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QVC Personality Shawn Killinger Opens Up About Fearlessness, Silver Linings and Your Age of Joy (EXCLUSIVE)

The women's advocate, mom and beloved QVC host shares how she finds joy each day!

For the past 17 years, millions of viewers have tuned into QVC and welcomed the warm, uplifting voice of Shawn Killinger into their living rooms. With her authenticity, humor and ability to always tell it like it is — including anecdotes about being a busy wife to her husband, Joe, mom to 6-year-old daughter, Jagger, and caregiver to her mother, Loandra — Shawn has become more than just an award-winning TV host…she’s more like a trusted friend.

Now, at 51, she is on the cover of the latest issue of First for Women, and taking that unique connection to her audience one step further. Shawn is on a mission to help boost the confidence and hope of women with QVC’s The Age of Possibility initiative, which help champion women 50+ to celebrate who they are, share what they know and love and find down-to-earth resources to address the changes and challenges occurring during this second coming of age.

Shawn will also be part of the first-ever Quintessential 50 (Q50) — a group of inspiring female celebrities, activists, QVC program hosts, business leaders and wellness experts — who will tell their own personal stories about the possibilities in this stage of life.

Shawn Killinger on the cover of FIRST for Women

“The beautiful thing about starting the next chapter in life is that it’s a total blank canvas,” Shawn tells FIRST in an in-person exclusive interview with our Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello, who is also thrilled to be of the Q50. “The early chapters of life are about lifting everybody else up, but the back half is the best half — it’s about being your authentic self.”

Here, Shawn shares her secrets to finding bliss in small moments, seeing blessings in the hard times, boldly embracing the next step and best of all, uplifting and empowering women.

FIRST FOR WOMEN: Tell us about QVC’s Age of Possibility

Shawn Killinger: “I am so excited for Q50. This is not something new for us. Since 1986, the ’50+ or bust’ has always been our girl. But what I do think is cool, and also new, is that QVC gets that we’re at a pivotal time.

“We’re staging an intervention because it’s no longer okay that women feel less than for being over 50. She is just coming into what is more!”

QVC's new Age of Possibility campaign will feature many incredible women over 50—like (L-R): Mally Roncal, Jennie Garth, Kathie Lee Gifford, Sandra Lee, Sherri Shepherd and Shawn Killinger
QVC’s new Age of Possibility campaign will feature many incredible women over 50, including (L-R): Mally Roncal, Jennie Garth, Kathie Lee Gifford, Sandra Lee, Sherri Shepherd and Shawn KillingerQVC

FIRST: What’s your secret to confidence?

Shawn Killinger: “At 51, I love getting older; I feel more awesome now than ever. Before, I was uncomfortable in my own skin; I had no self-confidence. I was a hot mess express and had no idea who I was. But somebody very wise said to me, ‘You know, Shawn, the only person standing in your way is you.’

“That’s exactly true. Now, I love who I am, and that’s the biggest trick to embracing aging — you have to love who you’re becoming more than you who you were.

“I don’t try to cover up all my little warts and flaws and present in a perfect and polished way. My greatest superpower is letting it all hang out — that’s my battle cry. It’s so much easier.”

Shawn Killinger with her husband and daughter
Shawn Killinger with her husband and daughter@shawnkillingerqvc

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FIRST: How do you stay strong and defuse fear?

Shawn Killinger: “When I am feeling afraid, I think: Okay, well what’s the worst that can happen? Because when you defuse your fears and you take back the power from them, then those fears can’t hold you hostage.

“I’ve found that the best way to get through tough times is just to look back at the thousand other times that didn’t kill you. If you reflect on all the times that you got back up, survived, thrived, landed the 10.0 dismount, you’ll see how you actually ended up way better on the other side. How great is that?”

FIRST: What’s your secret to staying positive in times of difficulty?

Shawn Killinger: “My dad was my person, and during a crazy breakup, where my world was falling in, he said to me, ‘Listen, here’s the beautiful thing about life and the inertia of life. The whole concept is that there’s forward momentum. You can’t stop the momentum. So just realize that no matter where you’re at now and how dark it is now, the natural laws of physics mean that it can’t stay that way forever.’

“Having lived through a lot, that’s the approach that I take to bad days. Disappointment, rejection and fear used to scare me into a shell. Then that mask would come off, and I would have to go function in a world without being my authentic self. It’s so liberating when you can shed all of that.”

FIRST: You help care for your mother — how do you find joy even on the hard days?

Shawn Killinger: “I’m so blessed to be at this place in my life where I genuinely feel like I’m peaking. I’m having the greatest time ever. But I care for my 84-year-old mom, who moved in after my father passed.

“It’s really difficult, but I’m so grateful to be caring for her because it’s made me love and appreciate her in a way that I never could have before, had I not walked this journey by her side.

“It’s physically and emotionally hard, but everything has a silver lining. I enjoy laughing through the darkness. I believe the best things in life are hard; they are a gift. I’m the best version of myself now because of that struggle, and I’m so grateful.

“We also learn something about our true purpose when we’re sludging through the worst times. That’s because we are closest to God when we’re on our knees.”

Shawn Killinger with her mother, Loandra
Shawn Killinger with her mother, Loandra@shawnkillingerqvc

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FIRST: When do you feel the most at peace?

Shawn Killinger: “You may not believe it, but I’m actually an introvert. It’s all about how you refuel your energy. It doesn’t mean we’re not social, it’s just that introverts don’t refuel by being around huge groups of people, and that’s me — we live in a charming little stone farmhouse on five acres, and there’s nothing that I love more than just being at home by myself.

“I love meditating, writing, binge-watching something on TV, lighting a fire in the fireplace and pouring a glass of wine. It’s serene and cozy. I love to just stare out the window because it brings me such peace.

“I cherish the simple things a lot more now. I can see God working in my life in really interesting ways. God brings people into your life — at just the right times — people that He knows will fill in certain gaps and provide for you in a time of need.”

How to get in on the Age of Possibility and Q50 fun!

QVC is on a mission to help women over 50 feel supported & celebrated, so they created a dedicated space for this fabulous community. To connect with enthusiastic and upbeat women 50+, join the Facebook group, “Over 50 & Fabulous!” where you can continue the conversation with members, QVC hosts, and special guests about changes, challenges, and everything in between. Plus, check back for exclusive access to bonus content.

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