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Screen Icon Jane Seymour Shares 6 Secrets for a Happy and Healthy 2024 (EXCLUSIVE)

Plus the 72-year-old shares the baby shampoo trick that keeps her skin youthful and glowing!

Ever since she first achieved A-list status as a ’70s Bond girl, actress Jane Seymour has been an icon of glamour and grace. Now 72, the British star looks and feels fabulous as ever, and has been rocking her signature long auburn hair for over 50 years. FIRST for Women recently sat down with the award-winning actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur — who currently stars in the Acorn TV mystery series Harry Wild and was the cover girl on our January issue (pick up your copy here) — in an exclusive interview to get her tips for creating a joyful and stress-free lifestyle this year.

Jane Seymour on the cover of First for Women — on sale now!
Jane Seymour on the cover of FIRST for Women — on sale now!

Tip #1: Don’t stop moving

Whether it’s a Pilates session with careful stretching and strengthening, light weights, pickleball or a simple walk, Seymour says one of her keys to looking and feeling stronger is to keep moving. “I really don’t stop moving all day. I love walking anywhere near water if I can. It makes me excited but relaxed,” the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star says.

Getting your movement in doesn’t have to be intimidating. As she explains, “Walking anywhere is my therapy as well as exercise.” Seymour even multitasks while she works out! “If all else fails, I’ll get an audiobook and listen while I’m on the reclining bike I have at home,” she says. She’ll also sometimes catch up on phone calls, explaining, “I’ve found using the time for aerobics to catch up with my sisters or a friend or a book is what I like to do.” 

Jane Seymour keeps moving, 2023
Jane Seymour works out in 2023@janeseymour/Instagram

Tip #2: Find vitamins that work for you

Now that she’s in her 70s, Seymour has been fighting some of the aches and pains that come with aging. “I realized that my body was my vehicle and if I didn’t take care of it, it wouldn’t last very long. I’m of an age that my joints talk to me,” she acknowledges.

Rather than get discouraged, she’s chosen healthy, natural supplements that help her feel her best. “I take black pepper, turmeric and bromelain for my arthritis,” the actress says. She also supplements with Co-Q-10, Vitamins E, C and D3, Omega 3 and niacin. To keep her immune system strong, she also takes ginger shots and supplements her water with Emergen-C.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to supplements, and you should consult with a healthcare provider to see which options are best for you. Seymour also follows a healthy diet that allows her to get her vitamins through fresh foods. Some of her staples? She says fish, broccoli and cauliflower are always in her kitchen.

Tip #3: Soothe stress with creativity

Seymour’s creative talents go beyond acting — she’s also passionate about visual art. “Painting, creating, sculpting, photographing… all of that brings me joy on a regular basis and relieves any stress,” she enthuses. “Art is my biggest meditation and it’s something I’ve taught my children and grandchildren.”

Jane Seymour painting in 2023
Jane Seymour painting in 2023@janeseymour/Instagram

Don’t think you’re an artist? Not so fast… Seymour believes everyone can tap into their creative potential! “Try ‘the line game,'” she says. “My family and I get paper and a marker and everyone closes their eyes and moves the marker around until they stop. Then you open your eyes and color it in.” This exercise is simple, but she finds it to work wonders for getting the creative juices flowing. “Oh my goodness…. amazing art comes out of that!” she says. “It’s fun and also relaxing.” 

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Tip #4: Spend time in nature

Getting out in nature can instantly lift one’s spirits. “I’m all about going out in nature for a healthy mind and body. It’s soothing. I find a spirituality through nature herself,” says Seymour. “I even like being in the rain as long as I have the right clothes on!” In our tech-saturated world, there’s much joy to be found in unplugging and opening your eyes to the beauty of the outdoors.

Seymour gardening in 2023
Jane Seymour gardens in 2023@janeseymour/Instagram

Seymour has adored nature for decades. “In England, one of my greatest memories was waking up and seeing snow on the ground with red foxes, deer and rabbits running across it,” she says.

While such a beautiful natural encounter is a rare blessing, Seymour also recommends bringing nature inside. She calls gardening her “big antidote to anxiety” and recommends cultivating plants, vegetables and herbs. As she puts it, “I’d rather have a plant indoors than cut flowers any day. Orchids are all over my home.” 

Tip #5: Keep meals simple

Jane loves healthy mocktailsGetty

Seymour doesn’t follow an elaborate diet. Rather, she sticks to a simple menu which includes fish almost daily, berries of all kinds and green vegetables. To start her day, she has a green juice of kale, celery, green apple and carrots. When you’re working hard, it can be easy to overlook breakfast and lunch and then indulge in a big dinner, but Seymour loves savoring delicious (and nutritious!) foods during the day.

“Fish or chicken with raw vegetables are my go-to lunchtime proteins and my main meal around 2:00 p.m.” she says. To avoid an afternoon slump, she enjoys a handful of nuts and some tea (her favorite types are herbal ginger, lemon or peppermint).

In the evening, rather than reaching for chips, Seymour loves snacking on cucumbers and other crunchy veggies. “A great evening snack is Persian cucumbers. I peel them and slice them very thinly and put Japanese white wine and sweet vinegar on them and top them with toasted sesame seeds,” she says. “Instead of chips, I’ll have raw vegetables with fresh homemade guacamole. Those are my nibbles at night along with a cup of tea.”

Instead of unwinding with a cocktail at night, Seymour says, “I confuse myself by putting tonic water and ice cubes and a fresh squeeze of lime in a glass and I have my own gin and tonic. I definitely feel better having this and 10 times better the next day.” By snacking smart, prioritizing vegetables and proteins and avoiding alcohol, she’s found that “Eating this way helps give me energy throughout the day so I feel like my body has reset itself.” 

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Tip #6: Embrace your loved ones — and yourself

Seymour has been through her share of ups and downs and maintains a positive spirit. “I embrace the changes and hard times in life,” says the star. “The waves in life have made me who I am today and actually keep me balanced.” Over the years, she says, she’s come to “appreciate learning about myself and being able to be creative and use my abilities to help others.”

As a mother of four and now a grandmother, “I’ve learned to appreciate the health of my family and embracing that has made me a healthier person,” she says emphatically. She cherishes her family time: “I love having everybody together with my kids, grandkids, their family and friends — and with good food and laughter. It just makes me a better person.” Not only does Seymour find being around family uplifting, it also keeps her feeling young. “I often feel like a kid when I’m around my children and their children,” she says with a smile. “It just makes me feel vibrant.” 

She embraces her grandchildren, 2023
Jane Seymour with her grandchildren in 2023@janeseymour/Instagram

Tip #7: Treat your skin kindly

What’s Jane Seymour’s secret to looking decades younger than her actual age? She credits her skincare approach. “I have always believed in cleaning and exfoliating the skin whether it’s my face or body. There’s nothing like scrubbing the dead skin off as carefully as you can,” she says.

Best of all, Seymour claims you don’t need any fancy products to take care of your skin like a star! “My trick for skincare that I do all year long is exfoliating using a nylon sponge that’s slightly abrasive for my body,” she says. “For my face, I use a gentle scrub and work it in with my hands. Then I apply a moisturizer to promote collagen and plump up the skin. And I always wear sunscreen.” All of these products can be easily found at drugstores.

Seymour also enjoys unwinding with essential oils. “Lavender is a very healing oil, so I add that to my bath,” she says. While she’s been seen in many a glamazon makeup look on the red carpet, she says, “I never go to bed with makeup on.”

Her best makeup removal hack? “One time, my eye doctor told me to use any baby shampoo, dilute it, hold your eyes shut and wipe the solution across the lid and it takes all the oils, waterproof mascara — everything off!” A simple yet perfectly effective solution.

Given Seymour’s stunning looks and infectiously positive energy, it’s safe to say we’ll be following all of her wellness tips this year — and beyond!   

Seymour on the red carpet, 2023
Jane Seymour exclusive in 2023 Michael Tran/AFP/Getty

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