First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - April - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 April - Page 1

  1. Katie Holmes' Hair Is Always Picture Perfect
  2. 5 Crazy Facts We Never Knew About Reba McEntire
  3. This Color Plate Will Help You Lose Weight
  4. Mom of Six Donates 17 Feet of Hair with Results the Internet Is Eating Up
  5. Charlotte Rae Reveals She Has Cancer
  6. 12 Cinco de Mayo Recipes That Will Make Your Fiesta Fantastica!
  7. There Is Something Terrifying In This photo, But It's So Hard to Spot
  8. Researchers Say It's Okay to Pick Your Nose and Parents Everywhere are Cringing
  9. This Test Can Prove Whether You're Related to the Vikings
  10. The Truth About Why Kate Middleton Won't Ride a Horse
  11. Jackie Kennedy Had a Secret Shoe Trick That Is Actually So Genius
  12. These Simple Tricks Will End Midnight Trips to the Bathroom
  13. Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight By Making This Simple Change to Her Diet
  14. This Is the Right Way to Clean Your Pillows
  15. The 6 Things Julia Roberts Does To Makes 49 Look Like 39
  16. Grandparents Are Going Crazy After Disney's Big Announcement
  17. 10 Pairs of Stars You Forgot Have Kids Together
  18. Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Painful Diagnosis
  19. 18 Crazy, Creepy Things You Never Knew About 'The Wizard of Oz'
  20. William and Kate Get Candid About Their Private Life Together
  21. Sarah Jessica Parker and Her Family Just Made a Rare Red Carpet Appearance
  22. Some Expired Medicine Is Still Safe to Use, Experts Say
  23. David Bowie's Wife Honors Late Husband on Their 25th Wedding Anniversary
  24. Frito-Lay Issues Recalls Chips After Salmonella Scare
  25. Elton John Cancels Shows After Coming Down With Deadly Bacterial Infection
  26. Dolly Parton Is in Mourning
  27. This Is Why You Should Take Your Shoes Off Before Going Inside
  28. McCain Foods Recalls Frozen Hash Browns
  29. 5 Ways to Stay Awake All Day Without Coffee
  30. Richard Simmons Sends Fans a Powerful Reminder From His Hospital Bed
  31. These Are the Facial Features Your Kids Inherited From You
  32. Breaded Chicken With Fruity Pebbles: An Easy Way to Switch Up a Classic
  33. See Heartwarming Pics of Elizabeth Taylor and Her Kids Through the Years
  34. How to Look Younger: 5 Simple Beauty Tricks for Your Eyes
  35. Gwen Stefani Doesn't Look Like This Anymore
  36. Prince William Makes Family Confession to Kate Middleton--In Front of Harry
  37. Kate Middleton's Honest Comment About Motherhood Is So Relatable
  38. The 13 Most Moving Visual Tributes to Prince
  39. 7 Tell-Tale Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea
  40. 19 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Princess Margaret
  41. Celine Dion Talks About a Second Marriage and the Sweet Thing Her Kids Do to Help Her Grieve
  42. Wondering How to Stay Focused? Add These Six Foods to Your Diet
  43. This Amazing Anti-Aging Mask Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger In Less Than 30 Minutes
  44. Ina Garten Reveals Why She Never Had Children
  45. Celebrities Who Look Younger With Short Hair
  46. This Diet Craze Lets You Eat Pizza and Chocolate
  47. 15 Pics of Siblings Who Hilariously Recreated Their Childhood Photos
  48. Remove Common Stains With These Genius Tips
  49. This Suburban City Is the Best Place to Live in America
  50. Ellen Pompeo's Honest Comment About Motherhood Is So Relatable
  51. These Are the Free Items You Can Take From a Hotel Room
  52. Here's How to Clean Your Private Parts
  53. These Healthy Post-Workout Foods Will Help You Lose Weight
  54. Homeowners Update Kitchen Countertop for $35, But It Looks Like a Million Bucks
  55. Faith Hill's Duet With Young Fan Melts Hearts All Over the Internet
  56. Anne Hathaway Had a Scary Playground Incident With Her Son
  57. After Harry's Bombshell, Prince William Has His Own Mental Health Confession
  58. According to Pringles, You've Been Snacking All Wrong
  59. Experts Reveal How Often You Should Be Washing Your Pet's Bowl
  60. Is Asparagus Good for You?
  61. New Technology Promises Prick-Free Routine for Diabetics
  62. The Way You Prefer Your Eggs Reveals Something So Crazy About You
  63. See Sophia Grace Through the Years
  64. Woman Has 2 Vaginas and Was Told She Couldn't Have Kids. Now, She's Pregnant
  65. Nicole Kidman Makes 49 Look So Good By Ordering the Strangest Coffee
  66. Prince Harry Opens Up About Painful Diagnosis
  67. Sandra Bullock Proves She's Miss Congeniality By Going Above and Beyond for Stranger
  68. Jenna Bush Hager Shares New Photo of Daughter Mila on Her Birthday and Reveals 'Humiliating' Mom Moment
  69. Kate Middleton Made This Very Formal Gesture to the Queen
  70. 12 Long-Lost Photos of U.S. First Ladies and Their Kids
  71. Matt Damon Was Forced to Call the Paramedics After His Daughter's Scary Accident
  72. Jennifer Garner Has a Startling Divorce Update
  73. Hoda Kotb Will Return to The 'Today' Show Very Soon
  74. The Egg Rack Is the Worst Place in Your Refrigerator to Store Eggs
  75. It's Totally Safe to Clean These Household Items in Your Dishwasher
  76. When People Criticized Her for Repeating an Outfit, This Reporter Had the Best Response
  77. Frugal Couple Made Guests Pay For Their Wedding
  78. Connie Britton Makes a Brutal Confession About Motherhood
  79. Prince Charles "Wasn't Pleased" With These Kate and William Photos, But We Think They're Lovely
  80. Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Is So Simple Thanks to These Genius Tricks
  81. See Debra Messing's Easiest Tips for Staying in Shape (EXCLUSIVE)
  82. Confirmed! A 'Friends' Revival Is In The Works
  83. New Study Proves Microwaving Your Tea Is Better For You
  84. What Is Spaghetti Squash? Meet the Meal Your Entire Family Will Love
  85. These Surprising Foods Can Help Boost Your Sex Life
  86. 17 Adorable Celebrities When They Were Just Little Babies in Daddy's Arms
  87. Jenna Bush Hager Reveals Uncomfortable Family Secret
  88. Prince Charlotte and Prince George Will Have Very Special Roles in Pippa Middleton's Wedding
  89. See the Most Hilarious Stories Celebrity Parents Have Shared About Their Kids
  90. When People Called Her Fat, Kelly Clarkson Had the Best Response
  91. 16 Ultrasound Images That'll Make You Think There's More Than Just a Baby in These Wombs
  92. Princess Diana's Sons to Honor Her Life With Moving TV Tribute
  93. Dolly Parton Is in Mourning
  94. Yikes! This Is How Much You're Expected to Shell Out on a Wedding Gift
  95. Kelly Clarkson Is Getting Heat for This Video of Her Daughter, But Some Parents Have Her Back
  96. Woman Loses 140 Pounds for Her Wedding Day After Doctor Makes Harsh Comments
  97. Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Plans for Having Children
  98. New Pics Reveal Sharon Osbourne's Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation
  99. Nicole Kidman Regrets Doing This in Her 20s
  100. Rarely Seen Video Proves Something So Unexpected About 'Golden Girls' Star Rue McClanahan
  101. This Girl Singing "Hallelujah" Into a Wishing Well Will Give You Chills
  102. Giada De Laurentiis Fans Are Going Crazy After Her Big Announcement
  103. 14 Striking Early Headshots of Famous Celebrities
  104. Woman's Itch Turned Out to Be Life-Threatening Disease
  105. This Woman Spends a Small Fortune to Look Like Kate Middleton
  106. No Shampoo Ways to Get Clean, Gorgeous Hair
  107. See the Cast of 'The Nanny' Then and Now!
  108. One Family Member Is Better than Others at Spotting Autism Symptoms
  109. Dry Brushing at Home Can Help Prevent Illness
  110. Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight?
  111. Carrie Underwood Talks About Expanding Her Family
  112. Family Dollar: Hundreds of Locations Will Close
  113. How to Keep Salad Fresh for Longer
  114. 12 Best-Kept Secrets of the Original 'Mickey Mouse Club'
  115. Payless ShoeSource Files for Bankruptcy and Plans on Closing Hundreds of Stores
  116. Daring Realtor Wasn't Getting Many Bites on This Texas Home, So She Did Something EXTREME
  117. Anne Hathaway Regrets Posting This Picture of Her Son
  118. Just In: Talking to Your Pet Means You're Highly Intelligent
  119. Wow! This New Drug Could Cure Menopause-Related Hot Flashes
  120. 20 Sets of Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related
  121. This Common Pill Could Help Prevent Cancer
  122. How Long Does Wine Last Once It's Been Opened?
  123. Cashier Pressured 2-Year-Old to Buy Doll That "Looks Like Her," But the Tot's Response Was Perfect
  124. Michael Keaton Is About To Take On His Biggest Role Yet
  125. Miranda Lambert Has Big News After the ACM Awards
  126. Parents Outraged Over Primary School Ban on Cartwheels
  127. See Carrie Underwood's Son's Cutest Moments Through The Years
  128. When Child's Lunch Money Account Was Low, the School Did the Most Mortifying Thing to Him
  129. Here’s Why You Should Drench Your Pancakes in Maple Syrup
  130. Extremely Rare Condition Leaves Little Girl Unable to Brush Her Hair
  131. Mom Takes Kids to Playground and Is Denied Entry For the Most Shocking Reason
  132. WATCH: Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood Steal the Show at the Academy of Country Music Awards
  133. Prince William Takes a Guys-Only Vacation That's Raising Eyebrows