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How Lisa Rinna’s Hair Cut Changed Her Life: And How You Can Get the Look

There's a reason she hasn't changed her style in over 25 years!

If you’ve ever wondered if a hairstyle you’re considering has longevity, just look to Lisa Rinna hair. The soap actress turned Real Housewife turned makeup mogul has effortlessly rocked the same ‘do for decades. She’s now as famous for the chopped shaggy cut and perfectly placed highlights as she is for her voluptuous lips and on-screen antics, recently quipping to followers on social media to “calm down, the hair is still like this after 25 years… Take this to your hairdresser, it’s a good hair pic for your cut.” 

The 60-year-old mom of two opened up to Paper about why she went short in the first place. “There was no premeditated, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to create an iconic look.’ It was just like, ‘Oh my God, I need a job and I need to stand out somehow.'” 

It worked. Soon after chopping her long locks, Rinna learned she had won her breakout role as Billie on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives. And the rest, as they say, is hair-history. 

Why has Lisa Rinna’s hair stayed the same?

The actress has only strayed from her signature Lisa Rinna hair once, after giving birth to her first child, Delilah. Husband Harry Hamlin encouraged her to grow out her hair, but the maintenance was just a bit too much. “I just didn’t love it, and it was a lot of work,” she shared with Paper. “I was like, ‘Okay, I did this for you. Now I’m going to cut it again.’ I always go back to what’s easiest, to be honest, and that’s how it has become what it’s become, just because I guess I’m lazy.” She’s only been known to change it up from time to time, but in a temporary way — with a wig. 

Rinna sees star stylist Sally Herschberger (who also styles Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts, to name a few). When she’s in between appointments, she takes matters into her own hands, telling Paper she’ll buy a box kit to touch up her roots and highlights and will even go as far as wielding a Bic razor to trim her tresses. 

What are the benefits of sporting Lisa Rinna’s ‘do?

Lisa Rinna hair

Daring DIY’s aside, we’re certain Rinna looks nowhere near her age — and that is certainly due in part, to her anti-aging hairstyle. “Lisa sports what the industry refers to as the Mixie, in which a style is longer in the back and reminiscent of an edgy mullet, but short like a pixie in the front,” explains celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Genn Shaughnessy, who has worked with stars like Carrie Underwood.

Celebrity hairstylist and Kenra Professional spokesperson David Lopez, who has worked with Ashley Graham, agrees. “​​Lisa’s hair perfectly frames her face and is a testament to timeless haircuts that really suit someone’s face shape. It’s both edgy and sophisticated, with just the right amount of sass. It also stands out in Hollywood, where long locks are more common, making it a bold statement of individuality and confidence,” he says. 

So, if you’re looking to age in reverse like Rinna and achieve her youthful style, read on to find out if it might work for you.

1. Lisa Rinna hair: Short layers in front lift features

The shorter layers around the front pull focus up to lift the face and the features that start to droop as we age, says Shaughnessy.

2. Lisa Rinna hair: The soft shag flatters all face shapes

Since this style combines different techniques (layers, bangs, texture), it works for various face shapes. 

Round face: “The angles of the cut’s volume and layers helps contour the face for an instantly slimmer look,” states Lopez. 

Long face: The shaggy bangs help ‘cut’ the face for a less narrow look.”

Square face: “The shaggy texture draws the eyes away from a harsher jawline or saggy jowls, creating a lifted look to the lower part of the face, for a more youthful appearance,” attests stylist Cody Renegar, who works with Gwyneth Paltrow/

Heart-shaped face: “The angled ends ‘fill in’ the jawline to deemphasize a narrow chin and the lower part of the face while the full frings masks a wider forehead,” Renegar adds.

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3. Lisa Rinna hair: The angles volumize cheeks

As we age we lose the youthful padding in our cheeks. “This style accentuates cheekbones, which draws the eye up to them and essentially makes them look fuller and like they did when you were younger,” says Shaughnessy.

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4. Lisa Rinna hair: Caramel streaks and layers add volume to hair

“Perfect for a shorter cut, caramel-kissed streaks pop against a deep brunette base, giving hair mega movement so it appears super full and lush,” says colorist Rick Wellman, who has worked with Tina Fey and Brooke Shields. And the sheen created by the highlights leaves strands looking extra healthy and lustrous. Plus, the shaggy layers focused on top and around the face help hair look thicker and fuller from every angle.

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5. Lisa Rinna hair: Frosted ends brighten skin

As evidenced by a First For Women makeover of reader, Wioletta Krygowska, 56 who wanted Lisa Rinna hair, the color adds radiance to skin!

Wioletta Krygowska
Adam Olszewski

“Dark, drab tones can cast aging shadows on the face and cause skin to appear sallow,” cautions Ammon Carver, who cut and colored Wioletta’s hair. “But frosting the ends with honeyed highlights adds just enough brightness to dispel shadows and warm up the complexion—without having to worry about constant touch-ups.” 

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6. Lisa Rinna hair: The cut is wash and go

While this is a relatively low maintenance ‘do, you’ll want to get the styling down pat. “The easiest way to style it is to let it dry about 75%, then finger some pomade or mousse through it while spiking or flipping up the ends. Let it air dry the rest of the way,” says Renegar. (Click through for more wash and wear cuts.)

7. Lisa Rinna hair: The cut is versatile

One of the ways Rinna makes her long-held cut look different? She changes up the way she styles it. Sometimes she slicks it back, sometimes she enhances the pieceyness and other times she just lets hit fall naturally.

What should I ask my stylist if I want Lisa Rinna’s hair?

Now that you’ve determined it’ll work for you (and works on pretty much everyone!), you’ll need to know what to ask your stylist for. When it comes to the cut, “you’ll want to ask for a shag. This cut usually has lighter layers around the crown and ears and longer angled layers as you go lower, and the bangs are razored for texture,” explains Renegar. He advises bringing photos of exactly what you like so your stylist can reference them. 

For her color, Renegar says she “usually keeps her base a deep chocolate brown and changes up her highlights from chocolate to honey to caramel, keeping her color looking dimensional.” 

“Ask your colorist for a multidimensional brunette with highlights and lowlights in caramel and honey tones. Show them a picture to capture the look accurately,” advises Lopez.

Want to get the color yourself at home? Look for a base color that matches your current shade, or go for a rich brunette if you’re changing colors. Then, use a highlighting kit that comes with bleach and toner like Madison Reed Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit in Palmi, (Buy from Madison Reed, $36). Follow box instructions to apply the bleach, then follow up with toner to ensure highlights look blended and natural. 

To prolong the color: Apply a clear glaze like L’Oréal Paris Le Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss in Clear, (Buy from Ulta, $15.99) to hair twice a month. The glaze coats strands with colorless, shine-inducing­ molecules that sharpen pigments so the multi-tonal color retains its shine and dimension.

How do I style my hair like Lisa Rinna’s? 

Depending on the occasion, Lisa styles her hair in three different ways. Here’s Lopez’s step-by-step instructions. 

1. Piecey and Textured

  1. Use a small amount of texturizing paste or wax like Kenra Platinum’s Texturizing Taffy (Buy from Ulta, $23.99).
  2. Work the product into the ends of your hair with your fingers.
  3. Twist and pinch sections to enhance the texture.

2. Slicked up and back

Lisa Rinna sleek har
  1. Apply a heat protectant and use a flat iron to smooth out your hair.
  2. Back comb hair at the crown then smooth hair all the hair back and over the backcombed section; set with hairspray. 
  3. Tuck hair behind one ear for an asymmetrical look or both ears for totally slicked back.

3. Volumized with Waves

Lisa Rinna hair with volume
  1. Apply mousse to damp hair and blow-dry using a round brush, lifting at the roots.
  2. Use a curling iron to create loose waves.
  3. Finish with a hairspray, like Kenra Professional Volume Spray (Buy from Ulta, $20.99) to lock in the style.

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