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We’ve Been Using Can Openers Wrong All Along — Here’s an Easier and Safer Way

Never fish the top out of a can again.

When we’re getting down in the kitchen, most of us have our default ways of doing things. But we love to find new approaches that can make those seemingly mundane but necessary tasks even easier. And while you may have never thought that there was a more efficient way to use your can opener, one TikTok user says otherwise.

According to Julie Eigenmann who goes by @julie_eigenmann on the platform, we’ve been using our can openers wrong this entire time. While you may typically align the blade along the side of the top of the can, she says there’s a way to do it that’s even easier — and safer. One of the worst parts about using a can opener is how the top of the can sinks down into the can after you’ve cut it, and having to fish it out without injuring yourself! This little trick takes care of that problem. Genius, we know. Check out the video below.

Eigenmann explains in her tutorial that the trick is in the positioning of your can opener. Rather than placing it at the side of your can and clamping down with the blade facing in, she suggests laying it on top with the blade facing out. Then, twist it around until the top comes all the way off. Her method even ensures that you don’t have to touch any sharp edges and risk cutting yourself! As the video shows, the top of your can will come off cleanly cut and attached to your can opener. Voilá!

Little tricks like these prove that our kitchen game can always be taken up a notch. There’s always some more efficient or nifty way to do the things we’ve always done. Speaking of, make sure you know the best way to use a salad spinner — it’ll make it last so much longer!

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