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15 Pairs of Computer Glasses That Will Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Blue Light


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In this digital age, there’s hardly a day goes by that we don’t spend a few hours in front of a computer screen. And if we’re not on the computer, we’re staring at our phones. All of that screen time can be hard on our eyes, which is why it’s a good idea to pick up a pair of computer glasses. These handy little specs not only shield your eyes from harmful screen glare, they’ll look great, too.

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are made especially for looking at screens. Rather than magnifying objects, like reading glasses would, or helping to correct your vision, like prescription lenses, these peepers are designed to reduce screen glare that can cause eye strain, increase contrast, and block high energy blue light, which can be damaging to eyes.

If you do wear corrective eyeglasses, you can have them made with lenses that incorporate screen protection (just ask your optometrist).

What is blue light?

To be clear, blue light is not always a bad thing — and that’s lucky, because it’s all around us! The sun, for instance, is a source of blue light, and blue light wavelengths are the reason the sky is blue.

Blue light also helps to regulate our circadian rhythms, making us sleepy at night and keeping us more alert in the daytime. In addition, blue light can boost our mood with special blue light therapy lamps acting as an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Other sources of blue light include electronic devices, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, and digital screens.

Why is blue light dangerous?

While blue light can be a great regulator and mood-booster, it’s not so awesome for your eyes — particularly when absorbed for lengthy periods of time. Blue light from digital devices can penetrate the cornea (even through regular eyeglasses), directly entering the macular area of the eye, which can injure the retina, cause eye strain, make your eyes feel gritty, and even adversely affect sleep.

Other symptoms of prolonged blue light exposure can include headaches, fatigue, general eye irritation, blurred or double vision, light sensitivity, watery or dry eyes, and trouble focusing.

Do I need to wear computer glasses?

Blue light-reducing glasses have been proven to alleviate eye fatigue, so if you spend more than an hour a day on your devices (as most of us do), it’s a good idea to wear them.

Even if you think your eyes are fine, and you’re not constantly squinting at the screen, rubbing your watery eyes, or getting headaches from too much time spent on the computer, it’s smart to take the precaution to protect your vision from the glare of computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones.

The Best Computer Glasses for Women

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