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CBD Topicals For Your Toes — Can CBD Help With Feet Issues?

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Even if you’re not a jogger, chances are you’ve experienced some foot issues in the past. Whether it’s warts, bunions, or plantar fasciitis, foot problems are prevalent nowadays. In fact, the American Podiatric Medical Association discovered over 75 percent of American adults admit to having feet issues. Even more surprising, only about 33 percent of these patients sought treatment for their pain.

While seeing a podiatrist is the best way to address foot issues, many foot patients are raving about CBD topicals. Adding a CBD-rich cream to your foot care routine may have surprising benefits. Anyone struggling with foot-related pain should learn more about the potential of skin-safe CBD balms.

How Can CBD Help My Feet?

Since CBD is such a new supplement, there’s not a ton of research into using it for specific foot conditions. However, scientists have discovered that CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, a Cornell University trial found that arthritic dogs who took a CBD supplement experienced a reduction in joint swelling. There’s also mounting evidence that CBD can relieve inflammation when applied topically.

Indeed, a famous trial out of the University of Kentucky analyzed CBD’s effectiveness on rats with knee arthritis. After applying a CBD lotion for a few weeks, scientists discovered CBD significantly reduced knee inflammation. Apparently, CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors on the skin to decrease inflammation.

Since the endocannabinoid system (ECS) extends throughout the skin layer, countless “receptive receptors” exist on our feet. Therefore, applying CBD creams on our feet should have the same anti-inflammatory reaction as it does on the knees. Most foot pain symptoms involve inflammation, which helps explain CBD’s potential benefits.

But it’s not just inflammation relief where CBD may benefit our feet. There’s mounting evidence that CBD has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Some common foot conditions like plantar warts involve viral infections. While there’s no evidence CBD could eliminate these issues, its unique properties may enhance other foot care products.

How Should People Use CBD For Their Feet?

Most people who use hemp for their feet order a skin-safe CBD topical. As more people try CBD for issues like plantar fasciitis, it’s getting easier to find CBD balms, sticks, and creams that are designed for the feet. However, as long as a CBD topical contains skin-safe ingredients, it should be OK to apply to your ankles, feet, and toes.

While CBD topicals are the most direct way to address foot pain, some people now use CBD bath bombs to provide relief. These fizzy products work like a traditional bath bomb, however they contain a substantial amount of CBD. The fusion of CBD and Epsom salt may help reduce inflammation during a warm bath.

While taking CBD oils and tinctures may reduce overall inflammation, they won’t provide the targeted relief many foot patients crave. If you’re only interested in getting rid of foot discomfort, it’s best to start experimenting with skin-safe CBD topicals or bath bombs.

Find Fantastic Hemp Foot Creams On Real Tested CBD

CBD may be a great complementary therapy for foot issues. However, patients need to double-check the CBD topical they’re reviewing has clean ingredients. Unfortunately, many CBD products contain chemicals like heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. Please stick with CBD items that come with reputable third-party lab test results.

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