First for Women - Sitemap - 2015 - October - Page 1

Sitemap 2015 October - Page 1

  1. Two Puppies Climbing All Over This Baby Boy Is the Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day
  2. Dog Sees Its Owner in a Costume and Has Crazy-Cute Reaction
  3. You'll LOSE IT When You Find Out What Interrupted This Surprise Pregnancy Announcement
  4. These Two Hyper Kittens Will Do ANYTHING to Get Their Sleepy Sibling to Play
  5. The Uplifting Reason This Man Saved Pennies for 40 Years Will Change Your Whole Perspective
  6. After Boyfriend Refuses to Give His Girlfriend a Kiss on the Kiss Cam, Something AMAZING Happens
  7. Halloween Starts Early When 350-Pound Pumpkin Escapes and Blows Down Street
  8. When a Boy with Autism Is Bullied, First Responders Get Him a Gift That Changed Everything
  9. 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Turns 24! See the Cast Then and Now
  10. When She Spotted Two Groups of Teens Fighting, This Police Officer Broke Them Up in a Super-Impressive Way
  11. German Shepherd Makes an Unlikely Friend, and Even Grown Up the Two Are Inseparable
  12. Toddler's Toy-Aisle Shouting Leads to Unbelievable Act of Kindness
  13. You'll LOSE It When You See Who This Baby Is Fighting With
  14. 14 Vintage Halloween Photos That Will Make You So Nostalgic
  15. Man Who Lost His Family Sees Them Again in a Dream
  16. Toddler Knows How to Handle an Animal Five Times Her Size and Our Hearts Are Exploding
  17. Kitty Spots Neighbor's Stuffed Animal, Takes the New Love of His Life on an Adventure Like No Other
  18. Never Waste Time Peeling Potatoes Again with This Miracle-Working Shortcut
  19. Girl Says Sassiest Thing About the Spooky Figure Standing Between Her and Her Halloween Treat
  20. When You See the Bottom of This Picture, You'll Understand Why the Internet Loves This Photo of a Texas Police Officer
  21. This Kitten Is SO Eager to Get in to This Box for the Most Adorable Reason
  22. A Single Dad Just Did Something Amazing to Show His Daughter How Women Should Be Treated
  23. Watching These Fuzzy Pups Clamor For the Camera's Attention Is the Cutest Example of Sibling Rivalry
  24. This Little Boy Has the BEST Reaction to His Mom Reading a Scary Story
  25. When This Cat Gets Close Enough to Its Favorite Doll, Something ADORABLE Happens
  26. Skin Cancer Cure! It Could Be as Easy as Wearing This Kind of Bandage
  27. Did You Know Dogs Could Have a Favorite Movie? We Didn’t Either, Until We Saw This
  28. Finally! We Now Can Tell Exactly When a Woman Will Go into Labor
  29. With This Shockingly Simple Trick, Pumpkin Carving Is WAY Easier Than You Ever Imagined
  30. When This Man Went Boating, We Bet He NEVER Expected to Make a Friend Like This
  31. Girl's Drawing of Mom with Pole Getting Money at Work Has Hilarious Explanation
  32. When a Pup Jumped On Her Bed, This Elderly Woman's Reaction 'Shocked' Those Around Her
  33. Little Deaf Girl Had Trouble Communicating Until She Found a Dog That Changed Everything
  34. These Tiny Babies Eating Together Will Change Your Mind About How Cute Possums Can Be
  35. Sweetest Kitty Friend Cheers Up Cat with Cone of Shame in Adorable Way
  36. Little Girl Makes Butterfly Friend, Has Funniest Response to Insect Flying Away
  37. Grandpa Roars Like a Lion for Toddler, Little Boy Shows Fright in the CUTEST Way
  38. The Clinic Thought These Kittens Were Abandoned. Then Someone Surprising Came for Them
  39. This Pet Parrot Has the Most Unexpected Way to Get Its Owner's Attention
  40. 10 Spooky--and Simple--Halloween Treats
  41. There's Something in This Pile of Leaves That Will Put a Huge Smile on Your Face
  42. Little Girl Sings and Dances to Taylor Swift, and It’s Unbelievably Adorable
  43. Mom with ALS Writes Touching Tribute to Caregiving Daughter, Who's Just 5
  44. Add This to Your Coffee to Keep It Hot Longer
  45. Soothe Dry Skin from Head to Toe with 9 Easy Tricks You've Never Tried
  46. New Wonder Drug Can Make Your Pet Live At Least a Year Longer--and In Better Health
  47. Taking This 3-Minute Test Could Mean Much Happier, Healthier Golden Years
  48. This Piano-Playing Puppy Gives the CUTEST Performance Ever
  49. Man Rescues Injured Baby Deer, Gets Huge, Adorable Surprise When He Tries to Set Fawn Free
  50. How Did This Take So Long?! McDonald's Is Testing a New Menu Item You'll LOVE
  51. To the Mom Who Was Texting During the Town Halloween Party
  52. Dog Takes Care of His Tiny Human in the FUNNIEST Way Possible
  53. 3 Fast Ways to Stop SAD in Its Tracks
  54. This Airport Bathroom's Special Feature Will Make Every Animal Lover's Heart Swell
  55. You Would NEVER Guess What Ingredient Can Tame Bitter Coffee
  56. When You See Why This Dog Keeps Barking at His Bed, You Can't Help But Smile
  57. The Secret Ingredient That Makes Your Sugar Cookies Super Chewy
  58. This Cat Naps in Totally Bizarre Place, But You Better Not Disturb It!
  59. This Woman's Gift of Detecting Parkinson's in Patients By Smell May Revolutionize Diagnosis
  60. From Beyond the Grave, Daughter Sends Back a Precious Keepsake to Her Mom
  61. The Heartwarming Thing One Radio Station Did for a Lonely 95-Year-Old Man Will Make Your Whole Day Better
  62. This Hungry Cat Will Do Anything to Get the Last Chip
  63. 10 Totally Adorable Dog-and-Kid Costumes
  64. Pharmacist Overhears Little Girl Say She's Afraid of Monsters, Offers GENIUS Solution
  65. You'll Lose It When You See the Way This Little Girl Reacts to Her Favorite Song
  66. This New Spin on Cheesecake Is the Airy Piece of Heaven You've Been Dreaming About
  67. She Never Thought She'd Recover After Losing Her Job. Then She Made $225,000 Working from Home
  68. Little Girl Realizes Her Parents Are the Tooth Fairy, Writes Hilarious Note Calling Them Out
  69. Say These Two Words Often If You Want a Stronger, Happier Marriage
  70. This Mom Wrote a Letter to a Local Kid at the Skate Park, and It's Nothing Like What You Would Expect
  71. The Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Thing That Happened When Someone Left a Sprinkler on in Cold Weather
  72. Daughter Born with Strawberry Birthmark, Mother Does Something Selfless Every Day Since
  73. Baby Deer Sees a Ball for First Time, Has Unusual, Hilarious Reaction
  74. I Thought Volunteering at a Dog Shelter Would Be Upsetting. I Was SO Wrong!
  75. This Is What Happens When 8 Golden Retriever Puppies Go for Their First Swim at the Same Time
  76. The Way This Independent Little Girl Turns Down Her Dad's Help Will Crack You Up
  77. Your Birth Order Affects You in One Way Only--and It's Not What You Think
  78. After Noticing That She's Being Filmed, This Toddler Has the CUTEST Reaction
  79. This Puppy Just Saw Rain for the First Time and Has NO CLUE What's Happening
  80. This Little Boy Just CANNOT Figure Out the Sink, And It Will Leave You in Stitches
  81. Puppy Fight Escalates Quickly, Then Ends for Most ADORABLE Reason
  82. Little Girl Falls Off Slide, Has BEST Reaction
  83. When Little Boy Without a Nose Meets Little Girl with Same Condition, Something Magical Happened
  84. Watch This Halloween Costume Magically Transform from Maid Cinderella to Belle of the Ball
  85. Protective Dad Sends STRONG Message to Daughter's Date in Hilarious Way
  86. American Cancer Society Releases Major Change to Recommended Mammogram Schedule
  87. You'll Relate When You Watch This Little Otter Get a Wakeup Call From His Caretaker
  88. These Just-Released Outtakes from 'Aladdin' Show What a Genius Robin Williams Was
  89. This Little Girl Had the FUNNIEST Theme for Her Birthday Party
  90. The Mind-Blowing Way Bubble Wrap Can Help You Make a Professional-Looking Cake
  91. Breakthrough! Patients in Final Stages of Parkinson's 'Come Back to Life' with Miracle Drug
  92. Caution: This Mini Cowboy Learning to Ride Will Gallop Away with Your Heart
  93. This Is Hands-Down the Most Incredible Cake You Will Ever See
  94. Little Girl's Morning Pep Talk Is Equal Parts Hilarious and Encouraging
  95. Hamster Is Just Running Around with Buddies When It Pauses to Do the Most Bizarre Thing
  96. Huge News for Anyone Considering Hormone Replacement Therapy!
  97. When You See This Cat Strut, You'll Instantly Agree This Is the Perfect Halloween Costume
  98. Stop Struggling with Your Eggs! Here's How to Peel Them in a Flash
  99. Little Corgi Meets Equally Tiny Pumpkin, Too Funny Battle Ensues
  100. New Topical Anti-Aging Gel May Make Botox Injections Obsolete!
  101. Forgot the Buttermilk? This Easy Way to DIY the Baking Ingredient Saves You a Shopping Trip
  102. Groom Gets Cold Feet, Bride's Family Does Something Wonderful with Paid-for Wedding
  103. Kids Write Too-Funny Movie Scenes, Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon Act Them Out to Crack You Up
  104. Daughter Posts Photo of Her Legs on Social Media, Dad's Response? PERFECTION!
  105. The Reason These Women Are Wearing Their Wedding Dresses Will Warm Your Heart
  106. Funny French Bulldog Won't Go Anywhere Without Its Mobile Home
  107. You'll Burst Into Laughter When You See What This Cat's Nemesis Is
  108. Tiny Kitten Gets a HUGE Reaction When He Crosses Paths With This Furry Pup
  109. Husband Writes Powerful Letter After Photographer Removes Woman's Flaws
  110. You'll Never Guess How This 103-Year-Old Woman Dressed Up for Her Birthday--Or How She Celebrated It!
  111. Cutest Little Girl and Her Genius Parents Create Halloween Costumes You'll Flip Over
  112. The One Kitchen Tool You Need for the Fluffiest Mashed Potatoes
  113. Dog Goes to Hilarious Lengths to Get Attention from Its Owner
  114. What Prince William Just Said About His Mom Reveals How Deep Princess Diana's Love Went
  115. Baby Koala Mistakes Man for Tree, Does Something to Him We Didn't Think Could Happen
  116. TOO CUTE!!! Adopted Kitten Raised with Ferrets Thinks She's a Ferret, Too
  117. New Surgery-Free Weight-Loss Balloon Now Available!
  118. Your Favorite Childhood Cereal Has A Very Special Announcement
  119. Make Your Broken Blush or Eye Shadow New Again with This Time-Reversing Trick
  120. Clever Dachsund Thinks Up Unexpectedly Hilarious Escape Plan When It Comes to End of a Ledge
  121. Australian Restaurant Puts Hen in Charge of Twitter Account, Results Will CRACK YOU UP
  122. What This Little Boy Decides to Do During a Wedding Ceremony Will Crack You Up
  123. Parents Say Lines from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' Toddler Loses His Mind
  124. The Easy Way to Get More Flesh--and Less Core--from Your Apples
  125. HOORAY! No One Will Need Reading Glasses Soon!
  126. Naughty Dog Masters Hiding His Crime...Then Makes Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Confession
  127. Dachshund Tries on Halloween Costume, Will Crack You Up with What It Does
  128. 10 Reasons You Should Have a Glass of Wine With Dinner Every Night
  129. 5 Lessons on Loving Yourself While Trying to Lose Weight from Sara Rue
  130. Melissa McCarthy Has Started a Revolution! Major Fashion Retailer Bans Plus-Size Term
  131. This Young Boy and Girl's Rendition of an Emotional Song Will Move You to Tears
  132. Husband Convinces Wife They're Having a Staycation, Reveals Bombshell Surprise in Car
  133. Parents Give Their 20-Year-Old Hilarious Resignation Note for His Birthday
  134. Cancer Breakthrough: New Treatment Destroys 90% of All Types of Tumors
  135. The Serious Reason You Should Make--Not Buy--Your Caramel Apples This Season
  136. Powerful Photo Shows How Addicted to One Device We Are
  137. Hayden Panettiere Enters Facility to Treat Postpartum Depression Following Birth of Baby Daughter
  138. When Its Chubby Friend Knocks It Off the Ride, This Tiny Pug Doesn't Hold Back Its Feelings
  139. Parents Told Brain Tumor Would Cut Baby-to-Be's Life Short. Then Their Baby Surprised Them
  140. Passenger Goes into Labor 30,000 Feet in the Air, Video Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat
  141. Most Helpful Dogs Ever Have an Adorable Way of Making Their Owners' Lives Easier
  142. The Delicious Fall Alternative to Peanut Butter You Never Knew Existed
  143. Health Breakthrough! Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Have Finally Met Their Match
  144. Stranger Rescues Beloved Family Pet from Burning Home, But Then Leaves Community So Confused
  145. Sweet Little Girl Sings 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' to Mom with Cancer, We All Bawl Our Eyes Out
  146. This Famous Actor Posed as a Homeless Man and Only One Woman Would Help Him
  147. We Are in Awe at How Excited This Pup Gets When Offered Such a Healthy Treat
  148. These Are NOT French Fries. When You Find Out What They Really Are, You'll Drool
  149. When a Pit Bull and a Deer Meet On Opposite Sides of the Fence, They Interact in the FUNNIEST Way
  150. Stop Marinating and Do This Instead for the Most Flavorful Meat
  151. Watch a Dalmatian Do Something Stunning With an Adorable Pile of Kittens
  152. The No-Brainer Way to Tackle an Extremely Messy Room
  153. Cranberry Juice Has Another Awesome Health Perk
  154. Cut Cake This Way to Keep It Fresher Longer
  155. Two Natural Enemies Run into Each Other on the Roof, and Something Strange Happens
  156. The Ultimate Cooking Trick for People Who Love Their Potatoes Crispy
  157. What This Family Has Been Doing With the Same Sweater for Nearly 60 Years Will Amaze You
  158. The Shocking Secret Ingredient That Will Make Your Chocolate Chip Cookies SO Much Better
  159. Parrot Finds Paper Towel. Does Oddest Thing with It That'll Make You Laugh
  160. Paramedic Bride Stops on the Way to Her Reception to Make a Daring Rescue
  161. This Baby Is Surrounded by Needles for a Reason You Wouldn't Expect
  162. Pomeranian's Performance Makes Twin Babies Laugh Their Heads Off
  163. What the Season You're Born in Reveals About Your Mood
  164. Neil Patrick Harris Shares Adorable Video of Twins Harper and Gideon Singing at Breakfast!
  165. What These College Students Did to Thank a Cafeteria Worker Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart
  166. When You See What This Colt Sleeps With, You'll Tear Up
  167. The Easy Way to Upgrade Any Store-Bought Cake
  168. If You Can Never Remember People's Names, You MUST Try This Trick
  169. California Just Decided to Change SeaWorld Forever
  170. This Wild Animal Holds The Key to a Cancer Breakthrough
  171. Here's Why You Might Not Have Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving This Year
  172. Man Tells the Story of Their Relationship in the Most Surprising Way to Propose
  173. The First Time This Dog Was Allowed on the Bed Will Crack You Up
  174. Powerful Image of Police Officer Holding Baby Will Give You Goosebumps
  175. This Flight Attendant's Simple Gesture Is Brightening the Lives of So Many Travelers
  176. This Unlikely Pet Immediately Becomes Part of the Family After Being Rescued from a Hurricane
  177. Little Girl Interrupts Formal Military Exercise for Touching Reason, Steals Our Hearts
  178. This Toddler’s Slow-Motion Dancing Is Hilarious--and Perfectly on the Beat
  179. You Are Going to LOVE (Pun Intended!) the Newest Facebook Addition
  180. Baby Twin Girls Spot Daddy Come Home from Work, Have Sweetest Response
  181. These Are the Best Kitchen Towels, and They're Not Towels at All
  182. Smart Advice Grandmother Gave Man Saved His Life
  183. When You See This Paralyzed Doberman Run Again, You'll Cheer
  184. This Puppy Loves Its Child Friend So Much, It Does Something Unique During Fetch
  185. Doctor Tells Autistic Boy He Can't Do Karate, Restaurant Staff Makes His Day a BILLION Times Better
  186. Model Posed Makeup Free to Spread Powerful Message
  187. Too Terrified to Take the Stairs, This Pup's Alternate Route Will Make You Burst Out Laughing
  188. No More Greasy Bags! Make Healthy Potato Chips in the Microwave
  189. The U.K. Is Now Giving Grandparents the BEST Work Perk; We Want It Here!
  190. These Halloween Lights Are the Most Impressive You'll Ever Come Across
  191. Woman Takes Same Photo with Puppy Until He's Full-Grown. Last Picture Will Make Your Jaw Drop
  192. This Excited Dog Sums Up How We All Feel About Cake
  193. A Brave Pup Protects Her Family's Home From Two Very Large Intruders, and Their Reaction Is Priceless
  194. The Touching Way Prince Harry Brings Smiles to Sick Kids
  195. Every Day This Sweet Shelter Dog Does Something More Considerate Than Most Husbands Would Do
  196. These Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show How One Real Little Girl Made Alice in Wonderland Come to Life
  197. Mashed Potato Lovers Are Going to Flip Over This Savory Cake
  198. This Secret Ingredient Makes Your Meatloaf Extra Beefy (and It's Not More Meat!)
  199. New Moms Show Off Their Real Pospartum Bodies, Will Inspire You Forever
  200. Check Your Chicken! 2.5M Pounds of Frozen Chicken Recalled Due to Salmonella