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The Surprise Pairing That Removes Even the Toughest Hard Water Stains From Glass

Say bye-bye to cloudy shower doors forever!

You’ve tried every glass cleaner on the market to no avail. Those hard water stains just won’t come off of your shower doors – it’s almost as if they are etched into the glass! And while it seems like you’re stuck with dirty-looking glass forever, according to top cleaning pros, there are easy ways to remove those hard water stains for spotless glass once again. Here, their top tips to removing water stains, what ingredients are a must-have and how to keep spots at bay so the doors stay clean.

What causes hard water stains on glass shower doors?

Hard water is water that has a higher number of minerals like magnesium and calcium, and it’s one of the top culprits of a cloudy-looking glass door. When you shower, the mineral-packed drops of hard water leave behind a chalky residue that makes many bathroom surfaces, including glass shower doors look dingy, fast.

How do you remove tough hard water stains from glass shower doors?

“For really tough stains, I break out the Magic Eraser,” shares Chi Ip, owner of Tidy Here Cleaning Service Boston. Just wipe the eraser firmly across the glass with a steady and firm swipe. The magic in the eraser? Melamine, a nitrogen-rich base that works as a powerful-yet-delicate abrasive. Cautions Ip: “Remember to wet it before applying as dry magic erasers can scratch your glass door.”

Got stains too tough for the eraser alone? Coat them with this powder first: “Once a week you can use Barkeepers’ Friend, a favorite scouring powder of professional cleaners (Buy from Amazon, $3.19) to remove any build up,” says Alex Varela General Manager of Dallas Maids. “Apply and scrub with the non-scratch sponge and rinse after 10 minutes with plenty of water.”

This video shows how easy it is to use the two together to remove water stains:

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No Magic Eraser on hand? Here’s how to remove hard water stains from glass using a vinegar spray

white vinegar
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Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz on your glass door, shares Ip. Leave on for 20-30 minutes before scrubbing with a non-abrasive soft-bristled brush (Buy from Amazon, $15) or a super fine #0000-grade steel wool (Buy from Amazon, 12 for $4.87). Vinegar’s acids cut right through the water stains. Finish by rinsing with warm water and dry it with a microfiber cloth (Buy from Amazon, 24 for $14.23).

No vinegar in the pantry? There’s another staple that will do the trick! “Make a paste using baking soda and water, apply it to the stains and let it sit for a while before scrubbing gently,” explains Muffetta Krueger, founder of Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants. The slightly abrasive texture of the powder helps to lift and scrub away the water stains.

Tip: Ip advises against wiping down the shower door right after applying your cleanser of choice. Instead, wait 20-30 minutes before finishing the task. “It takes time for cleaning solutions to activate and tackle the stains,” she says. “Letting your solutions do their jobs saves you elbow grease, time and costs.”

How do you remove hard water stains without scrubbing?

Just use a soft cloth to wipe down the doors with rubbing alcohol. It’s a degreaser that helps cut through and break down the components of the water stains. And, if you’re in a rush, there’s no need to wipe away the excess liquid, it will evaporate on its own. The only caveat? You may need to repeat the application 2-3 times for best results.

How do you prevent hard water stains from clouding a glass shower door ?

You’ve followed all of our tricks and now your shower door is more sparkling than ever. To help cut down on future cleaning, here are the steps to take:

Use this spritz

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spritz onto the glass after each shower. “This also prevents mold and limescale growth,” says Varela.

Wipe water off with dryer sheets

Trade your usual paper towels or cloth cleaning towel for a dryer sheet. Simply spray the shower with the solution above, then wipe down with the dryer sheet. The sheet’s tightly knit fibers get rid of stuck-on grime and water stains better than towels, and the waxy surface gently coats the glass with a water-resistant layer to deter buildup from forming. Repeat once a month for best results.

Enlist a squeegee

Lastly, for any moisture that does pop up, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Ip recommends using a squeegee (Buy fro›m Amazon, $6.99) to dry the door right after showering. Leaving the shower door open and ventilating the bathroom as much as possible can also help dry things off.

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