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California Mom Loses 70 Pounds and 15 Pant Sizes in 7 Months with the V Shred Program

Disclaimer: Summer’s story and results are unique. Results with the V Shred program vary. For typical results, please see the testimonial support page

Baby weight is hard to lose, but it’s not impossible. With the help of V Shred, you can do anything you put your mind to.

If you struggle with postpartum weight loss, you’re not alone. Getting back into shape after giving birth is a challenge that plenty of women experience, including Summer, a mom from California. 

After she got pregnant for the first time, Summer noticed that the weight she gained was harder to lose. Despite trying to exercise the extra fat away, the scale barely budged. Then, she got pregnant for a second time and she gained even more weight. Summer shares that she could barely recognize herself.

“No matter what I tried, I fluctuated between 198 and 215 pounds,” she remembers. Seeing photos from before her pregnancy, Summer says that she would often cry. Her confidence was at an all-time low and she knew that she needed to change.

She tried low-carb diets and exercise programs that she found on the internet, but like most women trying to lose pregnancy weight, nothing really worked.

As her boys were starting to get older, Summer realized that she needed to do something more drastic. She barely had the energy to keep up with them and she would get tired after walking 1 or 2 blocks. Diet fads and online workouts weren’t cutting it. She was stuck, tired, and frustrated with the weight loss advice that just didn’t work.

Summer felt like she had no choice. She needed to do something about her weight, and she had to do it now. She had two kids to take care of, and wanted to be there with them as the best possible version of herself. Thankfully one day while scrolling through social media, she saw an ad for V Shred.

Summer clicked the ad and took a short quiz. Within minutes she was given a report with exercises and foods that work for her unique body type. Summer had never tried a weight loss plan customized to her age or body type, so she went for it and joined the V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Program without thinking twice.

“I watched the video and it was so explanatory,” she says. “It talked about body types, metabolic confusion, and carb cycling. It went into full detail, breaking down each concept, and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.”

Summer’s V Shred Program told her exactly what to eat and what exercises to do for her body type to reach her goals. She even added a custom-made meal plan from one of V Shred’s Certified Trainers just to give her an extra edge.

In the first 90 days, Summer dropped 35 pounds. After another 4 months, she lost 35 more.


With the V Shred Fat Loss Extreme program, Summer dropped 70 pounds and a staggering 15 dress sizes. She is now in the best shape of her life!

“My life before the Fat Loss Extreme program was very dark,” she shares. “I would just mope around. I barely wanted to leave my house. It was such an unhappy life. But today, I’m a whole new person.”

 “I was lost, but then I came across V Shred. Now I am so confident, I feel beautiful, and I’m wearing clothes that I wouldn’t have worn even in high school,” she continues.

Summer gave V Shred a chance and it changed her entire life. By doing their 15-20 minute workouts at home, not only did she lose weight, but her kids joined in and they all had a blast together.

“Being a mom of two young children, you would never think that this could be possible. But with the help of V Shred, I made the impossible possible and I turned my can’ts into cans,” she says. And that means you can too.”

V Shred has already helped over 5,000,000 men and women transform their bodies, with tens of thousands of 5 star reviews online to back it up.

“You can change your whole life starting today if you really want to. If you are unhappy, if you are depressed, if you are just eating your emotions like I did, you can’t let that go on anymore. You have to do something better for yourself, and V Shred will help you get there,” she says.

Anybody who wants to try this unique program can start by taking the free Body Type Quiz. Simply answer a few questions, and you’ll be matched with a weight loss program that works best for your body type.

To see more success stories and V Shred reviews, make sure to visit their website today.

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