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Is a $23 Bottle of Olive Oil Worth Splurging On? Only if It Has This Unique Quality


I often splurge on food items such as cheese, raw honey, and coffee beans as a treat for myself. Sure, I could find a cheaper version at the store — but I find that spending a little extra money on certain things is often the tastier and healthier option. I recently went out of my way to find another premium pantry staple — this time with a $23 price tag.

The purchase in question? High phenolic olive oil, which is best known for containing more antioxidants called phenolic compounds than other commercial olive oils. I decided to give this oil’s antioxidant-boosting power a try, and see for myself whether it was a worthy investment!

What is high phenolic olive oil?

High phenolic olive oil stands out from many other oils because it goes through a cold extraction process. This method separates the olives from their natural oils without using heat or chemicals, which can make the oil lose its phenolic compound-rich content.

The chemical compounds in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) have been credited with having anti-inflammatory effects that protect against heart disease. By consuming high phenolic olive oil, you’re getting the maximum amount of health benefits that EVOO has to offer!

Not sure how to tell high phenolic olive oil apart from the rest? Check the label and make sure it lists a phenolic content of more than 500 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg). This special number was proposed by researchers from the University of Athens after reviewing the phenolic compounds in 5,764 Greek EVOO samples.

Learning all of these interesting tidbits about high phenolic olive oil really piqued my curiosity. So, I bought a bottle of PJ KABOS Greek EVOO (Buy from Amazon, $22.90), which contains a phenolic content of 515 mg/kg, to do a quick taste test.

What does this type of EVOO taste like?

My morning routine includes consuming a spoonful of EVOO to begin getting my fix of omega-3s for the day. When I did this using the high phenolic type, I found that it had a richer and fruitier flavor than my usual olive oil. 

Since this oil isn’t processed by heat or chemicals, I also enjoyed the intense olive taste and deep green color.

Moment of truth: Is it worth splurging on? I definitely think so! It’ll add more flavor to your soups, salad dressings, and marinades compared to other olive oils. Plus, it’s an amazing healthy fat to try, especially if you’re on the Mediterranean diet.

Paying more for pantry staples is always worth it to me when I know I’m getting a great quality product. In the case of high phenolic olive oil, the taste and health benefits more than justify the price — making it my new go-to EVOO for everyday dishes!

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