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We All Need the Super Strong Vinegar That German Women Use to Clean Their Homes


We’re all for natural, at-home cleaning hacks that save time and money, especially those that help us cut back on chemicals found in many household products. But of course there’s one major caveat to using a DIY cleaner — it has to actually work! So imagine our thrill at coming across this handy little tidbit that German women have known for decades, thank to the lovely writers over at Kitchn.

Apparently, here in the U.S., we can import (via Amazon!) a super-strong vinegar that cleanses and detoxifies the surfaces of your home in seconds. Now, when we say “super-strong,” we really mean it — the stuff is 28 percent vinegar, compared to the 5 or 6 percent found in a typical, U.S.-bought distilled white vinegar, which most of us would then dilute with water if we’re using it to say, mop the floors.

The magical stuff is called Surig Essig Essenz, and it’s just $19 for two 14-ounce bottles (or about $13 for a single bottle). Since a bottle that size will probably last you several months, if not longer, it’s a bargain no matter how you look at it, and the stuff is supposedly powerful — as in, make-your-house-sparkle-for-days powerful.

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We’re a little concerned about the risk of the acid in such a strong elixir could actually wear away at your home’s surfaces — like linoleum or tile — or irritate your skin. But apparently German women have using the stuff with no problem, and we have to say it does sound rather tempting to try! Just be sure to wear a pair of gloves, keep the bottles far out of reach of small children or pets, and maybe spot test an area before you really get to work cleaning the place.

And then: Let us know! We’re dying to know if this brilliant cleaning trick works as well as we’ve heard it does.


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