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Super Bowl Jokes That Will Have You Laughing From Beginning to End…Zone!

Kick off the big game with a big laugh!

Are you ready for some footbaaaall?! You don’t have to be a super sports fan to get in on the action. Maybe you’re just in it for the halftime show with a side of wings and dip. Or perhaps you’re only watching in hopes of catching a glimpse (or several!) of Taylor Swift every time the Chiefs score against the 49ers (no judgment here: We’re Swifties too!). But even if your team didn’t make the big game this year, or if you don’t even know the difference between a linebacker and a wide receiver, we’ve rounded up our funniest Super Bowl jokes that will get you in the sporty spirit just in time for kickoff.

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Q: Where do football players go when they need a uniform? A: New Jersey!

Future Mr. February in the Hunks of the NFL calendar?

Super Bowl Memes: Baby with no shirt, wearing a tie and holding a football saying, "Patrick Ma-who? I'm the cutest quarterback around."
Brian Nicklaus, Winter Garden, FL
Q: Why was Cinderella such a lousy football player? A: Because her coach was a pumpkin!
"Let's remember the real heroes of the Super Bowl: The guys who deliver the pizzas!" —Rainn Wilson
Cartoon of two dogs watching football on TV with one saying, "Football is really just one long game of fetch."
Ken Benner
Q: What did the receiver say to the football? A: Catch you later!

Who knew Cookie Monster was on social media? But we couldn’t agree more!

Super Bowl Memes: Cookie Monster on Twitter/X: "If me being honest, me just here for da snacks! #SuperBowl"
Q: Why can't football players wear glasses on the field? A: Because it's a contact sport!
“To me the hardest part of being a professional football player is that on the one hand, you’re a millionaire, and on the other hand, they blow a whistle and you have to run around after a football.” —Jerry Seinfeld


Super Bowl Jokes: Baby holding football saying, "Okay, one more play, then it's time for my nap."
Super Bowl Memes: Why do psychiatrists love football players? A: Because they tackle their problems head-on!

How people watch the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Jokes: Pie chart of how people spend Super Bowl (60% eating snacks; 30% just in it for the commercials; 6% looking for Taylor Swift; 2% trying to figure out what number LVIII is; 2% Pretending to be interested in the game)
"Thank you, fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I'm baad at sports." —Jimmy Kimmel
Super Bowl Memes: Countdown of 5 reasons you could be a Super Bowl ref

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