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You’re Not Crazy, Coke From McDonald’s Really Does Taste Better


If you’ve ever sat down for a meal at McDonald’s and taken a sip of Coke only to wonder why this gulp tasted better than any you’d had from a bottle, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re right! It’s not surprising the Coke from McDonald’s tastes different than any swig from a can given the lengths McDonald’s goes to ensure customers enjoy their fizzy drinks to the max.

According to Spoon University, there are five things that separate McDonald’s from everyone else when it comes to Coke: transportation, filtration, temperature, syrup, and the straw.

1. Transportation

If you’ve ever wondered how soda gets from the machine to your glass, the answer is a plastic bag. Sounds delicious, right? Well, McDonald’s is different because it transports its Coke in stainless steel containers.

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2. Filtration

Per the McDonald’s website, “In order to ensure our drinks are always meeting a gold standard, we have proper filtration methods in place.”

Mixing the syrup with filtered water means you don’t have to worry about any weird flavor or tangy aftertaste when you have a Coke.

3. Temperature

There’s nothing more unappetizing than warm soda, so McDonald’s has set up a system that guarantees your cola is always cold enough. And according to Spoon University, it sounds like a pretty elaborate set-up.

Apparently, there is a tube that runs all the way from the soda machines by the drive-thru to the refrigerator in the back of the store. The water is constantly cycled through this tube at a temperature just above freezing. Those low temperatures are ideal for C02 levels, which gives your soda the carbonation and bubbles that you love.

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4. The syrup

Now that you’ve heard about how much effort goes into keeping the water cold, it shouldn’t be surprising that McDonald’s goes above and beyond with their syrup, too. According to their website, Mickey D’s pre-chills the syrup before putting it into the machine. #fancy

5. The straw

If you think of a straw simply as a vehicle for getting to the Coke faster, you wouldn’t be wrong. That said, you’re also completely undervaluing the straw’s role in this McDonald’s mystery. The straws are a bit wider than your average straw, and that is to make sure all your taste buds are hit.

So that’s the secret of McDonald’s Coke! Who knew?

h/t Delish

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