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10 Cooking Hacks so You Don’t Spend All of 2019 in the Kitchen


Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, we’re guessing “Spend more time in the kitchen” isn’t one of them. That’s where these genius cooking hacks come in handy. We’re sure you’ve discovered a few shortcuts of your own over the years, so why not add these clever tips and tricks to your arsenal. Then, you can get back to enjoying your time with friends and family instead of slaving over a hot stove for hours.

  1. Keep cookies moist with a slice of bread. Yes, you read that right. Your grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies will still be ooey gooey two weeks later as they slowly asorb moisture from the bread.
  2. Cover cheeses with paper towels before storing. The paper will absorb moisture from the cheese, preventing mold from forming. (Don’t worry if you accidentally eat a moldy piece, though!)
  3. Save your leftover pickle juice. Then, add some cucumer slices to the brine for your own homemade pickles.
  4. Put your eggs in water to test if they’re still good. Not sure how to tell if your eggs are spoiled? Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, while rotten eggs will float. 
  5. Order your takeout pizze uncut. Cutting allows grease and oils to soak into the crust, leaving you with a soggy slice of ‘za. Instead, wait to cut until right before you eat for a crispy bite.
  6. Toss soggy grapes in the freezer. It’s time to freeze your grapes if they’ve turned into a ball of mush. The sugar in the grapes will prevent the fruit from freezing completely, so you’ll still be able to enjoy a crispy, crunchy bite.
  7. Use cake mix for cookies. The result is softer cookies that taste just as delicious.
  8. Remove the pesky smell of onions from your fingers with coffee grounds. There’s nothing more annoying than catching a whiff of onions every time your hands get close to your face. Plus, it’s especially embarrassing if you’re in public. Fortunately, you just need to rub your hands with moist coffee grounds to get rid of the smell. Bonus: You’ll also find the coffee grounds nicely exfoliate your skin.
  9. Add a layer of plastic wrap to the top of your ice cream carton before putting on the lid. This will prevent freezer burn (though if you’re anything like us, we doubt you’ll have much leftover ice cream!). 
  10. Toss salads with vinegar first before adding oil. The vinegar won’t be able to soak in if you use oil first, because the oil creates a barrier around the veggies.

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