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Is It Better to Drop Eggs in Cold Water or Hot Water When You’re Boiling? The Surprising Answer Is…


Egg cooking methods can be like recipes for chocolate chip cookies: everyone has their own. But if you prefer the shells of your soft- or hard-boiled eggs to practically fall right off, you might want to rethink your strategy–at least if you’re starting your eggs in cold water.

That’s right, it was put to the test, and eggs boiled starting in hot water were far easier to peel than those that were plunged into a pot of cold water at the start. But there’s a bit of a secret to it: Once your eggs have boiled, you need to pop them into an ice bath (to stop them from cooking further) and tap them slightly against each other to crack the shells. This allows a little bit of water to sneak through and loosen the egg’s hard exterior before you go to work peeling them, making your job that much easier.

That being said, if you have a go-to cooking method that produces the perfect boiled egg every time, don’t give it up on our account. The difference in these cooking methods is only about peeling your eggs faster and with less effort.

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