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This Smart Toothbrush Will Pay You Every Time You Brush Your Teeth


As adults, we know it’s important to keep up with basic daily hygiene… but wouldn’t it be nice to get some extra rewards for it? We’re talking more than just a gold star sticker, though. For example, imagine earning money every time you brush your teeth. As crazy as it sounds, it’s not a total pipe dream.

No, there isn’t a magic spell out there that will make cash literally rain down on you every time you give your chompers a scrub. The Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush (Buy from Quip, starting at $45) comes pretty close, though. The toothbrush has Bluetooth technology that connects it to an app on your phone which tracks your teeth cleaning time and allows you to earn points every time you brush (and make sure you’re maintaining healthy habits, of course).

The company breaks it down saying you’ll get one point the first time you brush your teeth each day, then two more for the second brush, and five points for a seven day streak. Just be sure to brush for two full minutes — which will be easy with their timed sonic vibrations. 

Those points can then be used to purchase brush head refills for the brush (which otherwise cost $5 every three months), other products on their website, or gift cards from their “growing list of partners,” like Target. Healthy teeth with a nice kickback? Sounds good to us! 

The company also offers a Smart Kids Electric Toothbrush (Buy from Quip, starting at $25) for any little ones who might need more than gold stars to keep up good dental hygiene. 

The initial price tag might seem a bit steep, but it could end up paying for itself in free brush head refills and Target gift cards. Oh yeah, and the beautiful healthy smile you’ll have on your face while you rack up those points!

Or you can devise your own special reward system with a regular old toothbrush. Whatever it takes to help us keep our pearly whites in good shape really is the most important part.

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