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3 Simple Tricks That’ll Make Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet Last Longer

It's got nothing to do with what you put in the water.


Valentine’s Day is always a busy time for florists with seemingly endless requests for bouquets. But how do we make sure those beautiful blooms last their longest once they’ve been delivered? 

Bella Hicks, a floral designer with BloomNation and owner of Twig and Petals in California, took a moment away from her V-Day prep to give us a few tips.

  • Trim a quarter of an inch to an inch off the bottom of the stems at an angle before you put them in the vase.
  • Keep the blooms away from direct sunlight and drafts (including the AC or heat).
  • Refill the water every 2-3 days.

You might have thought putting your bouquet in a spot where it can get plenty of sunshine would be helpful, but that can actually dry them out faster. Also, be sure to cut the stems at an angle to make sure they can absorb the water instead of sitting flat at the bottom of your vase.

Hicks doesn’t recommend any adding anything to the flower water, either. “Fresh water is perfectly fine,” she tells FIRST. Above all, she recommends finding a florist you trust and giving them “the flexibility to select the freshest blooms.” That might mean having to give up on a specific flower you had in mind, but they’ll still be able to provide you with a beautiful array of whatever is in season. 

We also took the opportunity to ask Hicks which types of flowers are most popular with her clients around Valentine’s Day. If you assume roses reign supreme, think again: It’s actually peonies that take the top spot, even they aren’t at their peak at this time of year. “Roses are a close second,” she says. Who knew?

Now whether you’ve ordered a bouquet for your loved one or on the receiving end, you’ll know exactly how to keep the petals looking their best for as long as possible!

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