Delays During Thanksgiving
  167. Did You Know Glad Containers Have a Secret Second Lid?
  168. Tom Hanks Opens Up About His Difficult Childhood
  169. Morning Is the Best Time to Apply for a Job, New Study Suggests
  170. Get a Glimpse of The Hunter's Moon on November 3
  171. Yummy Ways to Use Herbs in Your Desserts
  172. A Tennis Ball Is What You're Missing in Your Carry-On Bag
  173. Leah Remini May Have Replaced Erinn Hayes on 'Kevin Can Wait', But Not in the Same Type of Role
  174. Judge Orders Man to Write 144 Compliments About Ex-Girlfriend
  175. Starbucks Wants You to Color in This Year's Holiday Cup
  176. Fake Laundry Detergent Has Been Popping Up in Stores
  177. The Best Dog Breed for Each Personality Type
  178. 5 Treats to Make for Your Pooch on National Cook for Your Pets Day
  179. Two States Are Considering Getting Rid of Daylight Saving Time
  180. Why Reese Witherspoon's Face Is 'Mathematically Beautiful'
  181. Could People With a “New” Type of Diabetes Be Wrongly Diagnosed With Type 2?
  182. Josh Groban Left 'Shaking' After Narrowly Missing NYC Terror Attack