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Muffin Mix Pancakes Are the 3-Ingredient Secret to a Deliciously Easy Breakfast

Once you learn this trick, you'll be able to whip up all kinds of flavored pancakes — in a blink!

A stack of fluffy pancakes topped with melty butter and drizzle in sweet maple syrup … it’s such a classic breakfast treat, and when a craving hits, nothing else will do. But what if you don’t have any pancake mix on hand? No need to whip them up from scratch — you can use muffin mix instead! And here’s why you’ll want to use it even when you’re not in a pinch: You only need 3 ingredients and a few minutes to make the pancakes, and you can use whatever variety of muffin mix you want so it’s easy to cook up all sorts of flavors. Keep reading to learn how to whip up muffin mix pancakes to make your mornings extra sweet.

What are muffin mix pancakes?

Muffin mix pancakes are simply pancakes made using muffin mix as the main ingredient. It makes sense that this would work, considering that pancakes and muffins call for many of the same basic ingredients, like flour and eggs. (In fact, you can make muffins out of pancake mix, too.)

The main difference between the two is that pancakes call for more liquid, whereas muffins often contain more baking powder, sugar and fat. That’s why muffins end up more cake-like while pancakes are lighter. With a few small adjustments, though, muffin mix can make for the perfect, airy pancake — or the ideal dense one, depending on what you prefer. 

And even better? They’re ready in a pinch. “The great thing about working with muffin mix is you can get tasty homemade pancakes on the table fast,” says Rosie Elliot, professional chef and creator of the culinary blog Kitchen Appliance Answers. In fact, they take just about 5 minutes to make.

How to make muffin mix pancakes

Stack of mini pancakes made from muffin mix, topped with blueberries, syrup and a pat of butter
Carlo A/Getty

Different packages of mix will have different baking instructions if you’re making actual muffins. But for pancakes, you can ignore any instructions on the package, and just follow these from Sues Anderson of food blog We Are Not Martha. All you have to do is add milk and an egg, and you’ll have tasty pancakes in no time! (One note: Corn muffins have a different base mix than other muffins, and while you can turn them into delicious pancakes, you will need a few additional ingredients. Click here for the recipe for corn muffin mix pancakes.)


  • 1 (6.5-7 oz.) package or box of muffin mix, flavor of choice
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • ½ cup milk (or water)


  1. Combine muffin mix, egg and milk, taking care not to overmix (it’s okay if the batter is a little lumpy).
  2. Spoon about 3 Tbs. batter onto lightly greased pan or griddle on medium-low heat.
  3. Let cook for 1-2 minutes, and flip when bubbles begin to form on top.
  4. Continue until both sides are golden.

Prefer a visual tutorial? Check out the video below from The Southerlands

3 tricks for your best-ever muffin mix pancakes

Since muffin mix isn’t created to be used for pancakes, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your flapjacks turn out perfect.

1. Check this to guarantee fluffy pancakes

The amount of liquid you put into the batter is key to for light and airy pancakes. “If your batter is too thin, your pancakes will be lacy; too thick, and they’ll be tough,” says Elliot. How do you know if you have enough? “You’ll know the batter is the right consistency when it’s pourable, but still thick enough to hold its shape in the pan.” (Want them even fluffier? Click through to see how adding seltzer water can do the trick.)

2. Amp up the flavors

One of the great parts about muffin mix pancakes is that you have a wide variety flavors from which to choose — all of which work beautifully with pancakes. Plus, they have add-ins included, so you don’t have to get blueberries or chocolate chips separately in order to have blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes. Do keep in mind that, the more add-ins, the harder your pancake will be to flip, says Norah Clark, pastry chef and editor in chief of Boyd Hampers Magazine. So you’ll want to use a turner spatula, which is wider and sturdier

Want a little extra flavor? “Add a pinch of spice like cinnamon or nutmeg to complement the muffin mix flavors,” recommends Clark. Elliot loves adding vanilla extract to the batter, and recommends topping with whipped cream. And for a sweet finish, click through to see how to make delicious brown sugar syrup.

3. Use this warming tip

While having pancakes done quickly and conveniently is a net positive, it does come with one potential downside. Because these pancakes are ready so quickly, they may get cold before it’s time to serve them. Before you start cooking on your stovetop, set your oven to a low heat, like 200° Fahrenheit, recommends Clark. As you finish, pop them in the oven to keep them warm until it’s time to eat.

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