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How to Hide Alerts from Annoying Text Messages

If you have an iPhone, you know firsthand that it can be super overwhelming to get a lot of messages at once — especially if they’re from the same person who just won’t leave you alone. But if one person is bombarding you with annoying, non-urgent texts, there’s a brilliant way to hide their alerts, at least temporarily: the Do Not Disturb iPhone mode.

If you’ve ever poked around your iPhone’s settings, you might have noticed the Do Not Disturb option before. If you’ve ever experimented with it, you know that this clever mode can silence calls, alerts, and notifications that you get while your device is locked. It can even schedule a time to take calls or choose who you’ll allow them from. We can’t deny it: This whole “Do Not Disturb” thing sounds like a temporary dream come true of escape from this hectic and busy world we live in!

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And while there’s nothing wrong with occasionally tuning out the entire digital world and putting your whole iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode, chances are, you’ll have a moment where you want to ignore just a person or two. (We’re not judging!) The good news for you is, it’s totally easy to do.

To hide alerts for a specific conversation:

1. First, be sure you’re running iOS 8 or higher by going to your settings, then selecting “general,” followed by “about” and then checking your “version” number.

do not disturb 1

do not disturb 2

do not disturb 3

2. Second, open the message that you want to enable the Do Not Disturb option for.

do not disturb 4

3. Next, tap the “i” button or the “details” button in the top right. (Your button will depend on what specific iOS version you have.)

do not disturb 5

4. Then, toggle on either “Do Not Disturb” or “Hide Alerts” for the chat.

do not disturb 6

do not disturb 7

5. Finally, check out your messages again. You should see a new crescent moon icon next to the person (or group message) you’re trying to tune out.

do not disturb 8

6. Now, if a new message does come through while it’s in Do Not Disturb mode, you’ll see the moon icon be highlighted blue. You will receive zero notifications on your lock screen; however, you will still receive “Badge App Icon” numbers on the home screen’s messages icon.

do not disturb 9

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Happy lack of disturbance!

h/t Gadget Hacks

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