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The 5 Best ‘Golden Girls’ Cheesecake Recipes for Your Next Binge-Watch

Plus, watch all your favorite cheesecake scenes from the show

Who doesn’t adore The Golden Girls? I proudly own a pair of Betty White earrings. But if there’s one thing those fabulous ladies love as much as their sassy friendship, it’s cheesecake! Inspired by their iconic TV moments, I’ve scoured through episodes and the First for Women test kitchen to give you a roundup of the five best cheesecakes that Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia would approve of. From the classic New York-style to a rich chocolate cheesecake, these cakes are sure to make any Golden Girls marathon with your friends even sweeter. These are five best Golden Girls inspired cheesecake recipes.

The importance of cheesecake in The Golden Girls

Cheesecake held significant importance in The Golden Girls beyond being a delicious dessert. It became a recurring motif that symbolized the camaraderie, support and enduring friendship among the characters. The cheesecake scenes provided a backdrop for their candid conversations about love, aging, family and the challenges of being independent women in their golden years. Watch this video of the best cheesecake scenes form the show:

The best Golden Girls inspired cheesecake recipes

If you love cheesecake, consider this your cheat sheet to some of the best flavors out there. As Dorothy puts it, “Everything’s better with friends and cheesecake.” Here are the top picks for your watch party.

1. New York cheesecake

Golden Girls inspired cheesecakes: NY cheesecake with raspberry topping
Rhapsody Media

The New York cheesecake embodies the women’s straightforward yet comforting essence. Its dense, creamy texture and rich flavor particularly reflects Dorothy’s no-nonsense personality and the stability she brings to the group. Made with a signature graham cracker crust and cream cheese filling, you won’t be able to get enough of this classic. We love our no-bake recipe below with a sweet raspberry sauce and melted white chocolate.

2. Key lime cheesecake

Golden Girls inspired cheesecakes: Key Lime cheesecake
Rhapsody Media

The key lime cheesecake represents the women’s zest for life and their Miami surroundings. Its tangy flavor and refreshing qualities mirror the vibrant culture of their coastal city, where every day feels like a vacation. Featured in episodes like “The Audit” where Blanche tries to impress a man by making one, the key lime cheesecake adds a tropical twist to their daily adventures. The blend of creamy cheesecake and tart lime is a staple combo. And our recipe is packed with protein thanks to Greek yogurt!

3. Lemon cheesecake

lemon cheesecake
Food and Photo

Indulge in a zesty lemon cheesecake that’s as refreshing and vibrant as Blanche Devereaux herself. This creamy, citrus-infused dessert offers a perfect balance of tangy lemon and rich, velvety cheesecake, much like Blanche’s blend of Southern charm and unabashed confidence. Our no-bake recipe is also so easy to prep with prepared lemon curd. And don’t forget fresh lemon zest and juice for a citrus boost.

4. Ricotta cheesecake

Golden Girls cheesecake recipes: ricotta cheesecake

Sophia’s homemade ricotta cheesecake reflects the Golden Girls‘ deep-rooted traditions and familial ties. Lighter in texture than the New York style, this Italian-inspired dessert features ricotta cheese mixed with the cream cheese, which makes it even fluffier. This recipe from the Woman’s World test kitchen also uses fresh raspberries throughout for a fruity pop of flavor.

5. Chocolate cheesecake

Mini Mint-Chocolate Cheesecakes on a platter
Rhapsody Media

We can’t have a Golden Girls cheesecake roundup without some chocolate. A chocolate cheesecake embodies the characters’ love for indulgence and celebration. And the First for Women test kitchen has the perfect no-bake miniature version. That’s right, no baking required — just a few hours in the fridge. They’re filled with refreshing peppermint flavor, plus you’ll love the crushed Oreo crust.

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