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13 Brilliant Uses for Eggshells — From Your Garden to Your Coffee, Plants and More

From keeping pests out of your garden to easing pain, this throwaway can solve a lot of problems!

Many of us only consider eggshells when we’re dyeing Easter eggs or peeling them to make egg salad or enjoy a hard-boiled egg. But it turns out eggshells can be pretty helpful. They’re not only great for keeping plants healthy, they can also help heal your cuticles, pest-proof your garden, soothe achy joints and more. Keep reading to learn our favorite 13 uses for eggshells.

1. Perk up fading houseplants

When your houseplants are starting to droop, try this: Crush an eggshell and sprinkle onto the soil. The potassium and calcium from the shell will seep into the soil to nourish your plant and encourage healthy growth. Repeat once a week to help plants flourish.

“They’re high in calcium and great for soil,”  says gardening expert Shawna Coronado, author of 101 Organic Gardening Hacks. “Before adding them to my compost pile, I crush them so they break down easier and deliver nutrients faster.” 

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2. Uses for eggshells: quickly sharpen dull shears

eggshells uses: Farm fresh eggs in a box over a rustic pine wood table in kitchen at home as ingredients to make a Christmas sweet cake .

The last time you reached for your trusty kitchen shears to chop up fresh herbs for pasta sauce, you found that the blades did more crushing than slicing. No need to replace them! Instead, simply use the scissors to cut up a few eggshells. The hard, rough shells will sharpen the blades as they cut, leaving your kitchen shears as good as new again.

3. Mellow out bitter coffee

You nabbed a new brand of coffee on sale at the grocery store, but it’s a bit too acidic. To make it more palatable, add 1 teaspoon of clean, crushed eggshells to the coffee grounds before brewing. The alkaline shells will neutralize the acidity in the java, without compromising flavor.

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4. Improve a pup’s bone health

Here’s a vet-approved way to ensure your dog gets all the calcium he needs. Simply bake 12 clean eggshells for 5 minutes at 300°F. Then let cool and grind into a powder. Every day, sprinkle ¼ teaspoon per 15 pounds of body weight atop your dog’s meal. Shell remnants are loaded with calcium and plenty of other nutrients to keep your pup healthy and happy.

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5. Uses for eggshells: avoid a clogged kitchen sink

eggshells uses: Broken eggshell from a few eggs in the kitchen sink. Cooking egg omelet for morning breakfast. Halved eggs after cooking scrambled eggs.
Andrey Atanov/Getty

Whenever you handwash dishes, chunks of food end up clogging the drain. To prevent this, leave a few larger eggshell pieces inside the sink strainer before you start. The shells will trap food solids, and you can toss them when you’re done.

“As you can imagine, renovating and operating multiple short-term rental properties requires me to wear many fix-it hats,” says Sara McDaniel, an interior designer, home renovation expert and owner of Simply Southern Cottage. “And I love this idea.  It’s simple, easy and traps food before it clogs your drains.” 

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6. Heal dry, cracked cuticles

The all-natural secret to revitalizing cuticles: Break an eggshell into several pieces and tape them over cuticles (membrane side down). Leave in place for a few minutes until the pieces start to feel dry. Membranes on the shells contain nutrients that help soften cuticles, leaving your nails beautiful.

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 7. Uses for eggshells: Ensure a recipe is shell-free

Oops! While cracking eggs for your brownies, you accidentally drop a piece of the shell inside the bowl. To remove it, use the other half of the shell (ensuring it has no cracks in it) to scoop out the floating piece. The broken bit will slide right into the larger piece of shell to toss, saving you time and frustration.

8. Uses for eggshells: eliminate stubborn stains

To eliminate stains on coffee cups, simply place a few broken eggshells in the mug, fill with hot water and let sit until morning. The porous eggshells will help absorb the coffee’s remaining pigments, so you can get the mug squeaky clean without scrubbing.

“I love coffee but hate how it can stain my mugs,” says McDaniel,“This is a much better alternative than harsh cleaners and time spent scrubbing.” 

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9. Naturally soothe painful joints

Your daily walks have really been lifting your spirits — if only you weren’t feeling so sore and achy! To get relief, try this: Add the pieces of a broken eggshell to a glass jar, then cover with apple cider vinegar and seal. Let sit for two days. As the vinegar dissolves the shells, their joint-healing nutrients like collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin will become infused in the liquid. Once the shells have dissolved, rub the solution onto sore spots for quick relief. Aah!

“Eggshell membranes are rich in hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans and other compounds that reduce inflammation and pain, plus encourage the healing of joint cartilage,” explains nutritionist Josh Axe, author of The Gut Repair Cookbook.

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10. Uses for eggshells: Get a jump-start on your seedlings

seedlings planted in eggshells in an egg carton; uses for eggeshells

Next time you’re ready to start seeds indoors, try this the next time you cook eggs: Crack the egg open by tapping a spoon on one end and removing the top portion of the shell. Empty out the shell then boil for 5 minutes to sanitize. Poke a hole in the bottom of the shell, then add your soil and seeds. Once the seedlings are ready to plant, just place the shell right into your garden. So easy!

11. Revive tired, puffy eyes

A natural way to look bright-eyed after a long night: Rub your finger along the inside of a broken eggshell, then gently smooth the egg-white film onto your eyelids and under your eyes. Let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse off. Egg membranes contain collagen, which reduces puffiness and increases skin elasticity for gorgeous eyes in a blink.

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12. Uses for eggshells: Keep little ones entertained

You were all set to color Easter eggs with your granddaughter, but the dye spilled and you don’t have any extra! The save: Have her paint a few hard-boiled eggs using craft-store paint. When the eggs dry, she can crush a few additional eggshells into small pieces and use glue to secure them to the eggs, creating a mosaic design. 

13. Pest-proof a garden

If you worry about deer, slugs and snails helping themselves to your seedlings and plants, this can deter them: Scatter crushed eggshells on the leaves of the nibbled-on plants and around the garden’s perimeter. Snails and slugs can’t safely cross the shells’ jagged corners, and deer hate the smell of egg. Genius! 

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