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This Tiny Electronic Device Can Reduce Neck Pain With the Touch of a Button

The UPRIGHT Go trainer earns top marks as the best posture corrector for those looking for a quick and easy way to correct their alignment.


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For most of us, the importance of maintaining a proper posture is something that has been emphasized from an early age. Phrases such as “stand up straight” or “stop slouching” are common childhood reminders — but unfortunately, many of us fail to heed our parents’ warnings. For those who spend hours on end sitting at a desk or hunched over a computer, a poor, slouching posture  — and all the negative side effects that go along with it — can seem like an unavoidable part of modern life: unless you have a great posture corrector! Find out how this device can reduce neck pain and improve your posture.

How to Improve Posture 

Aside from back and neck pain, poor posture has some surprising health complications you might not be aware of. According to researchers over at Harvard Medical School, all that slouching can lead to unexpected side effects such as incontinence, constipation, heartburn, and a slowed digestion. But how does one go about correcting a lifetime of bad habits? For many, the answer lies in the one of the best posture correctors on the market: the UPRIGHT Go Posture Corrector ($79.94, Amazon). 

This handy little device gets placed directly on the upper spine. To work, it must first be calibrated to recognize your personal upright and slouching postures. Once customized, however, a single tap at the start of your day will allow this tiny electronic device to give off a slight vibration anytime it detects you reverting back to your calibrated “slouching” position and subsequently reminding you to straighten up in real-time. 

When used alongside the UPRIGHT App, UPRIGHT Go not only tracks your progress, it generates a training program to gradually improve your posture, with 92 percent of users reporting an improvement in their posture in less than two weeks!

The reviews speak for themselves: “After a few days using the device and the app, I have to say I see a significant improvement in my posture and also noticed my back pain get better as a result,” shared Amazon customer Kashia. “The device itself is small enough and discrete (I can wear it under most shirts and during work). The app is simple and super easy to use and helped me stay aware and understand my training process.”

Another buyer went on to share how the device has been life-changing, as it reducing the debilitating headaches they suffered as a result of their poor posture. “It works very well — I definitely notice a big difference in neck strain/headaches between the days I use it and the days I don’t,” the reviewer wrote, adding, “Besides Botox, this is probably one of the most effective things I’ve used so far to reduce headaches.”

With its easy-to-use design and glowing reviews, this tiny piece of tech will have you sitting “upright” in no time. We hope it’ll reduce your neck pain and headaches, too!

Take it from us: If you’re ready to put your days of slouching behind you, adding the UPRIGHT Go posture trainer to your daily routine just may be your perfect solution. 

Where to buy: $79.94, Amazon

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