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This Device Can Help Stop Incontinence and Menopausal Dryness


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A lot can change about a woman’s body over time. From the silver strands that begin to pop up on the top of our heads to the fine lines that appear around our mouths after decades spent laughing, there are certain transformations we’ve come to expect. When it comes to reproductive and sexual health, however, the changes that come as a result of menopause can be anything but pleasant. Case in point? The weakening of the pelvic floor, or the muscles found at the very bottom of the pelvis, which support the uterus and bladder.

For years, the only solution involved undergoing expensive procedures, including injections and laser treatments, that were performed exclusively in a doctor’s office — until the vFit Intimate Wellness Solution ($495, Goop) came along, that is! 

Designed with postpartum and postmenopausal women in mind, the vFit is an at-home vaginal rejuvenation device that uses a combination of light therapy, gentle heat, and vibrating technology to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal tissues. 

When your pelvis begins to weaken, frustrating issues, such as poor bladder control and painful sex, can arise. Essentially, this device tightens the vagina via its vibrating stimulation, which helps to stop incontinence issues.


It also boosts circulation, which aids the body in producing natural lubrication and rebuilding its collagen and elastin — two proteins found in the skin that are responsible for its structure and stretch — to help eliminate vaginal dryness (and thus, painful sex). 

So how does the vFit work? Using six high-powered UV-free, red LEDs lights, this device stimulates vaginal tissue to help restrengthen the pelvic floor. Simultaneously, its heating function warms tissues to encourage blood flow. Finally, six different modes of sonic technology (the vFit’s six-level vibration feature, which gradually increase as needed) stimulate vaginal muscles to help strengthen the pelvic floor. Think of this as a device that will do your Kegels for you — and then some! 

According to the company’s website, 95 percent of women who participated in a third-party study and used the vFit consistently for 60 days reported improved vaginal wellness, while 89 percent experienced more pleasure from intercourse. 100 percent reported feeling more confident and emotionally connected to their partners. 

Online reviews backed up these findings, with one reading, “I’m 59 and using the vFit-Plus as prescribed by my gynecologist for gaining control of my urine leakage and decreasing vaginal dryness as a first option before using hormones or other medications or procedures. The vFit-Plus is working as the literature states, and I am enjoying the freedom and benefits of it. I would highly recommend this product!”

Though this device is pricey, it’s a far cheaper option than the aforementioned vaginal rejuvenation procedures, which can range in price from $4,000 to $8,000. It’s also a more comfortable alternative to visiting a doctor’s office to address a sensitive subject that some women may feel embarrassed to speak on.

Explained one user, “I’m 60+ and have had dryness issues for a number of years. Even taking an estrogen medication, I still experienced discomfort. [This] has helped immensely! I use it a couple of times a week at maximum settings. Much more affordable than in a physician’s office and in the privacy of your own home. I definitely recommend it!”

Summed up another: “I’m telling all my friends, the physical changes with aging can be recovered, tissues can be [reawakened] again. This product truly changed my life. [I] wish one could end up in the hands of every woman who needs it.”

Where to buy: $495, Goop

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