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What in the World? Real Weird Foods That Seem More Like Gag Gifts Than Good Snacks


It seems like every day we’re hearing of new, weird flavored chips and snacks that our friends can’t get enough of. And maybe we’re just timid, but we can’t believe that people are chowing down on some of these foods as if they’re not totally out there. We’re not just talking about healthy foods that are maybe outside of our usual diets (okay, or totally disgusting in some cases). We’re talking about sodas, types of jerky, and candy that you can actually buy online — like bacon gumballs.

Weird Flavors of Gum

(Photo Credit: Archie McPhee)

That’s not a joke, by the way. Bacon gumballs are completely real. You can buy them on Amazon or even pick them up at your local Walmart. And maybe if you love to chew bacon forever without ever swallowing it, this is the kind of treat you’d be into. After all, one reviewer said, “If you ever want to know what a piece of ham would taste like in gum form, this is your ticket!” Another wrote that her son loves them so much he struggles not to swallow them whole.

Personally, though, we think we’ll pass. We know what bacon tastes like, and one of our favorite things about it is when it gets crispy and crunchy. But hey, if that’s something you’d be into, go for it. Occasionally, though, we will come across something we never could’ve dreamed of that actually does sound kind of interesting. We’re not above tasting a novelty soda or two. And sometimes when you branch out, you can discover a whole new favorite food. But, uh, we’re pretty sure that ramen flavored chips aren’t going to make it into our regular rotation.

Check out our gallery below to see some seriously weird snacks that you can try for yourself.

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