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5 Crafty Hacks That’ll Finally Give Your Twist Ties Something to Do


If twist ties were animals, they would be rabbits: they seem to multiply endlessly the moment you turn your back. But instead of tossing them out, you’re determined to use them — you’re just not sure how. Fortunately, there’s so much you can do with twist ties, like organize cords, create outdoor privacy with a DIY trellis, and even temporarily fix broken glasses with just twist ties. Still not convinced of how handy these little guys are? We’ve rounded up the best twist-tie hacks that will make life so much easier for you.

1. Bundle cords and cables.

How annoying is it trying to find your laptop charger among the many cords and cables piled near the power strip? It’s inevitably tangled up in a nest of phone chargers, the cord for the desk lamp, and your missing headphones (so that’s where they were!). Instead of spending your precious time untangling a massive pile of cords, roll up your cables and tie them with a twist tie when you’re done using them. Then, the next time you go to grab your charger, you won’t have to spend 15 minutes unknotting it.

2. Spruce up your fence.

It’s finally starting to warm up, which means you’re probably going to be spending more time outdoors. But if you’re sick of staring at an ugly wooden fence and want to give it a little makeover, a twist-tie trellis is the perfect spring project. Hold on a second, doesn’t that mean you’ll have to spend money on the trellis first and wait years for the vines to grow? No, because fortunately, there’s a way to make a trellis yourself for a fraction of the price. All you need are twist ties, nails, leftover plastic rings from soda six-packs, and climbing vines. Nail the plastic rings to your fence anywhere you want the vines to grow, and weave the vines through the holes. Secure the vine to the plastic with a twist tie. Head over to Today’s Homeowner to see this craft explained.

3. Hang Christmas ornaments securely.

OK, so it might be a bit early to start thinking about Christmas, but you’ll want to keep this hack in mind for when December rolls around. Chances are your Christmas ornaments have been in the family for ages, and their strings are looking a little ragged. Rather than trust that they’ll withstand the blistering attack of an excited cat, loop a twist tie through the hole at the top of the ornament and twist it to the tree for extra security.

4. Fix broken glasses quickly.

A broken pair of bifocals is a pain for those glasses-wearing folk, especially if you don’t have a spare pair handy. But don’t worry, you can fix broken glasses with a twist tie. Just trim the edges of the twist tie so it’s a thin wire you can then feed through the hole in the arm where the screw should be. Wrap the tie around the glasses a few times so you know it’s secure and then cut off the excess wire. It’s not the most glamorous fix for broken glasses, but it’ll work in a pinch.

5. Stop losing your keys.

This next trick is pefect for people who struggle with the often painful task of putting a key on a keyring. If you carry around loose keys and you’re constantly confusing the front door key with the spare key to your mom’s house, there’s a simple trick to remembering which key is which. Wrap a twist tie around the key that you use the most, that way you’ll never have to spend time rooting around in your purse for it.

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