First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - December - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 December - Page 1

  1. Old Egg Cartons Are the Secret to Storing Christmas Ornaments
  2. How to Feel Like You're Enough
  3. Busy Mom? Get Creative to Lose Weight
  4. The $7 Moisturizer Meghan Markle Swears By
  5. 5 Common Foods You're Cooking Wrong — And How to Fix Them
  6. Make a Delicious, Easy Toblerone Cocktail to Satisfy Chocolate Cravings
  7. Kids Who Eat Fish Weekly May Have Higher IQs, Study Suggests
  8. How to Win Monopoly Every Single Time
  9. The Best New Year’s Day Parades and Parties Across the Country
  10. How to Throw a Fuss-Free New Year's Eve Party
  11. Oprah Tells Ellen Degeneres About Her First Bank Visit in Decades
  12. Savannah Guthrie’s Birthday Celebration Was the Sweetest — Literally
  13. What Will Meghan Markle’s Title Be When She Marries Prince Harry?
  14. The Ultimate Last-Minute New Year's Eve Party Kit for Creating a Night to Remember
  15. Countdown to the New Year: The Cutest Royal Family Moments of 2017
  16. Pink Reminds the World That She Has the Cutest Kids on Her Son's First Birthday
  17. Store Your Christmas Lights Tangle-Free in Seconds With a Hanger
  18. Woman Puts Boyfriend in His Place After He Says She Shouldn't Make More Than Him
  19. Bindi Irwin Says She’s Too Busy to Think About Getting Engaged
  20. Claire’s Makeup Recalled After Mom Finds Asbestos in Daughter’s Kit
  21. Here's How You Can Win Fun Giveaways, Cash Sweepstakes, and More From First for Women!
  22. Watch Out for a $75 Coupon for Meijer Grocery Stores
  23. Kellie Pickler and More Celebs Who Looked Stunning After Shaving Their Heads
  24. Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues and Make 2018 the Happiest Year Yet
  25. Prince Harry Is Starting to Go Bald Just Like His Brother
  26. Get Your Kids to Drink More Water With a Bottle That's a Game
  27. Perimenopause Is Turning Me Into My 15-Year-Old Daughter
  28. Should I Rush to Be a Mom so My Dad Can Meet My Child?
  29. Nearly a Year After Her ‘Nashville’ Exit, Connie Britton Is Coming Back to TV
  30. People Who Read Out Loud Are Less Forgetful, Study Finds
  31. When Is the Proper Time to Take Down the Christmas Tree?
  32. Prince Harry Says He’s Proud of How Well Meghan Is Handling Her New Role
  33. The 'Alaskan Bush People' Family's New Home Is Gorgeous Inside and Out
  34. Mariah Carey Gets a Second Chance to Perform at the 2018 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'
  35. Remember the Cast of 'Ugly Betty'? Here's What They're Up to Now
  36. The New 'Mamma Mia!' Trailer Is Here, and It's Already Got Us Dancing
  37. Fans Worry Meghan's 'Racy' Engagement Photos Dress Broke Royal Protocol
  38. Your Favorite Celebrity Kids Have the Cutest Speaking Voices — Listen In
  39. Your Favorite HGTV Stars Worked All Kinds of Jobs Before Landing Their Big Break
  40. 8 Fun Facts About Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb, and More 'Today' Show Stars
  41. Eva Longoria Doesn't Wear Her Ruby Engagement Ring Anymore
  42. 5 Tricks for Returning Gifts When You Lost the Receipt
  43. Megan Markle's Favorite Makeup Staples
  44. Maria Menounos Says Her Brain Tumor Freed Her From Trying to Be Perfect
  45. Melissa McCarthy Has Lost a Whopping 75 Lbs Through Good Ol' Diet and Exercise
  46. Puurfect! Your Ultimate Pet Gift Guide From an Animal Behaviorist
  47. Once Too Big for a Roller Coaster, Woman Loses 98 Pounds With Healthy Makeover
  48. Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Actually Illegal in Some States
  49. How to Get Unsightly Wrapping Paper Out of the Way on Christmas Morning
  50. Risk of Dogs Poisoned By Chocolate Peaks at Christmas, Experts Say
  51. A Last-Minute Gift Idea for the Sports Lover in Your Life
  52. Mom Accidentally Bakes Elf on the Shelf in the Oven to Her Kid's Delight
  53. Stop Cheating People With Holiday Birthdays Out of a Real Celebration
  54. Cheap and Easy Christmas Crafts for Last-Minute Decorators
  55. Fitting All the Holiday Yummies in the Fridge Is Easy as Pie
  56. How to Handle the Holidays as a Stepparent
  57. The Bigger the Engagement Ring, the Shorter the Marriage
  58. 7 Traits of Horrible Holiday Houseguests
  59. Serena Williams Stressing About Her Baby's Teething Is Every New Mom
  60. Ditch the Goggles Because Tearless Onions Finally Exist
  61. 11 Gifts to Get Yourself Since You Told Your Family You Don't Need Anything
  62. Kate Winslet's Easy Three-Step Make-Up Routine Is Exactly What We Need in Our Busy Lives
  63. Meghan Markle Was Glowing as She Joined the Royal Christmas Celebrations
  64. Marie Osmond's New Year's Resolution Is to Get 'Balanced'
  65. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Release Stunning New Engagement Photos
  66. Kelly Ripa's Daughter, Lola, Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance
  67. Chrissy Teigens' Daughter's Reaction to Meeting a Clown Is So Relatable
  68. Let It Snow: How to Burn Major Calories Having Winter Fun
  69. Following Oprah's 'New' Instagram for Cash Is a Scam
  70. The Most Googled Questions by Parents Are So Relatable
  71. People Have Photoshopped Hilarious Versions of the Cambridges' Christmas Card
  72. How to Handle Holiday Conflict From a Psychologist Who Hears It All
  73. Loneliness Linked to Higher Risk of Diabetes, Study Suggests
  74. Winter Storm Dylan Poised to Make Holiday Travel Even More Unpleasant
  75. Sketches of Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Options Have Leaked
  76. Eva Longoria Is Expecting Her First Child With Husband, Jose Bastón
  77. This Christmas Sweater Holds a Bottle of Wine, So You Don't Need to Worry About Anything Else This Season
  78. Mindy Kaling Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Girl
  79. 6 Ways to Put an End to the Holiday Tug of War in Families
  80. The Easiest Way to Send Your Stuff to Charity
  81. Woman Hospitalized After Not Washing Her Sheets for Six Years
  82. Make Your Christmas Tree Look Fuller With Extra Green
  83. Victoria Beckham Shares Adorable Photo of Her Kids Reunited for Christmas
  84. 13 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone Who's a Bit Behind on Christmas Shopping
  85. How to Use Pandora Premium Without Paying for It
  86. FedEx Warns Customers to Watch Out for Holiday Email Scam
  87. Mom Posts Inspiring 'Opposite' Weight-Loss Photos
  88. Save Time By Getting Your Probiotics Right in Your Morning Cereal
  89. 21 Best Winter Indoor Plants to Bring a Little Bit of Nature Into Your Home
  90. Why 'Days of Our Lives' Dr. Drake Ramoray Is the Best Fake Soap Character Ever
  91. 12 Solar Christmas Lights for Spreading Some Festive Cheer
  92. Become the Best Present-Wrapper Ever With Tips From a Wrapping Expert
  93. Having Sisters Makes You More Likely to Be a Happier Person, Study Suggests
  94. Jennifer Lopez's Daughter, Emme, Is Following in Her Musical Footsteps
  95. Suri Cruise Makes Another Public Appearance With Mom, Katie Holmes
  96. Job of a Lifetime Will Pay You $60,000 to Take Photos in Cancun
  97. Princess Charlotte Will Start Attending Nursery School in January
  98. Christmas Tree Decorations That'll Make Your Tree the Star of the House
  99. Firefighters Warn Just How Easily a Dry Christmas Tree Can Catch Fire
  100. Study Finds Connection Between Stubbornness and Living Longer
  101. 5 Ways to Lighten the Load This Christmas
  102. Eagle-Eyed Coke Drinker Notices Hidden Symbols on New Cans
  103. I'm Glad My Mother Left Me As a Toddler
  104. 8 Steps to a Beautifully Dressed Table
  105. Keep Your Baby Warm and Cozy With the Best Winter Car Seat Covers
  106. 'Love Actually' Fan Theories That'll Make You Want to Rewatch the Movie ASAP
  107. 'White Christmas' Possible in Several States This Year, Forecasters Say
  108. 'Seven Candles' Riddle Stumps the Internet — Can You Figure It Out?
  109. Meghan Markle Makes a Surprise Appearance at the Queen's Staff Christmas Party
  110. Popular Period Dramas You'll Want to Stream Immediately
  111. Why Women Need to Stop Trying to Make Christmas Perfect
  112. Kate Middleton's Eating Habits Are Always Changing
  113. Signs You're the Elle Woods of Last-Minute Holiday Shopping
  114. Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Christmas Before Guests Arrive
  115. Don't Fall for the Phony IRS Scam That Happens During the Holidays
  116. Heads Up: Thousands of Ceiling Fans With Incorrect Instructions Recalled
  117. Celebrity Stylist Carson Kressley's Top Tips for Feeling Stylish and Confident at a Christmas Party
  118. 7 Insulting Christmas Gifts to Stop Giving Loved Ones
  119. Meghan Markle's Old House in Toronto Is on the Market
  120. 15 Best Winter Plus-Size Leggings You’ll Love Wearing When It’s Cold
  121. Stop Saying “I’m Sorry” and Say This Instead
  122. Say Goodbye to That Mound of Torn up Wrapping Paper in Your Closet With This Easy Hack
  123. Researchers Have Created the 'Happiest Christmas Song of All Time'
  124. Helpful Chart Ensures Your Christmas Gifts Arrive on Time
  125. Want to Make the Holidays Even Better? Stop Gifting
  126. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Have a Truly Royal Christmas Day
  127. Keep Your House Rodent-Free With This Simple Tea Bag Trick
  128. Man Flu Might Be a Thing, But That Doesn't Mean Men Can Just Wimp Out on Us
  129. 19 Christmas Sweaters for Women That You’ll Actually Want to Wear
  130. The True Meaning of the Christmas Pickle Ornament
  131. I’m 40, and I Refuse to Cut My Waist-Length Hair
  132. Meghan Markle's 'Princess Lessons' Sound Tough
  133. Even Tech-Savvy People Are Falling for New Tech Support Scam
  134. Prince Harry Returns From Another Hunting Trip
  135. Make Sure You're Getting Good Deals by Filtering Out Fake Amazon Reviews
  136. Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater to Board Your Flight Early
  137. John Stamos' Fiancée, Caitlin McHugh, Is Pregnant
  138. Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring From Prince Harry Is Seriously Stunning
  139. Protect Yourself From 'Porch Pirates' During the Holidays
  140. 12 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Still Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
  141. 7 Christmas Wreaths for a Holly, Jolly Christmas
  142. When Wives Keep Their Maiden Names, Men Are Seen as Submissive, Study Says
  143. Walmart Has Started Selling Affordable and Delicious Meal Kits
  144. Don't Fall for the 'Property Brothers' Facebook Scam
  145. FDA Warns Silver Sprinkles on Christmas Cookies Aren't Edible
  146. Kids Who Use Phones Before Bed More Likely to Have High BMIs, Study Finds
  147. Suri Cruise Looks Like a Mini Katie Holmes in Latest Public Appearance
  148. Two Children Are Injured Each Day by Window Blinds, Study Finds
  149. Princess Diana's Biographer to Pen a Tell-All Book on Meghan Markle
  150. Will & Grace, The Crown, and Big Little Lies Earn Golden Globe Nominations
  151. Jana Kramer Suffers a Miscarriage: 'I Just Don’t Want to Feel Alone'
  152. How to Make Sure Your Wine Cork Doesn't Crumble
  153. Savannah Guthrie's Son, Charley, Celebrates His First Birthday
  154. How to Avoid Holiday Travel Weight Gain
  155. How to Recycle Old, Broken Christmas Lights
  156. Clever Mom 'Retires' Elf on the Shelf With Adorable Santa Note
  157. Baby It’s Cold Outside: 13 Best Winter Comforters for Staying Cozy
  158. Deciding Whether to Tell Kids Santa Isn't Real Is Dividing the Internet
  159. Girl Scouts Say Don't Force Kids to Hug and Kiss Relatives at Christmas
  160. Wife's Genius Christmas List for Hubby Is a Busy Mom's Dream
  161. Meghan Markle Will Be the First Fiancée to Spend Christmas With the Queen
  162. Don't Fall for the Grinchy Amazon Email Scam Targeting Holiday Shoppers
  163. Starbucks' Christmas Tree Frappucino Is a Yuletide Delight That Delivers
  164. Let's Be Honest: Underwear Is the Worst Christmas Gift
  165. 6 Ways to Support an Ill Loved One From Far Away
  166. 5 Life-Changing Food Hacks That’ll Make Cooking a Breeze
  167. How to Make Sure Your Christmas Presents Don't Get Ruined on Your Flight
  168. A Time-Saving Elf on the Shelf Hack Is Impressing Busy Parents
  169. 10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Raising ‘Smart Enough’ Kids
  170. Gift Ideas for the Men You're Grateful for This Season — All for Under $35
  171. Watch Out for This 'Secret Wine Bottle Exchange' — It's a Scam
  172. Fabulous News: Cheese Is Good for Our Health
  173. The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Pasta Lover in Your Life
  174. Daphne Oz Gives Birth to Baby No. 3
  175. How to Make Sure You're Buying Safe, Non-Toxic Toys This Christmas
  176. Listening to Christmas Music on Loop Can Drive a Person Crazy, Expert Says
  177. Expect Snow Through This Weekend in Many States, Forecasters Say
  178. Kate Middleton Wears Princess Diana's Favorite Tiara at Royal Event
  179. You Could Win an Entire Year of Free Flights From JetBlue
  180. So What Exactly Is a Keto Diet? We're Breaking Down the Basics
  181. Prince Harry Attends Same Event as Ex-Girlfriend After Engagement
  182. How I Finally Got the Courage to Break Up With My Hairstylist
  183. Never Forget Your Grocery List Again Thanks to New Mobile App
  184. New iPhone Feature Allows You to Secretly Call 911
  185. How to Group FaceTime so You Can See All Your Family at Once
  186. Starbucks Is Giving Away $1 Million in Gift Cards This Month
  187. Jimmy Kimmel's Son Billy Had a 'Successful' Second Heart Surgery
  188. Kroger Recalls Baby Water After Finding Mold in It, FDA Says
  189. No, Science Doesn't Prove That Your Dog Hates Being Hugged
  190. How to Tell If Your Christmas Tree Needs Water With a Ping Pong Ball
  191. Don't Fall Victim to the Online Pet Sale Scam This Holiday Season
  192. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Are the Definition of Friendship Goals
  193. I Quit My Job to Pursue My Childhood Dream of Opening a Bakery, and I'm So Glad I Did
  194. Widespread Flu Is Everywhere in the Continental U.S. Now
  195. Meghan Markle's Stunning Bag Might Have Broken Royal Protocol
  196. Prince William Might Not Be Prince Harry's Best Man
  197. Is Meghan Markle More of a Diana, a Camilla, or a Kate?
  198. 5 Beautiful Tiny Houses That'll Make You Want to Downsize Immediately
  199. Painting Your House White Increases Its Value
  200. Cheap and Easy Christmas Decorations to Make at Home