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Viral Shaved Ice Recipe Is a 30-Second Treat That Uses 1 Ingredient + No Fancy Machine

We've also included 3 ideas for flavoring up your homemade shaved ice!

For an instant frozen treat, shaved ice is the way to go. Before we start, you don’t need a fancy shaved ice machine or a laundry list of ingredients. Your favorite frozen fruit and a grater is all that’s required to make this speedy 1-ingredient summertime treat. Even better, you can dress up your DIY shaved ice with a variety of toppings. Here’s more on this prep-easy dessert and three flavor ideas that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

The difference between shaved ice and Italian ice

First thing’s first: shaved ice isn’t the same as Italian ice (also known as water ice). The former shaves large blocks of ice into fine crystals before drizzling with syrup; meanwhile, the latter involves freezing a fruit-flavored mixture. While both treats are nostalgic classics in their own right, shaved ice is a favorite for many because of its light and fluffy texture. Plus, it’s not watery like Italian ice tends to be. Making shaved ice at home is a fun way to delight in this treat any time you want. And online chefs have cracked the code on whipping up a quicker version — no pricey machine needed.

How to make 1-ingredient shaved ice

Watermelon shaved ice

Over the past year, 1-ingredient shaved ice has gone viral as it involves shaving frozen fruit into a bowl — that’s it! This process happens in seconds thanks to a fine hole grater, which creates those small frozen crystals like traditional shaved ice. Grating ripe fruit like frozen peaches, watermelon chunks or whole strawberries instead of ice eliminates the need to add a ton of sugary syrups. So, you’re saving on calories and will get a nice dose of nutrients from the fruit.

To make this simple version of the dessert, follow these two steps below.

  1. Grab a piece or handful of your favorite frozen fruit. (Note: Make sure the fruit is frozen solid so it produces tiny shreds of fruit ice.)
  2. Use a microplane grater or the small holes on a box grater to grate the fruit into a bowl. Enjoy!

This makes roughly one serving, so feel free to grate more fruit if needed. Also, you can eat this fruit ice plain or flavor it up with the help of pantry staples. (Use your handy grater for other dishes including jalapeño dust and grated tomato pasta.)

3 flavor ideas for homemade shaved ice

The options for enhancing the flavor of this treat are seemingly endless. Start with these three ideas from TikTok creators as they use ingredients that you likely already have on hand!

1. Piña Colada Shaved Ice

This tropical treat from @LondonBruncher tops shaved pineapple with sweetened condensed milk, lime zest and toast coconut flakes. (Read about ways to use condensed milk if you still have some leftover in the can.)


Pina Colada Shaved Ice #pinacolada #shavedice #easyrecipe

♬ original sound – London Bruncher

2. Watermelon Shaved Ice with Sweet Coconut Cream

Add a luscious touch to shaved watermelon using @TheModernNonna’s suggestion of serving it with coconut cream mixed with maple syrup or honey. You can typically find canned coconut cream like this variety from Thai Kitchen in the international aisle.


Do THIS instead 🙌🏼 #shavedice

♬ original sound – THEMODERNNONNA

3. Peaches and Cream Shaved Ice

This variation from @CarolinaGelen is an ode to the classic peaches and cream combo. It’s sweet and creamy with hints of nuttiness thanks to shaved peaches, freshly whipped cream, brown sugar syrup or maple syrup, extra brown sugar and chopped pistachios.


@Frankie Gaw ‘s fruit shaved ice with peaches and cream #desserts #shavedice #sweettreats

♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

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